Integrating Smartphones and Tablet Devices into EMS Education


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Slides presented at Minnesota Teaching and Learning Conference. 2013

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  • Welcome to the webinar50 minutesGuest NetworkBallroom NetworkPassword “Nitrogen”[image bordersSpell checkSchedule text messages of key points … about 5 total, and then add 2 to 3 follow-up messages]
  • Smartphones are widely accepted in almost any environment, but often not in the classroom. Why the gap? Permission is granted to do any of these things…
  • [Show of hands … this won’t work for people that don’t have a way to vote]Poll: Do you have a smartphone or tablet with you ...\r\nNo or YesIf you answered no … you are going to miss out of some participation opportunitiesIf you answered yes … you are welcome to …
  • [Need to update] – 1 way communication only – sign-up with one of these steps to receive key points by email or text message during the presentation.
  • [Need to update]Questions … Text idea from David Page at EMS World Expo 2012
  • [Need to update]Post slideshare of slides to:EverydayEMSTips.comUpdate shortened URLUpdate QR
  • Polling and GamesRetentionComprehension
  • Value of smartphones …. Very personal for me.2012Managed to drop my weight from 188 to 173. In large part due to awareness that came from calorie tracking. Helped change my diet, lowered what I ate and awareness of where calories were coming from changed a lot of behaviors No salad dressingLess beerLess ice creamMore fruits and vegetablesMore nuts Tracked everything for 30 days … apply that OCD to anything and anything is possible. Probably could have done it without the app, but it sure helped … especially to have app available on all of my devices (phone, Kindle Fire, Desktop)
  • 118.9 million units in 2012, a 98 percent increase from 2011 sales of 60 million units, according to Gartner, Inc.
  • SAMPLE Policy. Not sure if this has actually been adopted anywhere. Broken over several pages to be able to read. Page 4
  • SAMPLE Policy. Not sure if this has actually been adopted anywhere. Broken over several pages to be able to read. Page 4 to read for audience. CELL PHONES, PAGERS, AND ELECTRONICSTo eliminate distractions in the classroom the following policy will be followed by all students enrolled in the Emergency Medical Services Program.
  • SAMPLE Policy. Not sure if this has actually been adopted anywhere. Broken over several pages to be able to read. Page 4 phones are NOT to be used in the classroom, laboratory or clinical areas, or in hallways and common areas of the college. This includes use as a phone, text messaging device, music player, voice recorder, camera, video camera, or any other function which distracts the student from learning in class or disrupts others at any time. This policy is not limited to devices sold as a cell phone. Any electronic device which meets the spirit of this policy is included.
  • Policy creation, adoption, and enforcement is based on a set of beliefs or assumptions
  • I am not a wall builder, no matter how high the wall, there will be pushes/pulls to go over, under, around, or through the wall
  • Horse is out of the barn, use is so ubiquitous the novelty of a phone free zone is quaint at best and impossible except in highest importance events/locations (high stakes testing (NREMT), high security (state of the union), high concentration (brain surgery)
  • [Insert helicopter image … this is a battle I would want to win]Pick my battles very carefully, win the battles I pick
  • Lecture is a very ineffective education method. Without creating/facilitating distraction students will distract on their own
  • World is full of distractions. Disastrous to try to control them all. Distraction is a timeless problem. Role of teacher is to keep students engaged with worthwhile activities, age/skill/knowledge appropriate instructions, timely feedback, regular assessment, and breaks to re-energize.
  • From
  • Our Mobile Planet, page “The Our Mobile Planet research was commissioned by Google and conducted by Ipsos MediaCT in partnership with the Mobile Marketing Association and the Interactive Advertising provides access to the full set of data from this research through a powerful chart creation tool or the direct download of full country level data files. Businesses can use the data on the site to gain a deeper understanding of the mobile consumer and make data-driven decisions on how to use mobile to help grow their business faster.”
  • Usage is Habitual/Addictive …From
  • From
  • HomeWorkOn the go School – little surprised this is so low.
  • If we look at the usage just in school and divide by age groups, much greater usage in youngest age group
  • Picture of paramedic class … by every measure 18-29 is going to use smartphones with greater frequency.
  • 27% of all photos taken in 2011 were with smartphones billion photos shared5 million photos each day
  • from mobile devices tripled in 2011More than 20% of global YouTube views come from mobile devices3 hours of video is uploaded per minute to YouTube from mobile devicesYouTube is available on 350 million devices
  • PhotographPost, share, … #NAEMSE
  • Since we can’t likely overcome ingrained habits, brain wiring, and addictive behavior how can we be intentional about using in and out of the classroom. Use as a force for good, rather than a nefarious tool of interrupting and distracting evil.
  • Middle school students “make presentations on iPads, how to keep track of their homework on a smartphone, and what they should and shouldn't post on social media sites. The devices can be their planners, agenda books, and pocket reference libraries all day long.”Middle school students being issued a netbook all cloud based apps for completing and submitting homeworkNPR Some Schools Actually Want Students to Play with Smartphone
  • Netizen
  • Web BrowserMedical and EMS Specific AppsOther textbooks (example of Google books for needle decompression of an infant)
  • Looking up drugs – write down 3 meds from previous patients. Look-up and review with classmates.
  • SMS messaging, Twitter, Facebook…Back ChannelOutside ClassroomInside Classroom
  • www.remind101.comSpecial instructions remindersNew episodes of the EMSEduCastSend a test question or review ideaSend key points after a lectureAssign a student to submit key pointsSchedule a study sessionRoom changesReturn to the classroom after being spread out for assessment stations
  • Photograph slidesPhotograph things, processesAudio record lecturesVideo record skill demonstrations
  • Facebook group for the classTwitter hashtagGoogle+ hangout for class, study groupSkype for office hours
  • Doesn’t have to be real timeCould be outside of classroom
  • Enter, edit and review data
  • Habit streak app screen shot or icon.Application to EMSReadingWorkbook exercisesAssessment and treatment skillsHealth and wellness improvements
  • QR code links to to more information – Rob’s 12 lead workbook, QR code links to video content related to book page.QR code scavenger hunt – QR code at practice stations that link to a video that shows best practice demonstration.
  • Link to interactive contentGenerate a text messageA contact cardLots of usesBackground video for a scenarioVideo/just in time trainingAudio instructionsLink to more informationDrugs cards for each medication
  • DropboxGoogle DriveEvernoteOther tools to be able to access files from anywhere – no more “dog ate my homework” or I left my USB drive at home or the file is on my other computer.
  • Review an app
  • Ebooks and BlogsReadingAnnotationsDefinitionsIntra and inter linksEbooks – fiction, non-fiction, academic EMS Blogs
  • Video-assisted Feedback During CPR: Analysis of Smartphone Video Footage Accurately Classifies Chest Compression RateAbstracts for the 2013 NAEMSP Scientific Assembly Volume 17 / Number 1January / March 2013
  • From National EMS Education Standards, AEMT in paramedic standards, of EMS Education StandardsEMS Communication SystemsCommunication with Other Healthcare Professionals
  • 2 tips from Steve Whitehead, Remember 2 things video politeMaintain eye contact
  • Clinical case reviewExamsBefore starting a patient assessment drill or simulation
  • Integrating Smartphones and Tablet Devices into EMS Education

    1. 1. Integrating Smartphonesand Tablet Devices intoEMS Education
    2. 2. Poll ?: Show of phones …?Do you have asmartphone ortablet with you?
    3. 3. Group Text
    4. 4.
    5. 5. Why use Games and Polls?FunCompeteAssessVariety
    6. 6. The safety issues identified …Distraction due to non-operational useof personal electronic devices duringflight and ground operationsDistraction is a Real Issue
    7. 7. My Fitness Pal188.9173.0
    8. 8. Worldwide Tablet Sales(millions of units)2011 2012507510012520132013?118.960
    9. 9. CoAEMSP Sample ProgramPolicies and Procedures
    10. 10. CoAEMSP Sample ProgramPolicies and ProceduresCELL PHONES, PAGERS, ANDELECTRONICSTo eliminate distractions in theclassroom the following policywill be followed by all studentsenrolled in the EmergencyMedical Services Program.
    11. 11. CoAEMSP Sample ProgramPolicies and ProceduresCell phones are NOT to be used in theclassroom, laboratory or clinical areas, orin hallways and common areas of thecollege.This includes use as a phone, textmessaging device, music player, voicerecorder, camera, video camera, or anyother function which distracts the studentfrom learning in class or disrupts others atany time.This policy is not limited to devices sold asa cell phone. Any electronic devicewhich meets the spirit of this policy isincluded.
    12. 12. PolicyCreation, Adoption, andEnforcement
    13. 13. Walls
    14. 14. Phone Free ZoneSiri, textwife. I amrunning late.
    15. 15. Pick Battles Carefully …
    16. 16. Lecture is IneffectiveOh $*&! thismethod doesn’twork!
    17. 17. Distractions are EverywhereMy teacher keepsme engaged withworthwhileactivities …Age, skill, andknowledgeappropriateinstructions …Timely feedbackand regularassessment …And breaks to re-energize.(otherwise I go nuts)
    18. 18. Policy ComponentsDon’t allow if device:• Disrupts education process• Undermines academicintegrity• Violates confidentialityor privacy• Threatens any individual
    19. 19. Finding a BalanceBan vs. No Limits• Organization policy• Ability to enforce• Instructor comfort• Student needs• Start strict, ease off later• Provide breaks for use• Appropriate consequences
    20. 20. Smartphone Usage
    21. 21. Ubiquity of Mobile Devices
    22. 22. Smartphone PenetrationUsThem
    23. 23. Phone Addiction“Most college studentsare not just unwilling, butfunctionally unable, tobe without their medialinks to the world,”University of Maryland concludedNewsweek Magazine, July 9, 2012. Is the Web Driving us Mad?
    24. 24. Location of Use - AllHomeWorkOn the GoSchool
    25. 25. Use at SchoolUsThem
    26. 26. Kids These Days18-29 year olds
    27. 27. Smartphones27% of all photos takenInstagram• 5 billion photosshared• 5 million photoseach day
    28. 28. Smartphones for VideosTraffic tripled in 2011• 20% of global viewsfrom mobile devices• 3 hours of videouploaded per minutefrom mobile devices
    29. 29. Join me at …
    30. 30. Intentional Usage
    31. 31. Primary Education
    32. 32. EMS Professionalism Skills• Access knowledge• Curate information• Click safely• Focus on people/tasks• Honor patient PHI• Professional discussion
    33. 33. Assessment and Treatment-x+÷Share your favorite apps in the chat
    34. 34. Access InformationHEMS ACLS GuideParamedic MedsLA County ParamedicPediatric EMS
    35. 35. Reference GuidesEpocratesWebMDiPharmacy DrugGuide and Pill ID
    36. 36. ERG 2012 App• Safe clicking• Download• Feature tour• Find guides• Scene to use app
    37. 37. CommunicationTeacher
    38. 38. Group Email Messaging• Basecamp Breeze• Google Groups• Facebook Group• Others?
    39. 39. Group Text
    40. 40. Access to Media• YouTube Videos• Book Publisher Videos
    41. 41. Learn Anything
    42. 42. Video ConferencingGoogle+ HangoutsSkype
    43. 43. EMS Today app• Topics• Speakers• Products• Social streamVirtual Participation
    44. 44. Polling• Twitter Polls• Poll Daddy• Facebook “Ask Question”
    45. 45. Skill Tracking
    46. 46. Habit Streak• Reading• Workbook• Skills• Fitness• Diet• Wellness
    47. 47. Test PrepEMT Review PlusParamedicReview PlusCritical CareParamedic Review
    48. 48. This is a ____ and it links to …
    49. 49. QR Codes
    50. 50. QR Code Generator
    51. 51. File Sharing / Remote AccessDropboxGoogle DriveEvernoteI just ate yourUSB drive.
    52. 52. Course ActivitiesApps to:• Capture and edit video ofproper skill performance• Flash cards for study• Quiz question banks• Create scavenger hunts
    53. 53. Read!
    54. 54. Go Places!H
    55. 55. Get Better!Video-assistedFeedback DuringCPR: Analysis ofSmartphoneVideo FootageAccuratelyClassifies ChestCompressionRateRead ScientificAssembly Abstracts
    56. 56. Call Report!HEND
    57. 57. Get Patient Off Phone!
    58. 58. Device Free Time• Case review• Exam• Before drillor simulation• Class issue
    59. 59. Connections WelcomeEmail or Call Visit and Connectgreg@centrelearn.com717-227-4655 (office)