Ecosystems For Grades 4-6


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Ecosystems For Grades 4-6

  1. 1. Ecosystems What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem is a place where animals, plants, and non-living materials exist together. A Joe Fasen Enhanced Power Point Presentation
  2. 2. Ecosystems If you could choose an ecosystem in which to live which one would you choose? Why? Let’s take a look at some ecosystems to help you decide….
  3. 3. Mountain
  4. 4. Tundra
  5. 5. Temperate Forest
  6. 6. Marine/Island
  7. 7. Desert
  8. 8. Tropical Dry Forest
  9. 9. Cold Climate Forest
  10. 10. Grassland
  11. 11. Savannah
  12. 12. Tropical Rainforest
  13. 13. Ecosystems What interactions take place in an ecosystem? What goes on in an ecosystem?
  14. 14. Predation • When one organism hunts and eats another. • The fox is the predator and the rabbit is the prey.
  15. 15. Scavengers • Animals that feed on decaying or dead plants or animals.
  16. 16. Producers • Green plants that use energy from the sun to produce food through process of photosynthesis.
  17. 17. Consumers • Organisms that do not make their own food but eat other organisms.
  18. 18. Carnivores • Animals that eat only MEAT.
  19. 19. Herbivores • Animals that only eat PLANTS.
  20. 20. Omnivores • Eat both plants and meat
  21. 21. Decomposers • Consume wastes and dead organisms. – Examples: fungi, bacteria, earthworms
  22. 22. Symbiosis • Specific interaction between two species over a long period of time “living together” Both species benefit One species benefits, the other is neither helped nor harmed. One species benefits, the other is harmed
  23. 23. Succession • The gradual change of one community to another over time. • Succession happens in all communities.
  24. 24. • Sometimes forests go through long periods of time without rain. A fire could start during one of these dry spells. What would happen then? (succession)
  25. 25. • In the forest fire, many trees and animals will die. – Many animals will move away from the forest to a new location.
  26. 26. • After the forest fire, the community will begin to rebuild: – Plants begin to grow – Animals come back to feed on the new plants.
  27. 27. • Eventually, new trees will grow. – Small trees will grow at first, but after many years, larger trees such as spruce and fir may grow.
  28. 28. • So, here is our example of succession: Forest fire occurs Small trees begin to grow Trees & animals die or relocate Plants begin to grow; animals return to feed on new plant growth Large trees grow; completing the forest