Introduction to the CentreLearn LMS for Vermont EMTs and Paramedics


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Introduction to the CentreLearn LMS for Vermont EMTs and Paramedics. Presented at the 2013 Vermont EMS Conference, October 2013.

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  • Presentation at 2013 Vermont EMS ConferenceKrista Bradshaw JohnsonGreg Friese
  • Who we are What we do“Krista, how does a VT EMT or Paramedic get started with CentreLearn?”  
  • Email address is your username. (forgive us if we call you a “user” We know that you are people, EMTs, Paramedics, moms, dads, friends, etc.)Username is a “software” word that has universal understandingLogin credentials were emailed to youForgot your password or contact support – Click
  • Home page – the discussion begins…Tabs/left navigation/view tabsWarning message about multiple logins
  • Looks like I am ready to learn. How do I take a course?”
  • Quick links to profile appear if they need to updated
  • Please don’t write…
  • How do I make this window as big as it can get?
  • F11 is Magic!!!!!
  • Magic that makes the window full screenNo browser tabs, search bar, other tool bars, etc.
  • This is a course
  • This is a button that expands leaning objects
  • This is the learning object
  • And a cool movie. Look at all the player options.
  • “What are the best practices for taking a Quiz?”
  • Warnings in red are important… this one says don’t open other windows or use back button
  • Make sure to review your quiz before submitting. Questions that are not answered will be marked wrong.
  • Submit, Suspend, and Cancel are all very different things with very different results
  • Your Evaluation results page has all kinds of cool stuff on it including the correct answers, in case you need them. Fun Fact: Answers display in the order they were created in not in the order they were presented to you during testing session. (forget this if quiz is set to not randomize)
  • Multiple windows are bad for your progress and cause bad things to happen
  • Please don’t write…
  • Home page – the discussion begins…Tabs/left navigation/view tabsWarning message about multiple logins
  • Want to go back and look at old stuff? No Problem
  • “What happens with all those evaluations?” Course survey best practicesCL reads all free text feedbackTriage process - discard, technical response, or education response
  • Be specific - identify the question such as question number or something about the question, difference with protocol, additional contentWe like it when you reply to us. It helps and leads to lots of course and quiz updates.
  • “What is compliance?”
  • This is External CE
  • Need some help?
  • Contact Us page, FAQsYouTube VideosPhone number
  • Don’t get frustrated, get focused on using our help and support resources. Help Tab inside LMSSubmit a QuestionContact Us page, FAQsYouTube VideosPhone numberAsk for help sooner, rather than later, when you call we want youHappy and inquisitiveNot angry and agitated
  • Introduction to the CentreLearn LMS for Vermont EMTs and Paramedics

    1. 1. Vermont EMS Conference Introduction to the CentreLearn Learning Management System
    2. 2. CentreLearn Solutions, LLC
    3. 3. Login to CentreLearn
    4. 4. Scroll down to Link
    5. 5. Browse to
    6. 6. Username and Password
    7. 7. Success Tip #1 Only login from one tab, browser, or device at a time
    8. 8. We Really Mean It
    9. 9. My Current Courses
    10. 10. Search Courses Assigned to You
    11. 11. Update Your Profile
    12. 12. Profile Tab
    13. 13. Success Tip #2 Enter an email address that works, receives email, and you regularly check
    14. 14. Additional Attributes
    15. 15. Go Full Screen
    16. 16. Go Full Screen
    17. 17. Does it go to 11?
    18. 18. F11 = Full Screen
    19. 19. My Current Courses
    20. 20. Course Components
    21. 21. Expand Learning Objects
    22. 22. Expand Learning Objects
    23. 23. Success Tip #3 Optimize course view: 1) Hide header 2) Full screen with F11 3) Toggle player view
    24. 24. Course Evaluation
    25. 25. Evaluation Instructions You may not open any other CentreLearn windows/tabs or use your browser’s back button while this evaluation is open. Doing so will lead to the loss of this evaluation attempt.
    26. 26. Success Tip #4 Don’t open other windows, browser tabs, or use back button during evaluation
    27. 27. Evaluation – Pick Best Answer
    28. 28. Evaluation – Are you sure? SUBMIT EVALUATION SUSPEND EVALUATION CANCEL
    29. 29. Evaluation Results
    30. 30. Success Tip #5 Have a question or comment? Include the evaluation question number in your email or free text feedback.
    31. 31. Course Survey
    32. 32. Really, Don’t Do This!
    33. 33. Back Arrow, Also Bad
    34. 34. Success Tip #6 Navigate with left navigation, tabs, and view tabs
    35. 35. My Completed Courses
    36. 36. Course Feedback
    37. 37. Success Tip #7 Be specific Provide links Be nice (funny is also good)
    38. 38. My Certifications
    39. 39. Create New Certification
    40. 40. Create New Certification
    41. 41. My Certifications
    42. 42. My Cards
    43. 43. Card Example
    44. 44. My CE Records
    45. 45. Add New CE Record
    46. 46. My Certifications
    47. 47. Manual Actions
    48. 48. Update Certification Properties
    49. 49. Support and Assistance
    50. 50. Support and Assistance
    51. 51. Success Tip #8 Use the help guides We love solving problems Contact us sooner, rather than later We prefer happy and inquisitive
    52. 52. Contact Us Email or Call Visit and Connect 877-435-9309