Caraga 2


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something that will provide an information about the Caraga Region- one of the magnificent regions that really should be visited in Mindanao..

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Caraga 2

  1. 1. Surigao Del Norte∗ is a group of islands at the rim of theAsian continental shelf. It is located atthe northeastern tip of Mindanaofacing the Philippine Deep.∗ CAPITAL : SURIGAO CITY
  2. 2. Onggoyan FestivalThe Onggoyan Festival is celebrated withmuch gaiety and funfare. It features an agro-industrial fare, a beauty contest, a sportsfestival. One of the highlights of the festival isthe street dancing event where dancers depictthe movement of monkeys.The term "onggoyan" is derived from "unggoy",the Filipino term for monkey.It is celebrated on th 25thof May
  3. 3. Bonok-Bonok Madjaw KarajawFestivalo In San Benito, usually observed in the 20thand 21stofMarch.o Bonok-Bonok is the name of the local festival in theprovince’ capital city, Surigao. This is a ritual dancewhich originated from the Mamanwas, the earlysettlers of Surigao.o The dance ritual has been brought down through thegenerations and still being practiced today. Inreverence to the Patron Saint San Nicolas deTolentino, the people have already adopted the“Bonok–bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw” Festival which is areflection of Surigao’s rich cultural heritage.
  4. 4. Lumondo Waterfall and Eco-ParkoThis natural park nestled at Brgy. Budingin,Municipality of Alegria is just 2 kilometersfrom the Poblacion.oOne will be awed by the huge volume ofwater cascading into a 45 meter graniteprecipice a majestic panorama which can beviewed from a misty mountain trail.
  5. 5. Siargao IslandThe unspoiled teardrop shaped islandcalled Siargao is the shangrila ofadventurers and nature lovers.It is the surfing capital of thePhilippines, which is 800 kilometersSoutheast of Manila. Siargao is the largest of a group ofislands emerging as one of the finestwater sport destinations in the country.
  6. 6. Magpupungko BeachLocated in Pilar, Siargao Island wherein thefamous International Game Fishing Tournamentis being held every year.It is situated in a cove facing the Pacific, theplace is surrounded by limestone and granitesculptures.It is derived from the root word pungko whichis in English means to sit
  7. 7. Sohoton Cave►It is situated in Bucas Grande Island, alsoa part of Siargao Island.►This enchanting cave is half-submerged inwater most of the time and accessible onlyduring low tide.►Sohoton" is a Waray word, which means"to pass through."in its periphery.
  8. 8. Del Carmen Mangrove Forest═Del Carmen has the vast and preservedmangrove forest.═Sugba lagoon is also a scenicdestination/attraction in Del Carmenresembling the mini- Sohoton cove inBucas Grande Island.
  9. 9. Surigao Del Sur• It was created as the 56th independentPhilippine province on June 19, 1960 byvirtue of House Bill No. 3058 also knownas Republic Act No. 2786 authored bythen Representative Reynaldo P.Honrado.• Capital town - Tandag
  10. 10. Karawasan Festivalo In Bislig City, it is celebrated on the 25thofJanuary.o It is a festival of ethnic dances depictingthe movement of crabs.o Karawasan is actually a collective namegiven to the member of the crab familyfound to be great in the salty andfreshwater of Bislig.
  11. 11. Kalumunan Festival It is celebrated on the 28thof Augustin San Agustin.The Kalumunan Festival celebratesthe gathering of families throughstreet dancing.
  12. 12. Magkawas Falls•A five-minute hike from the nationalhighway is an eco-destination thatoffers a gradual acceleration of nature’sbeauty.•This wonderful falls makes oneirresistible to take a refreshing dip.•Etymology: tagalog word meaning “toescape”
  13. 13. Marine Park Santuary►A fish sanctuary in Lanuza Bay withan outpost by the local Bantay Dagat, apromontory/watchtower plus asanctuary café said to be serving localdelicacies and selling souvenirs andproducts from Lanuza.
  14. 14. Campamento Cave→This is one of the garrisons of the Japanesesoldiers during the Japanese regime.→It is located in the interior portion near Daniogriver and Silop Spring at Silop, Agsam-Gamuton, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur is a naturallypreserved structure that Lanzanhons (thepeople in the area) are very proud of.→It has magnificent formation of stalactites andstalagmites that glows in the dark and shineswhen hit by light.
  15. 15. Cagwait White BeachIt is a U-shaped white sand paradisebaptized by the famous pilot CharlesLindbergh as the Waikiki Beach of thePhilippines.It is very accessible from the town site,being just a ten-minute ride away from thecenter of the poblacion.
  16. 16. Britania Group of Islets•The Britania Group of Islets has beenrecognized as a tourist spot in Caraga Region•. Situated in Lianga Bay, specifically inBarangay San Agustin, are a group of tinyislands collectively known as the BritaniaGroup of Islets.•These islets have already been visited byplenty of tourists for its picturesquelandscape, pristine waters and powdery whitesand.
  17. 17. Tinuy-An FallsoSituated in the forest of Borboanan, Bislig City.othe name of Tinuy-an Falls comes from a shortenedform of tinuyoan (from the Visayan root noun tuyo, whichmeans "intention" or "aim"), which refers to anintentional act or performance to attain an objective orgoal.oThe falls is approximately 95 meters wide and 55meters high and is dubbed as the “The Little NiagaraFalls” of the Philippines.
  18. 18. Enchanted RiverMinutes away from the town proper ofSurigao del Sur, in the midst of BarangayCambatong, lies the now famous Enchantedriver.Its river system is one of the mostmagnificent bodies of water in the Philippines.Many tourists and locals alike have beencaptivated by the natural beauty it holds andplenty have endured the long travel just toswim in its 80-meter deep, bright, blue waters.•From its name, many have pondered how it wascalled in such a way that it will lead a person tothinking that the place is truly enchanted by spirits.•Stories also have been conjured about the truthbehind the rule of not being allowed to swim afterdark because the spirits are already guarding theplace•Aside from its alluring blue-colored water, the riveris home to beautiful and colorful variety of fisheswhich are fed by the locals every lunch time.
  19. 19. Natural Bonsai ForestoOne of the many wonders found in the provinceof Dinagat Island is the Natural Bonsai forest,most amazing and extra-ordinary.oIts physical appearance that lies on anestimated hundreds of hectares of mountainranges ofBabaeng Bukid, Bil-atDaku and Gamay and in other peak of DinagatIslands.
  20. 20. - E N D -