Facts and Opinions in Media


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Grades 3-7

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Facts and Opinions in Media

  1. 1. Advertising in Facts? Truth? Opinions? Lies? Media Exaggerations?
  2. 2. You see a lot of ads every day. Ads come in different forms. *TV ads
  3. 3. *Radio ads
  4. 4. *Magazines
  5. 5. *Clothing
  6. 6. *Billboards
  7. 7. *Internet
  8. 8. Companies and businesses want to make money. They want people to buy their products!
  9. 9. Companies try to convince you that their product is the best. They try to convince you that you need it. Advertising has a strong influence on people! Are you influenced by advertising?
  10. 10. Ads can tell people prices and information that may help them decide what to buy. But you should know by now that ads are slanted by the sellers.
  11. 11. Ads may talk only about the good things. They may ignore the negatives of what they are selling. They may be misleading. You might think that an opinion is a fact!
  12. 12. Ads also use another trick. They exaggerate what the product can do!
  13. 13. Being able to tell the difference between fact and opinions or exaggerations can help you make smart choices!
  14. 14. Some advertising uses facts. Here are some statement in ads that are facts. 1. This hamburger is 100% beef. 2. This hamburger has a quarterpound of meat. 3. This hamburger costs only 99 cents.
  15. 15. These statements in ads are opinions. 1. This hamburger is the best tasting hamburger you will ever buy. 2. This hamburger is better than hamburgers made by other companies. 3. This hamburger will make you grow big and strong.
  16. 16. Are these facts or opinions? 1. This bike is the most fun to ride. 2. Our toys are 20% off this weekend.
  17. 17. 3. This toy is rated number one in Parents magazine. 4. This soft drink has zero calories. 5. This is the best movie you’ll see this year.
  18. 18. 6. This bike is the best-selling bike in the last two years. 7. No one makes a better hamburger than Culvers. 8. This is the “purrfect” treat for your cat.
  19. 19. 9. This skateboard will never break or we’ll replace it. 10. This game will keep you on the edge of your seat!
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