How to Increase your Community and Add Value to your Members through Social Media and Online Networking - #EIBTM13 Association Knowledge

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Contact us via or @GHeijkoop …

Contact us via or @GHeijkoop

Association Knowledge Workshop 1:
How to Increase your Community and Add Value to your Members through Social Media and Online Networking

Speaker: Gerrit Heijkoop, Executive Partner & Strategy Advisor How Can I Be Social (HCIBS)
Location: Conference Room 4.1, EIBTM, Barcelpona, Spain
Date: 20 Nov 2013, 09:30 - 10:30

In this energetic and interactive hour you will learn to separate sense from nonsense regarding online networking technology. Get fresh insights in how it can create, maintain and strengthen relationships between your association’s members.

Article related to session in EIBTM Daily:
Build your community online, but make sure it has a purpose first

If you are an association (and even somehow if you are a corporate), you manage a community. How to build and grow this community? Social networks and online solutions are an obvious candidate… but you probably are a bit lost about how to use them exactly. Lucky day for you: Gerrit Heijkoop from How Can I Be Social (HCIBS) has the answer (hint: it has to start way before considering a social network!).

Community building - this sounds like the key issue for associations, and social network look like an obvious element of that. Do associations really start to understand their importance?
I see a lot of associations struggling with the subject. All too often the subject is approached from a technology perspective: should we be on Facebook or LinkedIn? Should we invest in a bespoke online environment? Yet if associations stay close to their purpose, close to the core reason why their members want to unite, the solutions become rather simple. Communication through online networks is merely a means to an end, not a goal in itself.
Connecting members with content, with other members and with other stakeholders seems to be one of the core purposes of an association. Online social networks are a cheap and fast way to facilitate (parts of) this. Unfortunately I am not aware of a lot of associations that embrace them in this way. Instead, most efforts I see by associations are aimed at general PR, membership growth and event marketing.

Social networks have spontaneously generated groups of people who share contacts, advice, experience… don’t they become a competitor of associations?
Yes, very much! They are definitely a low-cost competitive alternative to associations who merely focus on 'networking'. In fact, I don’t see why anyone would pay a membership fee to be able to network with peers. In that case the association is simply not providing enough added value. Associations should have alternative purposes, such as education, research, political lobby, combined buying power, licensing or quality control.

Read the full article in the EIBTM Daily or on the HCIBS Blog

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  • 1. How to Increase your Community and Add Value to your Members through Social Media and Online Networking
  • 2. Gerrit Heijkoop How Can I Be Social (HCIBS) Twitter: @HCIBS or @GHeijkoop Facebook: /HCIBS Email:
  • 3. online networking
  • 4. you
  • 5. Where do you stand?
  • 6. “I am doing pretty well on Social Media” Disagree Agree
  • 7. “Social Media matters to the members of my association” Disagree Agree
  • 8. why
  • 9. Yes, your members are there … of online adults use Social Media regularly
  • 10. how
  • 11. #exercise What is the purpose of your association? For example: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Networking Professional education Research & knowledge sharing (Political) advocay Combine buying power Licensing & quality control
  • 12. “Are online networks a competitor for associations?”
  • 13. #exercise What activities support the purpose of your association?
  • 14. content
  • 15. Learn Love Laugh Location
  • 16. Learn Love Laugh Location | @hcibs | |
  • 17. “How to achieve a critical mass for online networks?”
  • 18. De ‘Common Place of Care’? 3. Brand 1. Content 1. Meetings Industry 2. #EIBTM13 3. ITBM Tradeshows 2. Experience 1. Heart surgery 2. ESC Congress 2013 3. European Society of Cardiology
  • 19. Why stay local, when you go global? “Het online ontsluiten van bijeenkomst leidt tot minder deelnemers”
  • 20. “In advance I was not sure of what to expect, but there was so much positive energy! It brought people closer together, which really suits the values ​of our brand” Mieke van Loenen Director of events, ICCA
  • 21. Compare the numbers ICCA RSMP live #ICCABidding online • 152 delegates • 37 countries • 80 in session • • • • • • 604 viewers 75 countries 171 chat & 119 Twitter 521 messages 42.210 reached 12 high quality videos
  • 22. #exercise What are your best do’s & don’ts regarding content in your association?
  • 23. “Build your own bespoke network or use an existing one?”
  • 24. #reflection apply to your own situation
  • 25. Before we go …
  • 26. I am going to …
  • 27. receive slides & e-book “Social Media Checklist for Events” twitter: @gheijkoop #EIBTM13
  • 28. Gerrit Heijkoop How Can I Be Social (HCIBS) Twitter: @HCIBS or @GHeijkoop Facebook: /HCIBS Email: