Recruitment Selection, Training & Development


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Recruitment Selection, Training & Development

  1. 1. Recruitment, Selection, Training& Development with Sales Person Presented By Nilesh Ghadge Chandan Jagtap Ratnesh Wagmare Manish Enchilwar Sachin Mishra
  2. 2. RSTD in Training & respect toRecruitment Development COCA COLA& sources Ltd Selection & Building Sales procedure Training Program
  3. 3. Recruitment is going on……….Recruitment is a continuous process whereby the firm attempts to develop a poolof qualified applicants for the future human resources needs even though specificvacancies do not exist .Usually, the recruitment process starts when a mangerinitiates an employee requisition for a specific vacancy or an anticipated vacancy.
  4. 4. Need of RecruitmentPlannedAnticipatedUnexpected
  5. 5. Sources of Recruitment PromotionInternal Recruitment ExternalPromotion RecruitmentDepartmental Exam Management ConsultantTransfer Transfer Employment AgenciesRetirement Campus RecruitmentInternal Advertisement News Paper AdvtEmployee Recommendation Internal Advt Walk In Walk in
  6. 6. Requirements in Sales Personnel Mental Dimension Personality DimensionMental Alertness SociabilityInquisitiveness EnthusiasmMechanical Interest DominanceCommunication Skills CompetitivenessRecall Aptitude Emotional Maturity Work Motivation
  7. 7. SelectionSelect right door to proceed
  8. 8. Job AnalysisAdvertising The Job Tests Selection Process Interviews Medical Check Up Job Offer
  9. 9. Training &Development
  10. 10. Objectives of training and development • Improving quality of work force • Enhance employee growth • Prevents obsolescence • Assisting new comer • Bridging the gap between planning and implementation • Health and safety measures
  11. 11. Building Sales TrainingProgram
  12. 12. Five DecisionsACMEE Aim, Content, Method, Execution, EvaluationDefining Training AimsDeciding Training Content
  13. 13. Selecting Training MethodGroup MethodIndividual MethodExecution of TrainingWho is to be trained?Who is to train?(Sales Executives, Personnel department,)When will training take place?Where will training take place?Instruction Material & Training Aids
  14. 14. Evaluating Training Program
  15. 15. Coca-Cola was founded in May 1886 by Dr. JohnPemberton. Frank Robinson named a drink Coca Cola.Coca-Cola was first sold to the public in Atlanta atJacob’s PharmacyOnly 9 servings of the soft drink were sold each daySales for the first year were only $50 In 1888 As Griggs Candler bought the company andsales increased over 4000%
  16. 16. •Special training is given to employees, New employeesalso are placed with old ones to learn work and the valuesprevalent in the company.•Two cups tea are free for every employee daily thisrepresents the hospitable nature of the company, Thisfactor keeps the employees motivated as they are takenwell care this fact is clear by the physical actions took bythe company•The company working environment is really a goodblend of Asian and western values
  17. 17. Job analysis and designingCoca cola company HR department has its own jobdescription and job analysis in which they get theinformation about employees work activities, humanbehavior, performance standard, job context and humanrequirements and also other information related to thisconduct.Planning and ForecastingCoca cola HR department involves in companystrategic planning and they also make sufficientplanning for hiring new employees in the future. They forecast for the expected employees needsin the organization.They forecast of employees on the changetechnology and increasing in productivity.
  18. 18. Coca Cola’s recruitment process is wellestablished .First of all HR Department giveads in news papers, company website,institutions etc. Then application form, fromcandidates with required documents and CVis asked.Recruitment is both-Internal recruitmentExternal recruitment
  19. 19. After recruiting the fresh employee ,they aretrained for three months and also pay themsalaries after three months they become partof a firm .Coca Cola also give training to existingemployee depending upon the condition for example if new technology is introducedfirst of all ,full training is given about newtechnology then they are allowed to starttheir job .a
  20. 20. Coca cola performance appraisal is on theannual basis. Hr manger says “we appraise ouremployee on their performance.We set the goals in the beginning of year and tellthe employees about the goal if the employeesachieve this goal we appraise the employees.”
  21. 21. Basic salaryBonusMedical facilityPick and dropGratuity fundSocial security
  22. 22. Coca-Cola Company is creating a system ofmentoring programs that include, one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring andmentoring self-study tools.These programs promote trustingrelationships for networking, coaching,career counseling and life lessonsMentoring increases the flow ofinformation across organizational lines andencourages diverse thinking and cross-functional learning.
  23. 23. In this business enviorment where there is Cutthroat Competition each and every CompanyOrganization, firm, etc should maintain theeffective team of Sales maintain their saleforce effectively. This can be done only byRecruitmentTrainingDevelopment process etc…Consequence of these can be seen in sales graph orMarket share Resulting …Open Happiness