Ted Evaluation


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Gregory Bucher
WK2 TED Evaluation Slideshow
Public Speaking
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Ted Evaluation

  1. 1. TED Evaluation Slideshow Public Speaking Instructor Rebekah Lane Created by Gregory Bucher
  2. 2. Brené BrownThe speaker that I chose touse for this assignment isBrené Brown. The thesisfor her speech is that shewants to be able to takemessy topics and not makethem messy, she wants tounderstand these topicsand lay the codes out foreveryone to see.
  3. 3. How did the speaker capture the attention of theaudience in his or her introduction?Dr. Brown used a pervious experience with a event planner. It was comicalstory and drew the audience in. Dr. Brown’s transitioned nicely into herspeech, she used the word courage which is one keywords in her speech.
  4. 4. How did the speaker maintain the engagement of theaudience throughout the speech?Dr. Brown kept the audience engaged through out here presentation byspeaking about people’s real life problems. Struggles that humans dealwith on a daily basis and how we handle them.
  5. 5. Which of the ten TED Commandments does the speakerbest follow? How/why?Dr. Brown best follows TED commandment number 3. She does a great job offirst showing her curiosity when saying why she wanted to de-code the messytopics. She also speaks about her drive to help people understand the powerof vulnerability all the feelings that tie into vulnerability.
  6. 6. TED Commandment #3:Thou Shalt Reveal thy Curiosity and Thy Passion
  7. 7. Evaluate the speaker in terms of dynamism from 1(lowest) to 5 (highest). What couldthe speaker have done to increase his or her dynamism?
  8. 8. I would rate Dr. Brown a 4/5. She is very straight to the point and veryknowledgeable. She uses some of her very own life examples which arehumorous at times but very meaningful in regards to her speech.
  9. 9. What tips were used from Garr Reynolds or NancyDuarte?Dr. Brown was very passionate about her speech and informative. Sheincorporates some of her own experiences in her speech.
  10. 10. What have you learned about delivery based uponwatching your presenter?Dr. Brown was direct and straight to the point. She had a goal to deliverher message and she didn’t go off course during her speech. I found thatsome of the speeches I watched while trying to make my selection forthe project, got off topic.
  11. 11. Compare and contrast your speaker to Sir Ken Robinsonfrom the two videos youwatched (“Schools Kill Creativity” and “ChangingEducation Paradigms”)
  12. 12. The main difference is how Dr. Brown is direct and straight to the point. Dr.Brown and Sir Ken Robinson have two totally different styles in their delivery.
  13. 13. Sir Robinson is quite as direct, he uses comedy more than Dr. Brown.They both are very passionate about their work.
  14. 14. What tips can you give your classmates on delivery fortheir upcoming speeches basedONLY on your TED Talk?I would tell classmates to be prepared and practice. Most of the speakers onTED have been conducting speeches for years. They haveexperience, something most of us do not have yet. The more we practicespeeches, the more we will feel comfortable and the better our speeches willbe.
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