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Mysteries Genre for Fourth Graders
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Mysteries Genre for Fourth Graders



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  • 1. Mysteries A Joe Fasen Enhanced Power Point
  • 2. What is a mystery? • Secret • Riddle • Puzzle • Problem
  • 3. Kinds of mysteries• Detective • Scary • Murder • Disappearance
  • 4. Kinds of mysteries• Detective • Scary • Disappearance
  • 5. Some words you need to know if you read a mystery… • • • • • Clue Suspect Evidence Detective Crime
  • 6. Have you read any of these mysteries?
  • 7. The Case Two men dressed in dark clothing enter a rich neighborhood in the early morning hours. They move quickly from house to house, taking everything they can. A policeman sees the men – but does not approach or arrest them. The Mystery Who are the men? Clues The men wear gloves and leave no fingerprints. The men avoid certain houses. The men have worked this neighborhood before and are experts at what they do. The men aren’t breaking the law. The homeowners are ready for the men to come. The men come every week at the same time………..***** **Garbage men collecting trash!
  • 8. The Case A man captures a wild animal and brings it back to civilization. Most days, the man leaves the animal alone and the animal ventures out on his own. The animal often gets into trouble, and the man must intervene to set things right. The man is distinguished from other by his distinctive clothing, which he appears to wear every day. The Mystery What color clothing does the man wear Clues and what is the animal’s name? The man has dark hair. You can read about the animal in books at Pinewood. The man always wears a bright color. The man is known by the color of his hat. The animal likes to monkey around….*** **The man always wears yellow; the animal’s name is Curious George.