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MOLNÁR Géza - CV -full-

  1. 1. C U R R I C U L U M V I TA EP E R S O N A L I N F O R M AT I O N MOLNÁR, Géza +355 68 64 64 585 (Albania) +36 30 201 2579 (Hungary) geza.molnar@expertsolutions.huO R G A N I S AT I O N A L S K I L L S AND COMPETENCES IT application development  user requirement analyses, system analyses  application specification, system design  data modelling  user manual development and user training  functional and integration testing  roll-out to operation  maintenance of SOPs Process & document management  discovering, exploring process and information flows  mapping, developing rules of procedure / standard operating procedures (RoP/SOP)  evaluating, analysing and optimising process and administration – business process re-engineering (BPR)  implementing new procedures, change management  adaptation of IT systems and development of new functions (both hardware and software - IT application specification, data modelling)  administering – business process management  quality management & audit Project management  writing project proposals  task/activity list, resource and budget planning  leading implementation, roll-out  administration & reporting  monitoring & evaluation (M&E)  audit Organizational management  operation and staff management  organising and coordinating office work  organising and coordinating workflows, tasks & resources  organising document/content management (DMS/CSM)  supporting the work of the staff Decision making  strategy development  decision preparation  advising Capacity development and trainings  capacity / skill assessment  preparing educational & training materials, curricula  conducting trainings  organizing trainings  evaluating trainingsSOCIAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Communication skills  work as consultant and project manager for more than 15 years, conducting interviews and workshops in different cultural environments  take part in business, international development and charity projects Presentation skills  provide trainings, presenting together with the sales, reporting the project status and deliverables Curriculum vitae - page 1 -
  2. 2. MOLNÁR, Géza project manager, consultant Adaptivity, flexibility  work in 3-5 different projects, teams, companies and industries a year Inter-cultural skills  understanding cultural environment  managing collaborators from various cultural backgrounds  fine tuning training material, project plan, report  working in foreign owned companies, live and work abroad, travelling in far countriesLANGUAGES Hungarian  native Serbian  fluent English  fluent Croatian  fluent Russian  medium Spanish  mediumCOMPUTER SKILLS AND COMPETENCES office tools  MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), OpenOffice project management tools  MS Project, OpenProj, GanttProject, BaseCamp process and  ARIS, MS Visio, AI0-Win, ProCap, Intalio BPMS, jBPM document management  Alfresco, DOCUMENTUM, SharePoint programming,  SQL, MS Access, VB script, javascript and others data-base management other  web-tools, network management, IT administration, CADTRAININGS & COURSES 2011 Alfresco System Administration (document management system) 2008 - 2009 Communication skills 2005 BS 7799 (ISO 17799 – ISO 2700x) information security management system (ISMS) 2004 EU Tender Consultant 2003 PMI Project Management Institute methodology 2002 ARIS business process management (BPM) methods ARIS user and administration skills 2002 ISO 9001:2000 Internal Auditor 2000 DOCUMENTUM document-management system user and administration skills 1999 Business Continuity/Contingency Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) methodology 1998 ARIS methods, user and administration skills 1997 Enterprise management 1997 Communication and negotiation techniques 1996 ARIS methods, user and administration skillsTRAININGS HELD BY ME 2012 Entrepreneurial skills (3x2 days, English and Russian) 2011 Survey methodology (2 days, English and Russian) 2009 - 2010 Coaching the National Director of HFHT (1 year, English and Russian) 2009 - 2010 Project Management training series (English) 2009 - 2010 Management training series (English) 2009 - 2010 IT skills training series (English) 2007 IT Mapping and ITIL-CMDB integration, ARIS user skills (2x 4 days) 2006 IT Mapping survey & documentation methodology, and ARIS user skills (2x 5 days) 2004 Rational Rose and RequisitePro user skills (5x 1 days) 2002, 2001, Process survey, documentation, optimization methodology, and ARIS user skills 2000, 1999 (3 days) 1999 Project management + ISO 9000 compliance training (2 days) Curriculum vitae - page 2 -
  3. 3. MOLNÁR, Géza project manager, consultant 1994 IT user skills training (3x2 days)WORK EXPERIENCE 2011 Caritas Switzerland [NGO] entrepreneurial skills training (3x2 days) 2011 three international NGOs [NGO] planning the ‘local partner capacity development program planning’ project 2009-2010 Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan [NGO] capacity development of the national staff and coaching the national director and the managers on the job trainings on management, project management and IT skills transferring email and collaboration platform 2008-2009 Budapest Bank (GE Money) [finance] preparation of the request for proposal for the business intelligence and data warehouse (BI & DWH) project project management, preparation of the report catalogue 2008 interpretation in Bosnia-Herzegovina [utility] operation, financial and HR audit of the potentially acquisitioned Bosnian firm by a French owned Hungarian firm 2008 Budapest based law firm [law] crisis communication and image design project management 2007 CIB Bank [finance] enhancement of the IT Map with authentication and authorization, and data of applications (IT data property) project management, documentation 2006 CIB Bank [finance] pilot of the documentation of products’ value chains with data, integration of it with the IT Map project management, defining the methodology, documentation 2006 Generáli Biztosító [insurance] integration of the workflow system and the e-learning system project management 2006 Budapesti Munkaerőpiaci Intervenciós Központ [government, education] preparation of web-developer course material project management, course preparation 2006 CIB Bank [finance] enhancement of IT Map with more applications and with their servers, adding CMDB data as in ITIL project management, documentation, enhancement of the methodology corresponding to ITIL 2006 Biokontrol Kht. [energy, eco] feasibility study of a biomass power plant; preparation of an education material - PHARE funded project logistics, administration 2005-2006 Praeventio Kft. [insurance] development of the CRM and workflow system and related document management for the automobile insurance branch project management, application specification, test planning 2005-2006 Árindex Kft. [tender writer] development of the CRM and workflow system and related document management for sales and tender writing application specification 2005 CIB Bank [finance] enhancement of IT Map with IT infrastructure, servers and installed/running programs project management, documentation 2005 Magyar Fejlesztési Bank Rt. – Hungarian Development Bank [government, finance] documenting business processes of the Controlling Directorate, documenting risk factors concerning the business processes project management, development of process documentation methodology Curriculum vitae - page 3 -
  4. 4. MOLNÁR, Géza project manager, consultantWORK EXPERIENCE 2005 Hydro Alumínium Öntöde Rt. – Hydro Aluminium Foundry [manufacturer] development of the production system and integration of it with SAP, definition of the investment and project workflow and related document management leading the workflow sub-project, application specification, test planning 2005 CIB Bank [finance] documentation of the components of critical IT applications and their connections in the IT Map 2004-2005 Quaestor Group [finance] preparation of the group’s interior IT policies project management, policy making 2004 Informatikai és Hírközlési Minisztérium – The Ministry of Informatics and Communication [government, ITC] maintenance of the requirement analysis of IT development methodology by Rational RequisitPro development of business processes modelling conventions with Rational Rose assistance for inner regulation project management, specification and maintenance of requirements in several application development and workflow/document management projects 2004 CIB Bank [finance] development of the IT Map methodology and the ARIS convention pilot demonstration 2003-2004 Agrárkutató és Informatikai Intézet – Agricultural Economics Research and Information Institute [government, agriculture] development of the Market Price Information System writing user manuals 2003 Magyar Fejlesztési Bank Rt. – Hungarian Development Bank [government, finance] evaluation and development of inner IT policies, IT and security audit, preparation of the IT Development Plan, development of policies of annual IT planning and IT Development Plan maintenance defining the methodology 2003 MAVIR Rt. [energy] quality assurance of business process analysis and of integration of the new SAP functions 2003 Budapesti Erőmű Rt. – Budapest Power Plant [energy] summing up the possibilities of outsourcing in the IT field assessment of the inner preparation (regulations, registers, knowledge) before the actuation of the outsourcing 2002-2003 Paksi Atomerőmű Rt. – Paks Nuclear Power Station [energy] evaluation of modelling tools, making proposal for procurement, process documentation of the technology for the evaluation of production management systems definition of process-modelling policy based on IDEF0 and IDEF3 2002 Miniszterelnöki Hivatal Közbeszerzési és Gazdasági Igazgatósága – Prime Minister’s Office - Directorate for Public Procurement and Logistic Management [government] process mapping and optimisation before the implementation of SAP, integrating SAP functions and transactions into new business process leading the business process re-engineering tasks, defining the methodology 2002 Antenna Hungária Rt. [telecom] preparation of the test plan for the software of the pilot DBV-T data emission system 2001-2002 Regionális Fejlesztési Holding Rt. – Regional Development Group [government, tenders] definition of business processes for dealing with state subsidiary programs with ARIS Toolset defining the methodology 2001-2002 Digital Gallery - winner tender at APERTUS Közalapítvány [education] developing the pilot of an online gallery for public education specification of the institutional background and the frame of operation, definition of the IT infrastructure for the content management system 2001-2002 Igazságügyi Minisztérium – Ministry of Justice [government, law] preparation of IT Strategy 2001-2002 Nemzeti Kulturális Örökség Minisztériuma – Ministry of Cultural Heritage [government, culture] quality assurance of the project management for the implementation of the Sun System (ERP) Curriculum vitae - page 4 -
  5. 5. MOLNÁR, Géza project manager, consultantWORK EXPERIENCE 2001 Schneider Magyarország Rt. [manufacture] analysing and evaluating alternatives of internal and outsourced operations of SAP 2001 Országos Nyugdíjbiztosítási Főigazgatóság – Central Administration of the National Pension Insurance [government, social] preparation of the operation strategy for SAP and of operation policies 2001 SZÁMALK Informatika Kft. [consultancy] enhancement of the human resource controlling application project management, application specification, test planning 2001 MVM Magyar Villamos Művek Rt. – Hungarian Power Companies [energy] quality assurance of the project-management for the SAP upgrade and hardware migration 2000 Richter Gedeon Rt. [pharmaceutical] business process re-engineering in the course of DOCUMENT document-management system implementation in the field of international drug registration. project management, process re-engineering, application specification 2000 Köztársasági Elnöki Hivatal – The Office of the President of the Republic of Hungary [government] preparation of the IT Development Plan 1999-2000 MATÁV Rt. (T-Com) [telecom] preparation of the continuity and contingency plan (BCP) for the critical processes of Y2K 1999-2000 Budapesti Erőmű Rt. – Budapest Power Plant [energy] quality assurance of organization development of the enterprise connected with the implementation of SAP 1999 SZÁMALK Informatika Kft. [consultancy] developing the human resource controlling application project management, application specification, test planning 1999 PMG Rendszerház Kft. [consultancy] developing the BPR and project management methodologies for the consultancy branch considering ISO 9000 compliance, training 1998-1999 KELER Központi Elszámoló és Értéktár Rt. – Central Clearing House and Depository [finance] business process re-engineering, part of the re-development of the IT back-office systems project management, defining the methodology 1998 MVM Magyar Villamos Művek Rt. – Hungarian Power Companies [energy] review of ISO 9000 compliance of business processes delivering process regulations by programming ARIS Toolset reports 1998 Kincstári Vagyoni Igazgatóság – The Treasury Property Directorate [government] modelling of the property management processes with ARIS Toolset, survey of data-property, and IT concept writing 1998 MATÁV Rt. Informatikai Igazgatóság – MATAV IT Directorate (T-Com) [telecom] re-designing of the annual planning processes with ARIS Toolset 1998 Procont Kft. [consultancy] ARIS Toolset localization, translation and vetting of manuals and user interface 1993-1997 OSB Kft. [direct marketing] operation management of logistics, stock and IT, 15 employees and even 100 part-timers in three shifts in campaigns IT system maintenance (Novell), programming tender writing Curriculum vitae - page 5 -
  6. 6. MOLNÁR, Géza project manager, consultant FIELDS OF INTEREST  contemporary music  contemporary dance & theatre  science-fiction  bicycle riding  diving (CMAS carnet)  trekking in Hungary, mainly in the hills and wine-regions  roaming in the World: in the last years I’ve been to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, China, Madagascar, Georgia, Armenia, Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, several times to Turkey, and in the nearby countries as Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro; furthermore I lived in Yugoslavia, Hungary, Spain, Tajikistan and Albania.Tirana, Albania - 26 May 2012 Curriculum vitae - page 6 -