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Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
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Hospitality Solution
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Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
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Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
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Hospitality Solution
Hospitality Solution
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Hospitality Solution


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Converged Network for Voice, Video, Data,Surveillance,In Room Automation On …

Converged Network for Voice, Video, Data,Surveillance,In Room Automation On
State of the Art Technology -
‘Fiber To The Room’

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  • 1. Hospitality Presentation<br />Converged Network for Voice, Data, Video, Surveillance, In Room Automation <br />On <br />State of the Art Technology-<br />‘Fiber To The Room’<br />
  • 2. What Today’s Guest needs<br />Today’s Guest Needs <br />Bed<br />Bath<br />Breakfast<br />Broadband (The evolving forth ‘B’)<br />Today’s Guest Is Extremely Bandwidth Hungry – Guest is looking for a unified communication system with voice, video and data all in single gadgets so that he can fulfill his business and personal needs for connectivity with his family, friends and social network all the time using internet based applications like face book, twitter, linked in and other social website.<br />Video is becoming another strong media and with 3G video calls and video conferencing solutions has become necessity which needs broadband internet bandwidth .<br />
  • 3. What Today’s Hotels need<br />Hotels are striving hard to create WOW factor , win guest loyalty, make employees more productive and secure their assets, guest and work force.<br />Today’s Hotels need-<br /><ul><li>Strong Robust IT and Telecom Infrastructure
  • 4. without any band width restriction
  • 5. Easy to manage
  • 6. Scalable for future needs of guest technology, in room entertainment and supports hotel operational needs. </li></ul>All the above can be fulfilled only provided hotel provides high burst internet bandwidth to support guest wired and wi-fi requirement. <br />All the above can be achieved using our state of the art technology for which we are proud to be the innovator. <br />
  • 7. What We Offer<br />Converged Hospitality II Services<br />
  • 8. FTTR - FIBER-TO-THE-ROOM<br />Only one Optical Fiber Cable will reach to the room instead of all conventional copper cables for services such as <br /><ul><li> CAT5 = 1 nos for Telephone,
  • 9. CAT6 = 2 nos Broadband Internet and IPTV,
  • 10. RG6 = 1 nos for Cable TV. </li></ul>To deliver new bandwidth consuming services such as IPTV, Video On Demand, IP Surveillance and many more including above services. <br />One Single Fiber Cable, which is an unlimited capacity carrier, is required to deploy above services.<br />
  • 11. WHAT CAN BE OFFERED TO CUSTOMER<br /><ul><li>I.P. Telephony – 2 in Guest Room and 1 in Bathroom
  • 12. Data Fast Ethernet – 1 in Guest Room
  • 13. Wireless – Wi-Fi in entire Guest Room
  • 14. CATV (Analog/Digital) – 1 or more in Guest Room
  • 15. IP-TV – 1 or more in Guest Room
  • 16. IP-Surveillance – In Public Areas
  • 17. And Many More Value Added Services</li></li></ul><li>WHAT CAN BE OFFERED TO CUSTOMER<br />WI -FI<br />ONU<br />CAT 6 Cable FOR TELEPHONE 1<br />FOC FROM LV ROOM<br />COXIAL CABLE FOR ANALOG (RF) TV<br />CAT 6 Cable FOR TELEPHONE 2<br />CAT 6 CABLE FOR IPTV<br />HDMI CABLE<br />IP STB<br />CAT 6 Cable FOR INTERNET<br />
  • 18. OPTICAL TRIPLE PLAY PLAN ON E-FTTH<br />1310 nm<br />A<br />1550 nm<br />A<br />Voice<br />Point-to-Point (Star) Topology<br />Video<br />CPE<br />A<br />CPE<br />B<br />VLAN<br />downstream<br />CPE<br />Data<br />CPE<br />IP/MPLS<br />Core<br />CPE<br />L-2 Optical Switch<br />ODF<br />CPE<br />CPE<br />upstream<br />CPE<br />100BaseBX<br />PoP<br />Home / Room<br />
  • 20. WHY FTTR<br /><ul><li>Scalability - Infrastructure capable of delivering present and future requirements without rebuilding / renovation.
  • 21. Green Technology - One Conduit, One cable - Saves Space
  • 22. Minimize Copper usage (20 Km Fiber Vs. 120 Km Copper)
  • 23. No Heat Emission in Fiber Optic
  • 24. Super High Speed Transmission
  • 25. BROADBAND - Unlimited Bandwidth and Easy Upgrade
  • 26. High Security - Unlike copper cables radiate signals, Fiber is impossible to wiretap.
  • 27. High Reliability - Unlike copper cable, Fiber cable is truly anti-electromagnetic interference
  • 28. Long Life Cycle of Fiber Cable - Data transmission quality stays same in more than 40 years life cycle comparing to Cat 5 copper cables for average 5 years only with poor transmission quality
  • 29. Low Cost</li></li></ul><li>IPTV<br />
  • 30. A fascinating world of in room entertainment<br />Hotel IPTV is an in Room Entertainment digital system providing high-speed Internet, video advertising, true digital Video on Demand, digital channels broadcast and so much more.<br />Hotel IPTV is a promotional tool for your hotel, the facilities and services offered in your property, as well as other hotels of the same chain. <br />Hotel IPTV offers unmatched opportunities to grow net profits and increase guest loyalty by transforming the guestroom TV set into a profitable asset<br />
  • 31. Hotel IPTV Installation Diagram<br />Hotel’s Data Network<br />Internet<br />Hotel IPTV in <br />Room Set-Top Box<br />Data / Voice / Video<br />Hotel’s Head End Equipment<br />Hotel’s Router / Firewall<br />DVB Server<br />Hotel’s Core Switch<br />Hotel IPTV in <br />Room Set-Top Box<br />Application Server<br />Hotel’s Front Office<br />Encryption Server<br />Hotel’s Patch Panels<br />Streaming Server (VOD)<br />
  • 32. The Core Components (Modules)<br />DVB (Digital Video Broadcast)<br />Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial<br /><ul><li>nPVR
  • 33. Time shifting</li></ul>Messaging<br />Wake up call<br />Parental control<br />Internet TV<br />Games<br />Chat<br />Hotel Guide<br />Hotel chain presentation<br />Advertisement<br />City sightseeing<br />Laptop connectivity<br />RSS feeds<br />Email on TV<br />MS Windows applications<br />Hotel IPTV<br />Basic <br />Configuration<br />Hotel IPTV<br />Digital<br />Signage<br />Hotel IPTV<br />Digital<br />Signage<br />For providing signage to <br />property facilities<br />Video and Audio content are <br />Stored for later on demand or<br /> carrousel style view. <br /><ul><li>On Demand Video
  • 34. Pay TV</li></ul>Hotel IPTV<br />Integration<br />Manager<br />Hotel IPTV<br />IPTV<br />Hotel IPTV<br />IPTV<br /><ul><li>Mini Bar Updates
  • 35. House Keeping Status</li></ul>Hotel IPTV<br />Room<br />Manager<br />For providing conference<br /> events to guests in <br />room TV sets<br /><ul><li>Integration to the (PMS)
  • 36. View bill
  • 37. Express check out
  • 38. Integration to the (POS)
  • 39. Hotel facilities reservation</li></ul>Hotel IPTV<br />Content<br />Hotel IPTV<br />Administrator<br />Hotel IPTV<br />Conference<br />Manager<br />Hotel IPTV<br />Content<br /> Manager<br />5-7 Years Support and <br />Maintenance Contract<br />For securing the encryption<br />of the content stream from the <br />Head end to in room equipment<br />
  • 40. Hotel IPTV (Unique Experience) <br />Custom made User Interface for your hotel only!<br />Tailored to meet the customer’s requirements <br />Multilingual Interface<br />Support for unlimited languages<br />Audio and Video background<br />High quality graphics <br />User Friendliness <br />Easy Navigation<br />Support for room grouping <br />Content update utility (menus, prices, opening hours)<br />
  • 41. Why choose Hotel IPTV !!<br />Highly Flexible<br /><ul><li>Absolute security of data interchange for maximum privacy of your guests and ultimate protection of content.
  • 42. Minimized nuisance to the operation of the hotel during the roll-out of the system. In fact only 10 minutes are required per room!!!
  • 43. An ever-increasing range of in-room services for your guests, to cater for their different backgrounds, cultures and habits.
  • 44. Total customization of the user experience interface (UEI) to reflect your hotel’s</li></ul> identity on every click. <br /><ul><li>Open architecture based on standard technologies, allowing easy training and certification of the hotel’s or the hotel chain staff.
  • 45. Intuitive administrative tools for in-house immediate update of hotel promotional information.
  • 46. Continuous remote network status monitoring and reporting to ensure optimum response times and maximum usability of the system.
  • 47. Automated and transparent updates of the solution, along with automated updates of movies and content. </li></li></ul><li>IP PBX (IP Telephony) <br />
  • 48. IP PBX Network Diagram<br />PBX with IPLC<br />L2/L3 SW<br />DSL<br />Remote office<br />Internet Cloud<br />IP Ph<br />FXS GW<br />IAD Device<br />Analog Ext.<br />KTS, E1/PRI<br />Voice Mail, etc..<br />Soft Ph<br />IAD Device<br /> Soft<br />Phone<br />WiFI<br />IP Phones <br />with WiFi AP<br />FXS GW<br /> IP Phone<br />IP PBX<br />
  • 49. Features &amp; Advantages<br />Features<br />IP based Next Generation switching platform<br />Supports both soft switching and hardware based switching<br />Ideal solution for Hybrid networks<br />Supports various interfaces<br />Supports a variety of protocols<br />Advantages<br />Seamless integration with IP networks<br />Flexible architecture<br />Efficient and smooth expansion of network capacity<br />Distributed architecture provides more reliability and stability<br />Support of next generation IP features<br />
  • 50. Security Features in IP-PBX<br /><ul><li>Secure access via SSH, SSL
  • 51. Password security and protection (Rules, encryption (MD5), lifetime etc)
  • 52. Controlled access to database
  • 53. VLAN based access
  • 54. Intrusion detection and prevention system
  • 55. Secured communication links – IPsec, SRTP, SNMPv3,
  • 56. Authentication and access control – RADIUS, 802.1x
  • 57. Logging of events</li></li></ul><li>Unified Communication in IP-PBX<br />Services Provided<br /><ul><li>Voice mail service
  • 58. Announcement service
  • 59. Email integration
  • 60. Text-to-Speech service
  • 61. Fax server
  • 62. Auto attendant
  • 63. SMS integration
  • 64. User Portal
  • 65. Instant Messaging
  • 66. Presence</li></ul>NGX Network<br />RSU<br />RSU<br />PSTN<br />Network<br />PSTN<br />Network<br />IRIS NGX <br />ComServer <br />IP Network<br />UCS Server<br />Remote User<br />
  • 67. About Yash SiQure<br />
  • 68. About Yash SiQure<br />Yash SiQure is a forward thinking company with back ground in IT and Telecom, providing following solutions:<br /><ul><li>Fiber Optic Deployments
  • 69. Complete Data, Voice
  • 70. Complete IPTV, DVBC, Digital Signage
  • 71. IP Surveillance
  • 72. IP Based Home Automation
  • 73. Energy Saving</li></ul>To Hospitality, Real Estate and Telecom Segment. <br />
  • 74. Key Members<br /><ul><li>Mr. Arun Kumar Singh, Director Technology, B.E. Computer Science – 1988. He has extensive experience in the field of Fiber Optic Deployments in India and abroad.
  • 75. Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Director Business Development, B. Tech. Electronics &amp; Communication from -1993. He has extensive experience in Electronics Manufacturing, IPTV and DVBC Deployments.
  • 76. Mr. J. K. Mansharamani, CFO, Chartered Accountant has in depth knowledge of finance and accounts to the company and managing large financial closures.
  • 77. Mr. Harish Chandra, CEO Hospitality Solution, PG in Hotel Management. He has more than 17 years experience setting up Hotel IT infrastructure as well as working with major Hospitality IT vendors.</li></li></ul><li>YSTI Profile <br /><ul><li>Manufacturing - Fiber Triple Play Products
  • 78. Manufacturing - IP Telephony (IP Phones)
  • 79. Deployments (FTTx and Copper)
  • 80. IP Based Surveillance Systems
  • 81. IPTV / DVBC / Digital Signage Systems
  • 82. Green Guest Room
  • 83. Project Consultancy (Telecom Networks)</li></li></ul><li>Fiber Triple Play Products<br /><ul><li>Triple Play Home Gateway – An Optical Network Unit (ONU) for AON (GEPON) Networks – Indigenously designed and developed. This device takes single Optic Fiber Input and delivers 4 10/100 Mbps FE Ports, 2 POTS, 1 Wi-Fi and RF (CATV) Outputs.
  • 84. Optical Network Unit (ONU) for GPON networks. Indigenously designed and developed. This device takes single Optic Fiber Input and delivers 4 10/100 Mbps FE Ports, 2 POTS and RF (CATV) Outputs.
  • 85. IP Phones - Indigenously designed and developed. </li></li></ul><li>Deployments<br /><ul><li>FTTH – Fiber To The Home deployments in real estate segment in green fields.
  • 86. FTTB – Fiber To The Building deployments in real estate segment in brown fields.
  • 87. FTTR – Fiber To The Room deployments in Hospitality Segment.
  • 88. FTTC – Fiber To The Curb deployments in large commercial office establishments.
  • 89. Outdoor Networks – Inter City and Intra City Networks deployed by TELCO’s.
  • 90. LAN Networks on Copper
  • 91. RF CATV Networks</li></li></ul><li>Online IP Surveillance<br />We are running our own online video surveillance server in India to monitor live view for SME’s units. <br />Our products are also used by surveillance giants like Honeywell etc.<br /><ul><li>Video Servers,
  • 92. IP Cameras,
  • 93. IP Encoders / Decoders,
  • 94. Network Video Recorder,
  • 95. Mobile NVR
  • 96. Low Cost Video Conferencing Solutions</li></li></ul><li>Online IP Surveillance<br />We are going to launch 3G based online video surveillance for moving vehicles such as <br />Call Centre Cabs<br />Cash Vans<br />School Buses<br />Oil Tankers<br />Public Transport<br />Private Cabs<br />
  • 97. IPTV/DVBC/Digital Signage Systems<br />We are pioneers in the field of Internet Protocol TV in India and changed the paradigm for In room entertainment from conventional analog to high definition IPTV system. Our offering in this segments :<br /><ul><li>IPTV Headend (Tandberg/Ericson)
  • 98. DVBC Headend (Encoders, Multiplexers, QAM, IRD’s)
  • 99. IPTV Middleware and Video on Demand Solution
  • 100. High Definition IPTV Set Top Box
  • 101. DVBC Set Top Box
  • 102. Digital Signage Over Conventional TV’s</li></li></ul><li>Green Guest Room<br />Our Intelligent Green Room System consist of <br /><ul><li>Light Control for Energy Conservation
  • 103. Motion Sensor Lighting in Public Utility
  • 104. In Room Curtain Controls
  • 105. HVAC Controls
  • 106. Energy Efficient LED Lights
  • 107. In Room Entertainment
  • 108. Mini Bar Automation
  • 109. Intelligent Fire Alarm System</li></li></ul><li>Few References<br /> The Claridges, Surajkund<br />Novotel, Bangalore<br /> Ibis, Bangalore<br /> Ibis, Delhi <br /> Era Infrastructure<br />
  • 110. THANK YOU<br />Gaurav Gupta, +91-9810270056 <br />Arun kumar Singh, +91-9313066388<br />Harish Chandra, +91-9958892560<br />Yash SiQure Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd<br />Corp office: C – 262, Sector 63, Noida, G. B. Nagar-201301, Uttar Pradesh, India<br />Tel: +91-120-4540543, 4202543, Fax: +91-120-4543543<br />;<br />