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TriVita Home Business Share and Earn Program

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Shareand Earn Program

  1. 1. WELCOMEShare and Earn Program1
  2. 2. TriVita’s Share and Earn Program 3-Step Success System is as easy as 1-2-3 Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Share The Nopalea Pay It Forward Create Duplication Wellness Challenge Get 2 it!2
  3. 3. Step 1: Share The Nopalea Wellness Challenge3
  4. 4. The GOAL of Step 1 is to find people who have pain and inflammation and to share information about the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. This Challenge was created to show the power of Nopalea in helping the body reduce inflammation quickly and effectively through a Nopalea Loading Phase. If you know someone who suffers from pain and inflammation, put them to the Challenge!4
  5. 5. The Nopalea Wellness CHALLENGE The Nopalea Wellness Challenge is an easy way for you to get the Nopalea product in the hands of the people who are experiencing pain and inflammation. For as little as $20 US or $25 CN, you can give someone this challenge through our Gift of Health program.5
  6. 6. The Nopalea Wellness Challenge SHARING TOOLS The Secret Killer Health Alert This best selling tool is a 12-page special report thatexplains the dangers of excess inflammation and how a leading magazine has called inflammation “the secret killer.” Get others to read this compelling story. They’ll want to know more about Nopalea! The Secret Killer Audio CD This is a perfect companion to The Secret Killer Health Alert. Chief Science Officer, Dr. Brazos Minshew, discusses the issue of pain and inflammation in a toxic world.6
  7. 7. The Nopalea Wellness ChallengeSHARING TOOLSThe “My Video Email” systemThis system allows you to share videosthrough emails. There are a handful ofvideos you can select that help reviewthe Nopalea Wellness Challenge.This is a quick and easy way to sendsomeone information about theChallenge and see if they areinterested in finding out more! 7
  8. 8. Play Nopalea Wellness Challenge Video8
  9. 9. Wellness Challenge INSTRUCTIONS 1. Drink 3 to 6 ounces of Nopalea daily, until your supply is empty. 2. Review The Secret Killer Health Alert 3. Complete the Nopalea Wellness Challenge Form 4. Share the Nopalea experience9
  10. 10. Wellness Challenge FORM10
  11. 11. Step 2: Pay It Forward11
  12. 12. The GOAL of Step 2 is to give a bottle of Nopalea to those individuals who agree to follow the instructions of the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. It’s important to make sure that the person you would like to give Nopalea to is willing to follow the instructions of the Nopalea Wellness Challenge.12
  13. 13. Nopalea Gift of Health The most effective way to give others Nopalea is through our Nopalea Gift of Health program. The Nopalea Gift of Health was created especially for Affiliate Members to reduce your cost of sharing the product with others. Just $20 US / $25 CN,13
  14. 14. The Gift of Health INCLUDES Nopalea The Secret Killer The Wellness Product32oz Bottle Health Alert Challenge Form Information 14
  15. 15. Play Loading Phase Video15
  16. 16. Step 3: Create Duplication Get 2 it!16
  17. 17. TriVita’s Co-Op Advertising Program Participating in TriVita’s Co-Op Advertising Program allows you to complement your personal business-building efforts with TriVita’s proven media programs. Contacts that respond to our national infomercials are available for licensing and placement in your organization. You can partner with TriVita to acquire these contacts that have viewed a 30-minute commercial and are currently taking the product.17
  18. 18. Becoming Get 2 it! Qualified is Easy Becoming Get 2 it! qualified requires that you have enrolled at least two Share and Earn qualified Affiliate Members. Share and Earn qualified Affiliate Members have at least one bottle of Nopalea on autoship. You probably know two people right now who can enroll as an Affiliate Member and place one bottle of Nopalea on autoship. It could be a spouse, your child or other family member.18
  19. 19. Co-Op AdvertisingOrientationAll Get 2 it! qualified Affiliate Memberswho wish to purchase media contacts,known as Media Bundles, must completethe Co-Op Advertising Orientation.Completing the orientation takes three simple steps:1. View an orientation video2. Complete a short questionnaire3. Agree to the Co-Op Advertising policies and proceduresLog onto“my co-op reservations”in your Back Office to complete the certification. 19
  20. 20. Acquiring Affiliate Members If you want to build a residual business with TriVita, the key is to add Affiliate Members throughout your organization. Placing Affiliate Members down seven tiers will maximize your earnings in TriVita’s compensation plan. The benefits of becoming an Affiliate Member include: • Free to enroll • Earn compensation for referrals • Earn income to offset the cost of TriVita products • Earn part-time or full-time income • Become an active member in our wellness community • Complete support available every step of the way20
  21. 21. ENROLLINGAffiliate Members2 Ways to EnrollPhone: 1.800.TRIVITA (874.8482)Web: www.sonoranbloom.comand select the “Become an Affiliate” tab 21
  22. 22. KEEP IN TOUCHwith Corporate CallsGet Share and Earninformation and tipsfrom corporate staffand field leadershipEvery Tuesdaystarting at 5 pm Pacific TimeToll Free Audio: 1.866.739.2952Attendee Code: 219192# 22
  23. 23. KEEP INFORMEDwith the Communication CenterGet the latest TriVitacorporate news anytime.From this online centeryou cansee the latestcorporate launches,trainings andcalendar of 23
  24. 24. TriVita’s Share and Earn Program 3-Step Success System is as easy as 1-2-3 Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Share The Nopalea Pay It Forward Create Duplication Wellness Challenge Get 2 it!24