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Homophones Homophones Presentation Transcript

  • Homophones and Homographs
  • What are Homophones? Homophones are words that SOUND alike, but have different spellings and different meanings. Lets see some examples!!! 2
  • Homophones Pair Pear 3
  • Homophones Ate Eight 4
  • Homophones See Sea 5
  • Homophones Here Hear 6
  • Homophones Wait Weight 7
  • Homophones Week Weak 8
  • Homophones Blue Blew 9
  • Homophones Night Knight 10
  • Let’s see how you do! We had two snow days this week. Which of the following sentences below uses the word week correctly? a. He was too weak to lift the rock. b. My birthday is next week. c. The stomach flu made him feel weak and tired. 11
  • Did you select sentence B? GREAT JOB! 12
  • Let’s try another one! I ate the entire pizza by myself. Which of the following sentences below uses the word ate correctly? a. There were eight pieces of pizza. b. My brother is eight years old. c. She ate the cupcakes for dessert. 13
  • Did you select sentence C? FANTASTIC! 14
  • ONE MORE!!! Did you see the parade yesterday? Which of the following sentences below uses the word correctly? a. I see the stop sign. b. The sea is very beautiful c. The dolphins swim in the sea. 15
  • Did you choose sentence A? WONDERFUL! You are so smart! 16
  • What are Homographs? Homographs are words that are SPELLED the same, but have DIFFERENT meanings!!! Let’s look at some examples!!! 17
  • Homographs Sink Sink 18
  • Homographs Trip Trip 19
  • Homographs Tear Tear 20
  • Homographs Bow Bow 21
  • Homographs Scale Scale 22
  • Homographs Saw Saw 23
  • Homographs Can Can 24
  • Let’s see how you do with Homographs Choose which word fits in both of the following sentences. Homographs are spelled the same, but have different meanings! 25
  • 1. The _______ on my pencil broke. 2. Jo, _______ the flashlight over here. point shine eraser 26
  • 1. Wash your hands in the ________. 2. When the ship hit the iceberg, it began to _______. tub sink float 27
  • 1. I _______ the plane land. 2. I need a _____ to cut down the tree. watched tool saw 28