An Introduction To Positive Leadership Limited


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An Introduction To Positive Leadership Limited

  1. 1. Do you execute consistently on your business strategy and goals to achieve your desiredoutcomes? If not, a contributing factor may be shortcomings in your leadership strategy. Research shows that leadership exists throughout high performing‘The lack of leaders with high organisations and that it is critical to business success. It has also been shownaspirations, able to lead their that extraordinary leaders help create significantly more economic value fororganisation to reach their full their organisations.potential, cuts across virtually Comparing the total return for the 20 Best US Companies for Leadership in theall of Scotland’s economic 2010 Group survey against the S&P 500 shows thechallenges. It inhibits following:investment, innovation andenterprise. It is the thing % Change I Year 3 Years 5 Years 10 Yearsholding back many companies Top 20 + 1.6 + 4.0 + 8.4 +3.0and our economy from S&P 500 - 37.0 - 8.4 - 2.2 - 1.4reaching their full potential....The challenge facing many of Through extensive research and experience, Positive Leadership Limitedour companies is what I would has developed an approach to leadership which optimises the performancedescribe as “satisfactory and presence of leaders throughout an organisation and the results of theunderperformance.”’ Crawford organisation.Gillies, Chairman, ScottishEnterprise, Sunday Herald, 3 This is achieved by aligning your business strategy with the values of Positive Leadership™. A strategy begins and ends with values - a prioritised listing ofJanuary 2010 what is important to you. Once you know what you value as a leader, you can‘‘It’s basic – we must improve set goals to help you bring about end results that are aligned with your values. The Values of Positive Leadership™ are the keys to unlocking yourthe standard of leadership strategy for delivering high performance and optimum results, even underacross business. There is no pressure. (Values x Strategy = Optimum Results)question that there has beensome pretty bad leadership in Presence is the foundation upon which Positive Leadership™ strategy andsome major businesses, where business strategy come closer together over time, creating leaders who are agiledirectors (both executive and strategists, thinkers and implementers.non-executive), particularly in Positive Leadership Limited supports clients in the development and executionthe financial sector, were not of leadership strategy and business strategy, enabling them to achievedoing their job properly. We performance excellence, even when under pressure.want to see that standard riseat all levels.’ David Watt, Success is based on a regular pattern of the right behaviour. What sets winnersExecutive Director, IOD apart is not merely the mindset and the deliberate practice but the constantScotland, The Business Herald, evaluation of their performance and analysis of their success. Winning in business is simply a matter of increasing the frequency of your successes.August 2010 Positive Leadership™ makes this happen. We help leaders excel under pressure. For more information, please see our website: % Change© Positive Leadership Limited 2011 I Year 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years Top 20 + 1.6 + 4.0 + 8.4 +3.0 S&P 500 - 37.0 - 8.4 - 2.2 - 1.4
  2. 2. The Positive Leadership Advisory / / Watson FRSA, LLB, CA ( has extensive international experienceadvising and consulting with organisations in a diverse range of industries, ranging in size from multi-nationals tostart-ups. Graham is an experienced international investment banker, a trained mediator and a noted strategicthinker. His 30 year business career has included over four years living and working in the USA (1999-2003).Previously, he was a director of Noble Grossart Limited, chief executive of the Carnegie Sports International Groupand a corporate finance partner with Deloitte. He is Scotland’s World Leadership Day Ambassador( ).Immediately prior to establishing Positive Leadership Limited, Graham was the executive director of WinningScotland Foundation, a charity he helped form with the aim of helping young Scots develop a winning attitudethrough sport. Graham’s younger daughter was a member of the 2008 and 2010 GB&I Curtis Cup women’s golfteams. Graham is a founding member of the Scottish Enterprise backed globalscot organisation. Graham is also aconsultant to Macfarlane Gray Corporate Finance and a non executive director of North Lanarkshire Leisure Limited.Lee Torbet ( is a successful people development consultant, with 20 yearsexperience in both medium and blue-chip multi-site operations, including a FTSE 100 global organisation. Lee’sexperience has been gained from a diversity of industries, including financial services, insurance and retail. Sheheaded up the Organisational Development team for a national retailer, building their leadership capability as a pre-requisite to a shift in strategic direction. During her time in financial services, she established a developmentprogramme for the organisation’s top EMEA executives, which was later adopted as the template for globalleadership development.She specialises in people development strategy and leadership and team development and has proven results indelivering transformational leadership programmes and organisational cultural change, mostly achieved throughoutstanding one to one coaching at all levels in the organisation and team based interventions. A people champion,highly regarded as innovative, creative and insightful, Lee has a strong ability to create connected leaders and buildtheir confidence to act decisively : ‘We are not leaders until we are connected – head and heart, vision and reality,personal values with organisational values. When you feel connected, you access energy you didn’t know you had.’Gavin Hastings OBE ( brings his direct experience of leading successfulteams at the highest level of world rugby, as well as over 15 years’ experience in the business of sport, to theadvisory and consulting work of Positive Leadership Limited. He works closely with our business and sporting clientsthroughout the world, helping the leaders of today and tomorrow prepare themselves to excel under pressure. Hiskeynote leadership presentations are particularly relevant in helping to build strong relationships with clients. Gavinis a member of the Scottish regional advisory board of HSBC.Gavin was previously the all-time record points scorer for Scotland. He won 61 caps for his country, captaining thenational team 20 times. He captained The British & Irish Lions during the 1993 tour to New Zealand. He alsocaptained Cambridge University in the 1985 Varsity match. He was inducted into the International Rugby Hall ofFame in 2003. Lions coach, Sir Ian McGeechan said of Gavin; ‘...his greatest asset was to engender confidence inthose around him and to lead by example when the opposition had to be taken on.’© Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  4. 4. HOW POSITIVE LEADERSHIP™ INFLUENCES BEHAVIOUR THROUGHOUT THE ORGANISATION Frontline Contributors DELIVER Frontline Managers DEVELOP Senior Managers DIRECT The Positive Leadership™ strategy provides a C-Suite systemic approach DEFINE to leadership development throughout the organisation © Positive Leadership Limited 2010 / / POSITIVE LEADERSHIP™ OPTIMISES THE RESULTS OF THE ORGANISATION THE VALUES OF THE ORGANISATION AND THE INDIVIDUALS WITHIN THE Positive Leadership ™ ORGANISATION values and strategy align closely with business INFORM THE POSITIVE LEADERSHIP ™ strategy to enable leaders STRATEGY throughout the AT ALL LEVELS OF THE ORGANISATION organisation deliver desired results, even under pressure. THE POSITIVE LEADERSHIP ™ BUSINESS STRATEGY STRATEGY ALIGNS WITH © Positive Leadership Limited 2010 / /
  5. 5. LEADERSHIP IS A PROCESS NOT A THING. LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT PRESENCE NOT TITLE. LEADERSHIP EXISTS THROUGHOUT AN ORGANISATION. WITH THESE PRINCIPLES IN MIND, PLEASE THINK ABOUT THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: A) INDIVIDUAL  What 3 words describe me as a leader? Which one do I most need to change if I am to become a better leader? How will I do it?  How do I define success as a leader? Am I on track? What do I still need to do to achieve success?  What are my core values? To what extent am I leading in alignment with them? Am I walking the talk?  If I had to change one aspect of my leadership, to achieve improved team / organisational performance, it would be........  Am I a leader of value, or values, or both? Am I prepared to sacrifice performance for what I hold to be right?  What was the last (conscious) action I adopted, to improve my leadership effectiveness? Was I / it successful? What could I have done differently?  Am I confident that I will deliver my very best performance on a consistent basis when I am under pressure? B) ORGANISATIONAL  Does my organisation have a leadership strategy (ie an integrated platform to attract, develop and retain top leadership talent for competitive success)?  Are values embedded in the way my organisation thinks and acts?  What are the top 3 values of my organisation?  Do I believe that the values of my organisation are likely to hold up under pressure?  Do I have personal experience of seeing the values of my organisation drive high performance?  Do the values of our organisation drive the strategy of our organisation or is strategy developed regardless of values?  Has the strategy of our organisation been benchmarked for alignment and consistency with the values of our organisation?  Do the values of our organisation create a platform for consistent high performance, even under pressure?  Am I confident that my organisation will deliver its very best performance on a consistent basis when it is under pressure?  Does my organisation strive for excellence or is it comfortable with ‘satisfactory underperformance’?© Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  6. 6. How Might Positive Leadership Help You?If you feel that your personal leadership purpose and brand or the approach to leadership which your organisation isadopting could be improved, then Positive Leadership Limited would be delighted to help you.We are often asked to provide advice in situations where a client is not able to execute consistently on its chosenbusiness strategy and goals and as a result, is failing to achieve desired outcomes (financial and non-financial)? Acontributory factor to such failure is often a shortcoming in leadership strategy. Our objective is therefore to helpbuild a leadership strategy which is robust under pressure. The Values of Positive Leadership™ are the keys tounlocking your strategy for delivering high performance and optimum results, even under pressure. (Values xStrategy = Optimum Results)The advice provided by Positive Leadership, in the context of our values-based approach to leadership, typicallyinvolves three stages:1. Preparing our clients for delivering excellent performance under pressure.2. Advising our clients on key decisions which have to be made in high pressure situations.3. Reviewing the outcomes of decisions made under pressure to improve performance on future occasions.Our approach at each stage of this cycle is different and is of course tailored to the specific needs, requirements andcircumstances of our client. However, in general terms, the approach follows the following pattern:Stage 1Part A: We review your existing approach to leadership strategy and thereafter, introduce the Positive Leadershipphilosophy and approach in an open and collaborative environment involving all members of the client team who wewill be working with. This usually involves a presentation/workshop session in an off-site location.Through extensive research and experience, Positive Leadership Limited has developed an approach to leadershipwhich optimises the performance and presence of leaders throughout an organisation and the results of theorganisation. This is achieved by aligning your business strategy with the values of Positive Leadership™. A strategybegins and ends with values - a prioritised listing of what is important to you. Once you know what you value as aleader, you can set goals to help you bring about end results that are aligned with your values. The Values of PositiveLeadership™ are the keys to unlocking your strategy for delivering high performance and optimum results, evenunder pressure. (Values x Strategy = Optimum Results)Part B: We advise on the implementation of a client specific leadership strategy which is based on the Values ofPositive Leadership™ and provide support to selected members of the client team on making the values actionablethrough one-to-one coaching and mentoring. We also work with our client to ensure that its business strategy isaligned with its revised leadership strategy.© Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  7. 7. Developing a high performance, values aligned culture requires three integrated steps. They are: 1. Clarifying performance expectations. 2. Defining the Values of Positive Leadership™ in contextual and client specific behavioural terms. 3. Holding leaders and staff accountable.Our goal is to help our client build and sustain a high performing business as a result of having passionate employeeswho exhibit a high match with the Value of Positive Leadership™.Stage 2In developing the detailed scope of our engagement with a client, there is usually a focus on a client determined‘event’ which involves considerable pressure, during which the client team is expected to have to perform at itspeak.Once this ‘event’ is agreed upon, Positive Leadership will select one of its leadership advisory team to work closelywith the client team to help ensure that the Values of Positive Leadership™ are applied fully and properly during thehigh pressure event. Positive Leadership will be on hand to advise the client during the event. The duration of theevent will vary from client to client but it may take place over an extended period (eg a new product launch; an M&Atransaction).The timing of our Stage 1 advice will be managed such that this stage is completed prior to the Stage 2 eventbeginning.Stage 3At the conclusion of the event, Positive Leadership will hold two debriefing sessions with the client: firstly with clientstaff and thereafter with client senior management to evaluate the detailed outcomes of our engagement and todraw up an improvement plan for further action by the client. The improvement plan will normally be submitted tothe client by Positive Leadership within two weeks of the debriefing meetings.FeesWe typically charge a fixed fee for the full scope of our engagement. Our fee reflects the nature, complexity andscope of our advice (rather than the time involved in the engagement) and normally contains an element which ispayable at the discretion of our client based on its evaluation of the success of the engagement.We are of course willing to discuss with a prospective client any variation to the above scope and terms of a typicalengagement, should the prospective client wish to work with us on an alternative basis.For further information, please contact:© Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  8. 8. FEEDBACK FROM RECENT POSITIVE LEADERSHIP EVENTS‘We have been impressed with the underlying values at the heart of their [Positive Leadership’s] delivery. All participants at ourfirst CPD gave very positive feedback of the day. We look forward to sharing more such opportunities together." KenCunningham CBE, General Secretary, School Leaders Scotland‘It was clearly very productive and educational for all of us. Caroline OConnor, Head Womens Golf Coach, Stanford University‘They capture the audience with an enlightening presentation on positive leadership, well worth listening to! Laurence Barratt,Chief Executive, Falkirk for Business‘I thought the session was great.’ David Watt, Executive Director, IOD Scotland‘The presentation was based upon sound business practice. It proved to be both informative and inspirational. Trevor Knowles,President, Dumfries & Galloway Chamber of Commerce‘Many of the more experienced practitioners and HR Managers who attended the event, commented that they would be takingon board some of Positive Leadership’s suggestions with regard to their own development. Ann Davidson, Assistant Director,The WS Society‘Feedback that we have received from attendees has been excellent and it is clear that the evening was extremely popular andeducational to all. Craig Vickery, FCCA, CA, Head of ACCA Scotland‘The presentations were first class and were extremely thought provoking and relevant to the needs of many businesses inChamber membership. Douglas Millar, Chief Executive, Lanarkshire Chamber of Commerce© Positive Leadership Limited 2011
  9. 9. We provide leadership advice designed to help our corporate and individual clients excelunder pressure and reach the highest levels of performance and profitability. We deliverkeynote speeches on the Positive Leadership™ approach. We conduct research and write on the subject of high performing leadership. Positive Leadership Limited Advising Research Speaking Writing For further information, please see our website – – or please contact:© Positive Leadership Limited 2011