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English wwii powerpoint final final
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English wwii powerpoint final final


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  • 1. World War II By: Victor Quach Kimberly To Danny Siu Luis Martinez
  • 2. World War II Overview
    • One of the deadliest wars in history
    • Included: Germany, Italy, Japan (Axis); USA, Britain, USSR (Allies)
    • Started with invasion of Poland (1939)
    • Japanese attacks on British colonies and the U.S.
    • Germany’s invasion of the USSR
    • Hitler’s Blitzkrieg
    • Beginning of atomic bombs
    • Victory for Allies in 1945
  • 3. Cause of WWII
  • 4.
    • Axis Powers wanted more land
    • Hitler wanted Sudentenland and was allowed to because of appeasement
    • Wanted the rest of Czechoslovakia
    • Hitler agreed with Stalin to split Poland
    Cause of WWII
  • 5. Quiz Time! What is appeasement?
  • 6. The Invasion of Poland
    • Hitler used blitzkrieg
    • Captured Warsaw, the capital
    • Hitler annexes Western Poland; USSR annexes Eastern Poland
    • After, Germany successfully defeated French
  • 7. Battle of Britain
    • Britain was all alone after French lost
    • Two advantages: radar and enigma
    • Successfully stopped Germany
  • 8. Quiz Time! What event marked the beginning of WWII?
  • 9. Pearl Harbor
    • Japan attacked Oahu, Hawaii-December 7, 1941
    • USA suffered severe damages
      • Majority of fleets destroyed
    • US declared war on Japan
    • After, Germany declared war on the USA
  • 10. Quiz Time! How did the Battle of Britain affect Britain's image?
  • 11. Battle of Midway
    • Six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor
    • U.S. Pacific Fleet defeated the Imperial Japanese Navy
    • Lasted four days ( June 4 th -7 th 1942)
    • The U.S. ended the Japanese advances in the Pacific
    • Called the “turning point of the Pacific”
  • 12. Stalingrad
    • June 22, 1941-German troops successfully attacked Stalingrad
    • Russians suffered terrible losses
    • Winter season arrived
      • Germans not prepared
  • 13. Quiz Time! What helped the Russians survive the Germans' attack on Stalingrad?
  • 14. D-Day
    • Led by General Dwight Eisenhower
    • Invasion of Normandy, France
    • Same time as Russian attack from East
    • Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945
  • 15. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    • Japanese fought after Germany surrendered
    • USA bombed Hiroshima and then Nagasaki
    • Tens of thousands died
    • Japan surrendered a month later in September, 1945
  • 16. Quiz Time! Why did Germany surrender?
  • 17. The Holocaust
    • Hitler tried to get rid of Jews
    • Jews captured and forced into concentration camps
    • Millions of Jews were killed
    • Nazis killed other races also, such as Gypsies
  • 18. Effects of War
    • Nazi officials were tried for crimes
    • Hitler and Mussolini (Italy) were killed
    • Germany was divided
    • Japan became under military rule
    • US and the USSR became the world- super powers
    • Britain’s economy weakened
  • 19. Casualties **less than four million European Jews survived Nation Military Losses Russia 7,000,000 Germany 3,500,000 Japan 1,300,000 Britain 350,000 United States 300,000
  • 20. Quiz Time! Which country had the most military deaths? Why?