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Trinity College Dublin Tara DSpace Repository upgrade project presentation - Open Repositories 2010
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Trinity College Dublin Tara DSpace Repository upgrade project presentation - Open Repositories 2010


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Presentation on the upgrade project for the DSpace Repository "TARA" for Trinity College Dublin. …

Presentation on the upgrade project for the DSpace Repository "TARA" for Trinity College Dublin.

Presented at Open Repositories 2010 by Niamh Brennan TCD, Gavin Henrick Enovation Solutions

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Move on up! TCD TARA & the Benefits of Dspace 1.6 Niamh Brennan, Trinity College Dublin Gavin Henrick, Enovation Solutions Garret McMahon Ciarán Walsh (Project Mgr) Kevin Kiely Pere Villega Stephen Ryan Phillip Franks Donal Lyons Christian Stynes OR 2010, Madrid July 8th 2010 1
  • 2. Trinity College Dublin TARA 2005-2009  Tight Integration with Oracle based systems • TCD RSS - CERIF Compliant CRIS • Student Records Systems • Authentication systems  DSpace version 1.3.2 • Heavily customised • Running on Oracle • End of life servers 2
  • 3. CURRENT RESEARCH INFORMATION SYSTEM - CV-driven - Fully integrated with complementary systems - initial population from Human Resources records - updated & enhanced ‘live’ by researcher, - mediated input on-demand (Library-based service)
  • 4. Research Profile on College Staff Directory Trinity College Dublin
  • 5. Personal URL/Research Webpage
  • 6. Live feed on to School webpages
  • 7. Trinity College Dublin
  • 8. Trinity College Dublin
  • 9. Trinity College Dublin • Research publications • Etheses • Epublishing/Grey Literature • Images
  • 10. Repository with Added Value Trinity College Dublin Link to Researcher’s Profile Link to live ISI Citation Record
  • 11. TARA Institutional Repository - in an Integrated Environment Library Research Support System • Bibliographic metadata Web Services (ISI, etc.) Human Institutional • Research Expertise Resources Repository • Project tracking Physical FTP server Resources DMZ DMZ Financials Web server External Bodies • The web / •Search engines etc. • OAI harvesters eg External Bodies External Bodies Student • RIAN: Ireland’s • Thesis Print-Shop • Portal Reviewers Administration •Open Access Research Portal
  • 12. Trinity College Dublin
  • 13. Research Support System with Fulltext Links Trinity College Dublin
  • 14. RSS/TARA Trinity College Dublin E-Thesis Submission Workflow Student: Adds metadata Uploads file/s Applies restriction (if any) Agrees to Licence Supervisor: Checks - Reject Correct file Restriction/Stay Keywords Citations/Sponsors Approve Student: Approve Adds note & contact details Reject Graduate Studies Office/Dean: Issues command to print the 1. Approves/disapproves thesis application for stay Theses Centre: Prints thesis Contacts student
  • 15. TARA was getting old...  DSpace 1.3.2  Based on old server stack  Didn’t adequately support local community administration  Metadata tidying was slow and laborious  Statistics were not strong 17
  • 16. Trinity Irish Art Dublin Trinity College Research Centre • Digital Image Projects • Self-managed – more devolved Insert TRIARC slide administration required
  • 17. Trinity College Dublin TARA – National Portal: RIAN During upgrade was being developed (also by Enovation Solutions)  National Research Portal  Had custom harvesting requirements  Included Funder information  Required metadata normalisation 19
  • 18. Trinity College Dublin The Project - Scope Project was multi-purpose  Upgrade TARA to DSpace1.6 if released on time • Option to upgrade to DSpace 1.5.2 as fallback plan  Maintain and extend the customisations for increased functionality.  Migrate to new server infrastructure  Build test cases to cover old and new codebase  Implement compliance changes for national portal 20
  • 19. Trinity College Dublin TARA - Upgrade Tara was DSpace 1.3.2 and had a range of changes  Single Sign On with the RSS  Custom authentication permissions with LDAP  Custom E-theses submission system  Hiding empty collections  Integration 21
  • 20. Trinity College Dublin TARA - Infrastructure TARA servers were nearing end of life  New virtual infrastructure in TCD  New server configuration including OS  Replica infrastructure needed for test development  Tight cooperation between IT and Dev teams 22
  • 21. Trinity College Dublin TARA - Testing Implement rigorous test cases to ensure successful migration of:  Data  Workflow  Customisation  Integration 23
  • 22. Trinity College Dublin TARA – Go Live preparations Preparations coming up to Go Live date  New virtual hosting commissioning, backup/recovery process validation  System Upgrade and Data Migration dry runs to assess Go Live duration & down time for users  Bulk of bitstreams copied to new system in advance so Go Live only required sync of changes/additions  Integration testing with RSS & LDAP test systems  Testing against DSpace 1.6 Release Candidates  Modular code packages for rapid deployment 24
  • 23. Trinity College Dublin TARA – re-Launch Day The day of go live was a waterfall of mini projects  DSpace 1.6 final released  Lock live site  Snapshot live site to the new server  Perform the upgrade on new setup  Re-apply all customisations  Run automated tests and rerun manual tests  Update server/domain configs  Turn it on
  • 24. Trinity College Dublin The Team Trinity College Dublin Enovation Solutions Niamh Brennan Gavin Henrick Garret McMahon Ciarán Walsh (Project Mgr) Kevin Kiely Pere Villega Stephen Ryan Phillip Franks Donal Lyons Christian Stynes
  • 25. Trinity College Dublin The Benefits
  • 26. Benefits for Autonomous Communities Trinity College Dublin  Community administration  Meta data import/export TRIARC  New statistics opportunities 28
  • 27. Implemented Open Search for TARA/Microsoft RIC querying Trinity College Dublin
  • 28. Trinity College Dublin
  • 29. Trinity College Dublin
  • 30. Trinity College Dublin
  • 31. Trinity College Dublin RIAN COMPLIANCE National Portal  Showcase of Irish Open Access published research  Content from 7 Irish Universities and Dublin Institute of Technology  Harvesting normalised metadata including • Funder • Peer review status 34
  • 32. Trinity College Dublin
  • 33. Trinity College Dublin
  • 34. Trinity College Dublin
  • 35. • Fulltext search of TARA for ‘SFI’, ‘Science Foundation Ireland’ • Export Trinity College Dublin metadata of search results • Add ‘Science Foundation Ireland’ to dc.contributer.sponsor • Import the metadata
  • 36. Trinity College Dublin Batch edit to include Funder names
  • 37. Trinity College Dublin
  • 38. Trinity College Dublin
  • 39. Trinity College Dublin
  • 40. Trinity College Dublin Upcoming Changes Phase 2 of upgrade planned for Q3 2010  Enhanced embargo feature  Advanced reporting  Significant UI changes  Rebuild of Minho stats on 1.6 base  Implementation of Author alerts 45
  • 41. Trinity College Dublin Contacts Details Niamh Brennan Gavin Henrick Enovation Solutions