Dust Happens


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Dust Happens

  1. 1. Dust Happens By: Cindy Aplanalp By Design Interiors, Inc. Brace yourselves.... because a whole lot of dust happens during a remodel project. For those considering a remodel or currently in the midst of one, here are a few tips to help you get through it! 1. Select a great contractor! Ask friends and neighbors about remodelers they have used and ask to see photos of projects they have done. The Greater Houston Builders Association is an excellent resource for finding a well-qualified builder/remodeler and if you're working with a designer, he/she will have suggestions of contractors that they enjoy working with. 2. Plan ahead! Take the time to plan out the entire project before the first sledgehammer comes down on your walls. Look through magazines for inspiration and to clearly communicate with your builder and designer what you want to accomplish. Decide on a floor plan that will be functional for years to come. Select all materials in advance accommodate the tile setter, carpet layer, and painter when they are ready. Having all of this done will not only make the project go faster, but you will avoid pricey change-orders in the process. 3. Move out of the construction site! Although this isn't always a possibility, moving out of your home during its remodel is the best-case, most helpful, cleanest, and most practical thing you can do! You, your family, your contractor, his subcontractors and your beloved pets will have far fewer headaches if you're not living in the space. The project will run a little faster and a little more smoothly if you are not trying to live in your house while walls are being torn down, paint chips are flying and muddy footprints are painting your hallways. 4. Set up a satellite Kitchen! When doing a kitchen remodel, if possible, set up a space in your home for a fridge, microwave, a hot plate and your utensils so that quick meals are easy to make. Eating out gets old and expensive pretty fast. And don’t forget to call in any favors; chances are you have friends and family in the area who owe you one. Set up dinner dates with friends- you can supply the pizza and they supply good company, entertainment and peace of mind for an evening. 5. Remember, some things can't be helped! Remodel is so much “like a box of chocolates”, once you bust open walls or tear up floors, you never know what you're going to get! Some problems that arise during a remodel can't be helped; take a deep breath and just roll with the punches.
  2. 2. 7. Keep the end goal in mind! There comes a time during every remodel project when you will want to rip your hair out, pack up everything and simply buy a new home. When the going gets rough, keep in mind that, that when completed, your home will be personalized, beautiful, functional and exactly what you wanted.