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Repositories the road less travelled Moodle moot New Zealand 2011
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Repositories the road less travelled Moodle moot New Zealand 2011


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This was presented at the Moodle moot New Zealand 2011 in Unitec in Auckland. …

This was presented at the Moodle moot New Zealand 2011 in Unitec in Auckland.

The presentation covers Moodle and Repositories.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. RepositoriesThe road less travelled MoodleMoot New Zealand 2011 Gavin Henrick
  • 2. Anyone remember the Clash?
  • 3. Anyone remember the song Should I stay or should I go?
  • 4. Moodle you gonna make me think Should I copy , should I link Cos my files here will be fineAnd will be there until the end of time So you want make me think Should I copy it or link?
  • 5. Always tell me to deleteYou’re happy when I face defeat One day I’ll figure all this out Until I do I will just shoutWhen I bring backups to the brink Should I copy it or link
  • 6. Should I copy it or link now?Should I copy it or link now?If link there could be trouble And if I copy it will doubleSo come on and be distinctShould I copy , should I link
  • 7. Few questions before I start… How many used a repository with Moodle 1.9? How many use a repository with Moodle 2.x?
  • 8. Features
  • 9. In repository Web upload/download WebDav / FTP Checkin/Checkout Version control Workflow Metadata Categories Taxonomies Organisational structures Audit controls
  • 10. In Moodle Browse repository Search repository Copy file into Moodle Public link to file in repository Dynamic link to file in repository Upload into repository Replace file in repository Delete file in repository
  • 11. Use cases Linking to file in repository  Linked to from many courses  Update once, updates all Copying file from repository  Always latest approved version available  Not forced to use the same version in every course
  • 12. Challenges Linking  Backup integrity  Course integrity  Audit integrity Copying  Duplicates of file  Many versions in use  Cant easily update all instances of file
  • 13. The road less travelledMoodle 1.9
  • 14. Platforms Alfresco - Hive – Equella - Sharepoint - Kaltura –
  • 15. Plugins Server Side  IMS Repository  Mr Cute  DOOR Service  Skillsoft Asset Activity  EURIDICE   NLN
  • 16. The road less travelledMoodle 2.0
  • 17. Repository API Access to files on systems outside Moodle Copy or Link depending on integration Leverage 3rd party functionality and features
  • 18. Moodle 2 RepositoriesContent Storage Flickr / public  Alfresco Youtube  Amazon S3 Mediawiki   Dropbox Picasa web album  Google Docs  Mahara  Server files
  • 19. Moodle 2 RepositoriesSolutions Services Equella  Riffly Hive  Nanogong Sharepoint 
  • 20. Over to you….Your assignments Explore the Moodle 2 repository options and collate which allow linking and which allow copying only. Think about when you would want to link to a file and when you would want to copy it into the course Document your learning resource workflow – from thought to delivery
  • 21. Some examples
  • 22. ELIS
  • 23. ELIS (1.9)
  • 24. ELIS - info Moodle Partner Available now for 1.9, later in year for Moodle 2.x Based in USA/Canada/UK Contact info -
  • 25. Equella
  • 26. Equella
  • 27. Equella - info Available now Based in Australia Contact info   @equellafella
  • 28. Sharepoint
  • 29. Upload Document into SharePoint
  • 30. Add file to course
  • 31. Add new file The user selects Add from the Content options
  • 32. Select SharePoint File PickerSelectSharePoint fromthe left handside. This canbe changed tomatch theintuitions nameof theirSharePointenvironment.
  • 33. Select the filethey want.predefinedSharePointdocumentlibraries can beset by the The User selectsMoodle admin the file theyor a new require.navigationfeature will beavailable
  • 34. Document isnow available inthe Moodlerepository.
  • 35. When userselect the filethe document isloaded fromSharePoint
  • 36. Sharepoint - info Available September 2011 Twitter: @bfc_networks Email:
  • 37. Final thoughts
  • 38. Some final thoughts Need to address workflow issues File creation outside Moodle File management outside Moodle File Consumption in Moodle Understanding Licensing
  • 39. Image Credits All ELIS images from All SharePoint integration images from All Equella images from Roads -
  • 40. Questions?
  • 41. Remember Another brick in the wall..?
  • 42. We all want more external linking We want files spread across the netimages from Flickr and videos from YouTube Teachers need to take control! Hey! Teachers, you need to take control! All in all its just a better way to store files All in all its just a better way to store files
  • 43. We do need more repositories.... We all need good version controlMore crazy workflows in course creation Developers leave them backups aloneHey! Developers, Leave them files alone! All in all its just another file to backup. All in all its just another file to restore.
  • 44. Gavin Henrick