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Acting Portfolio: Greg Frucci
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Acting Portfolio: Greg Frucci

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This Acting Portfolio is a sub section of my "Body of Work" also here on SlideShare

This Acting Portfolio is a sub section of my "Body of Work" also here on SlideShare

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  • 1. FILMWORK ACTOR Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 2. “UNDOING TIME” WE HAVE NO LIFE PRODUCTIONS & HIGH FALL FILMS Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 3. “UNDOING TIME” WE HAVE NO LIFE PRODUCTIONS & HIGH FALL FILMS Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 4. “PCP...VANGUARD CHRONICLES” SLIDE ENTERTAINMENT Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 5. “PCP...VANGUARD CHRONICLES” SLIDE ENTERTAINMENT Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 6. “SLIM'S REVENGE” SLIDE ENTERTAINMENT Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 7. “SLIM'S REVENGE” SLIDE ENTERTAINMENT Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 9. “THE WATERS” CLOSED DOOR PICTURES Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 10. “DEATH, TAXES & CHOCOLATE” SHEFFIELD ENTERTAINMENT Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 11. ACTING RESUME TALENT ONE TALENT AGENCY, LLC Height: 5’-9” 1305 East Millbrook RD Weight: 160 lbs Suite C-32 Hair: Gray Raleigh, North Carolina 27609 Eyes: Blue Contact ANNE GREENE: 919-872-4828 email: TLNTONE@aol.com Film & Television The Gritters Sylus Parker Escape Productions, LLC Alien Jelly Monsters From The Depths of Uranus Old Veteran Strange Stuff Productions Pirate Chains Ranger Dan McCall Productions, Inc. It's Hour Come Round (Vault of Darkness Anthology) The Man Adam Ross Productions, LLC Student Union Det. Haggerty CFCC/Duke Fire The Waters Dan (supporting) Roxanne Marchand/HighFall Films Zeke's Bar (web series) Dr. Knalful (lead) CFCC/Duke Fire Raven Rock (TV Pilot) Dr. Emmett Lewis (lead) HighFall Films Dogs of Chinatown Italian Mobster The Media Tribe Death, Taxes...And Chocolate Dutch (Lead) Sheffield Entertainment Television,LLC Undoing Time (TV Pilot) William (Lead) We Have No Life Productions/HighFall Films The Hermit The Hermit (Lead) HighFall Films Breach of Heaven (TV Pilot) Archangel Gabriel Lost Colony Entertainment PCP...A VanGuard Chronicle Slim Pickens (Lead) SLIDE Entertainment & StudioRB Films The VanGuard Chronicles...Port City Prostitute Slim Pickens (Lead) SLIDE Entertainment & StudioRB Films The VanGuard Chronicles...Slim’s Revenge Slim Pickens (Lead) SLIDE Entertainment & StudioRB Films The VanGuard Chronicles...Contagion Slim Pickens SLIDE Entertainment & StudioRB Films Dead Man In Reno (Music Video) Cesar StudioRB Films Pawns Jim David Nelson Oliver Butchered Cop #2 Eleven Bravo Productions Port City P.D. (episode #3) Chief Gates Eleven Bravo Productions New Water (TV Pilot) Trevor Tate New Daydream Films Theater Firedancing/Firefighting/Stickfighting Slim Pickens Kaliwali Arnis Performance Art Dusty Murder Morris Poindexter Henrietta Riverboat Productions Blackjack Lance Spencer Playwrights Producing Company Video/Industrial/Voice Over Death, Taxes...and Chocolate! (voice over) Dutch (Lead) Levinson Productions Paraiso Travel (voice over) Various characters Phase 4 Productions TSO New Hire Video Passenger Rock Creek Productions IBM Makeover Business Continuity IBM Executive Centerline Productions New Entrant Lee Fellows NC Highway Patrol Progress Energy Training Maintanence Guy Trailblazers Production Company Print CarQuest Auto Parts Store Manager CarQuest Auto Parts StormBreaker Plus Windows Hurricane Ron AMVF Productions Professional Training Audition Workshop Richard Futch Raleigh, NC Audition Workshop Peter Jurasik Wilmington, NC Improvisation UC Berkeley, San Francisco, CA Acting for the Camera Tammy Arnold Wilmington, NC Advanced Improvisation Brooklin Green Wilmington, NC Scene Study Peter Jurasik Wilmington, NC Academic Training Bachelor of Architecture with Honors Carnegie Mellon University, Pgh, PA Special Interests Skydiving, Surfing, Martial Arts (first degree black belt in Dai Nippon Butoko Kai and 3 years training in Stick Fighting), able to use hand tools in construction, Licensed Architect, P90X is a daily exercise program, running, swimming, scuba diving, target shooting with both handguns and rifles, artist, camping, water ski, snow ski, marathons and triathlons Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 12. Greg Frucci
  • 13. BIOGRAPHY The eldest son of a US Marine Corps fighter pilot, I was born in the US Naval Hospital, Beaufort, SC in 1960. As a Marine Corps Brat, I moved all over the USA living in South Carolina, North Carolina twice as a child, Georgia, Louisiana, Kansas and Virginia. After graduating from High School in Northern Virginia, I left for Pittsburgh PA to go to Architecture school. I worked as an Architect for over 20 years after receiving a cum laud Bachelor of Architecture degree from Carnegie Mellon University in 1984. I lived and worked on the Outer Banks of NC and San Francisco, CA working as an Architect, then moved to Wilmington, NC where I discovered Acting and producing films as another artistic passion. I now do both, creating art in more than one form. On the film side of art, I have had leading and supporting roles in films such as “Undoing Time”, which was Pat Hingle's last film, “Death, Taxes and Chocolate!”, “The Waters” and most recently “The Gritters”, among others which are listed on my “Acting Resume”. In 2008, along with a friend of mine, Terrie Batson, we launched Eyes To The Soul Productions with our short film, “Old People in Big Cars” and most recently finished a Trailer for a feature film called “October House”, where I took the position of Director and Co-Producer. I have also finished two screenplays, “The First Time We Met” and “Choices” which will be submitted to film festivals in the future. I am currently writing two Action films entitled “Death Angels” about fighter pilots in Vietnam, and “The Other Life”, about under cover operations. My life has been a pursuit of art in many forms. Creativity is a passion which can be translated into many professions. Architecture, Art, Photography, Film-making all are channels in which to funnel art from the mind into a tangible form. Sometimes I feel like I am just getting started...I have much more to create. Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 14. ACTIVITIES (fun stuff) Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 15. Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com
  • 16. LINKS LINKEDIN PROFILE http://www.linkedin.com/in/frucci IMDb PAGE http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2384847/ FACEBOOK PAGE http://www.facebook.com/gregfrucci MYSPACE FILM PAGE http://www.myspace.com/slimofcontagion YOUTUBE PROFILE http://www.youtube.com/user/gfrucci VIMEO VIDEO CHANNEL http://www.vimeo.com/slimpastorfrucci EYES TO THE SOUL PRODUCTIONS http://eyes2thesoul.com/ TALENT ONE TALENT AGENCY http://www.talentone.net/GREG%20FRUCCI.htm PICASA WEB ALBUMS http://picasaweb.google.com/4eyestothesoul FLICKR PHOTOSTREAM http://www.flickr.com/photos/frucci/ PHOTOBUCKET ALBUMS http://s83.photobucket.com/home/gfrucci/allalbums Gregory Allen Frucci 1420 Faulkenberry Road Wilmington, NC 28409 Phone: 910-352-2536 Email: gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com Greg Frucci gfrucci@eyes2thesoul.com