PaaS isn't Just for Developers


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Platform-as-a-Service has rightly been celebrated as a way to increase developer productivity and thereby help companies get the new applications and services they need online (and making money) faster. It also helps admins meet the needs of those developers faster and with less manual effort. But PaaS goes beyond developers and beyond dev/test. Efficient application multi-tenancy and auto-scaling are also key features for production environments. Furthermore, developers may love that PaaS abstracts away platform details that they don't care about. But this abstraction also means that platform changes can happen without affecting developers, a big win for architects and procurement officers. In short, PaaS is for everyone.

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PaaS isn't Just for Developers

  1. 1. PaaS isn’t Just for Developers GORDON HAFF (@ghaff) CLOUD EVANGELIST 4 APRIL 20131 by
  2. 2. Today’s IT Challenge IT is under Need to tremendous Constant accelerate, pressure from demand for automate, and the Business new services standardize to enable (new apps) developer growth workflows2 by
  3. 3. Cloud Service Models IaaS PaaS SaaS APPLICATION APPLICATION PLATFORM (JBOSS, PHP, RUBY, ETC) OPERATING SYSTEM (RHEL) VIRTUALIZATION (RHEV) HARDWARE (x86) STORAGE (RHS) Managed and Controlled by Customer (IT, Dev, or Increased Control User) Automated and Managed Increased Automation by the Public or Private3 Cloud Offering by
  4. 4. PaaS = Platform as a Service A Cloud Application Platform Code Deploy Enjoy Push-button Save Time and Money Deploy, and Code your app your App is running in the Cloud!4 by
  5. 5. Manufacturing as a Model for IT Consolidated Aircraft B-24 Liberator Incredibly sophisticated. ~500k parts, assembled by unskilled labor. No Mfg process. Parts were cast in rubber molds, so every part was slightly different. Assembled in the heat of San Diego, which warped the metal and required whole assemblies to be adjusted. Ford Motor Co. brought a Manufacturing process … went from 250 planes a year to 650 planes a month. THIS IS OUR CHALLENGE TODAY.5 by
  6. 6. Streamlining App Dev with PaaS Physical Virtualized With PaaSHow to Build an App: How to Build an App: How to Build an App:1.  Have Idea 1.  Have Idea 1.  Have Idea2.  Get Budget 2.  Get Budget 2.  Get Budget3.  Submit hardware acquisition request 3.  Submit VM Request request 3.  Code4.  Wait 4.  Wait 4.  Test5.  Get Hardware 5.  Deploy framework/appserver 5.  Launch6.  Rack and Stack Hardware 6.  Deploy testing tools 6.  Automatically Scale7.  Install Operating System 7.  Test testing tools8.  Install Operating System Patches/ 8.  Code Fix-Packs 9.  Configure Prod VMs9.  Create user Accounts 10.  Push to Prod10.  Deploy framework/appserver 11.  Launch11.  Deploy testing tools 12.  Request More Prod VMs to12.  Test testing tools meet demand13.  Code 13.  Wait14.  Configure Prod servers (and buy 14.  Deploy app to new VMs them if needed) 15.  Etc.15.  Push to Prod16.  Launch17.  Order more servers to meet demand “The use of Platform-as-a-Service technologies will enable18.  Wait…19.  Deploy new servers IT organizations to become more agile and more20.  Etc. responsive to the business needs.” –Gartner* 6 by
  7. 7. Developers •  Abstracts away irrelevant platform details •  Provides self-service •  Reduces time to code •  Increases productivity Nelson Pavlosky/flickr under CC •  Supports familiar tools by
  8. 8. PaaS Benefits Go Beyond Developers Operations Architects Buyers8 by
  9. 9. Operations •  Delegates and automates provisioning •  Automates tasks such as scaling •  Improves IT service levels •  Provides control Leonardo Rizzi/flickr under CC over development environments by
  10. 10. Architects •  Enables standardized development workflows •  Reduces time to develop applications •  Increases developer productivity 401(K) 2013//flickr under CC by
  11. 11. Buyers •  Decouples platform from application development •  Enables platform changes to be made independently based on economic and other factors Will Scullin/flickr under CC by
  12. 12. Accelerate IT Service Delivery PaaS leverages automation technologies and a cloud architecture… Code Deploy Enjoy …to drive Velocity, Efficiency, and Scalability in IT12 by
  13. 13. PaaS Enables New Operational ApproachesTHEN Dev2ops.org13 by
  14. 14. Supports Multiple Operational models NOW14 by
  15. 15. OpenShift is PaaS by Red Hat Multi-language, Auto-Scaling, Self-service, Elastic, Cloud Application Platform15 by
  16. 16. How Can I Consume OpenShift? Public On-Premise or Cloud Private Cloud Service Software (in Developer Preview)Developer Developer Controls APPLICATION Controls APPLICATION PLATFORM OpenShift (JBOSS, PHP, RUBY, ETC) Automates, OPERATING SYSTEM IT OpsOperated (RHEL) Controls by Red Hat at VIRTUALIZATIONScale for (RHEV) 18 Months HARDWARE IT Ops (x86) Provides STORAGE (RHS) 16 by
  17. 17. Developer Web ConsoleWorkflow Eclipse IDE Cmd Line A Developer creates a new application à OpenShift Gear OpenShift creates a GEAR RHEL RHEL RHEL Broker Node Node Node AWS / CloudForms / OpenStack (IaaS) / RHEV (Virt) / Bare Metal17 by
  18. 18. Developers Choose Languages, Frameworksand Middleware18 by
  19. 19. OpenShift AutomatesBuild, Test, Publish JBoss Maven (Builds) Code Apache (HTTP) Git Jenkins Repo MySQL (CI) RHEL RHEL RHEL Broker Node Node Node AWS / CloudForms / OpenStack (IaaS) / RHEV (Virt) / Bare Metal19 by
  20. 20. OpenShift AutomatesApplication Scaling! Cod e Cod Code HA-Proxy Java e MySQL Java Java RHEL Broker Node Node Node AWS / CloudForms / OpenStack (IaaS) / RHEV (Virt) / Bare Metal20 by
  21. 21. OpenShift Automates theIT Assembly Line POWERED BY OPENSHIFT AWS / CloudForms / OpenStack (IaaS) / RHEV (Virt) / Bare Metal21 by
  22. 22. OpenShift PaaS…Bridging App Dev Worlds Established New Enterprise-Class Strength Cloud-Class Agility •  Enterprise Java EE6 via JBoss •  Designed for No Lock-In •  Multi-tenancy and Security via •  Polyglot with Java, Ruby, PHP, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Perl, Python •  Jenkins, Maven, Git •  Mobile and Responsive Web •  Auto-Scaling •  REST and Javascript •  On-Premise, Hosted, or Hybrid OpenShift = Open Hybrid PaaS22 by
  23. 23. Get Started Today for Free! •  Deploy Apps to the OpenShift OnLine Developer Preview •  Request an Evaluation of OpenShift Enterprise •  Join the OpenShift Origin Open Source Project community http://openshift.redhat.com23 by
  24. 24. Thank You. Questions? GORDON HAFF @ghaff24 by