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Lipton tea&honey final project
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Lipton tea&honey final project



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  • 1. 1 TEAM 4G •Zarda Myrsini •Sopasoudaki Eirini •Kouboura Georgia •Pappa Stella
  • 2. LIPTON TEA 2 •First tea discovered by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 B.C. Thomas Lipton: 1.created a grocery chain in Scotland 2.founded the first teashop in Glasgow in 1871 BUT
  • 3. 3 TODAY LIPTON PRODUCTS •9 tea categories LATEST INNOVATIONS  Tea Pyramids  Lipton Sun Tea  Lipton Tea&Honey •LIPTON is the Key Player in the market worldwide •2nd behind Coca Cola in consuming •Ice tea in Greece is distributed by Unilever and PepsiCo-ΗΒΗ
  • 4. LIPTON TEA&HONEY 4 Every package contains: 8 sachets of powder tea natural and tasty ingredients honey only 5 calories with 1 sachet 500ml bottle of water
  • 5. OPPORTUNITY FOR MARKET 5 GIVES CONSUMERS AN OPPORTUNITY TO: 1. Enjoy their favorite natural flavored tea 2. On the go 3. Any place, any time 4. Carrying only the powder sachet and a 500ml bottle of water 5. Without gaining any pounds.
  • 6. 6 TARGET GROUP 25-34 years old Health conscious people Soft drink consumers Life embracers Active women
  • 7. 7 WHAT CONSUMERS WANTS: New and innovative products Products which provide satisfaction MAIN FACTOR  Supply and demand relationship
  • 9. 9 Increased at about 31.1% Powder1.5M€ Powder2.0M€ Decreased at about 4.14% Leaf Tea11.8M€ Leaf Tea11.3M€ Decreased at about 7.75% RTD18M€ RTD16.7M€ 2011 VS 2012 BASED ON YTD STATISTICS
  • 10. COMPETITION 10 COCA-COLA 3E A.E. •2nd place in bottling of Coca-Cola worldwide •28 countries •Need satisfaction of 550.000.000 consumers Fizzy drinks and not Energy drinks water Juices and beverages e.g. tea like Nestea ΕΨΑ Α.Ε. •New investments that increase bottling production (20.000 per hour) •Product distribution in all places of Greece •New sales departments all the time •PET bottle •Green Tea with Pomegranate and sour cherry
  • 11. 11 COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVE OUR AIMS Awareness Information Persuasion Build a brand image Credibility cultivation Sales Able to tackle competition
  • 12. 12 Communication Strategy IDEAS  Smart promotion on different kiosks
  • 13. 13  Offering samples on the beach, emphasizing on beach sports’ events Cocktails with delicious taste and low calories
  • 14. 14 Café Served in the same way as hot tea in winter
  • 15. 15 The event Lipton presents the new product! The concept “Tea&Honey DIY”  Jugs of iced water  Empty glasses  Tea&Honey sticks for every one
  • 16. 16 The sponsorship Sponsor the “RACE FOR THE CURE” by “ALMA ZOIS”, the Hellenic organization for women with breast cancer.
  • 17. 17  Web activity Website creation which will give the opportunity to a user to: •Enter a particular code and take part in a draw for a gift •Get instructions on how to organise a tea party for two or more •Upload photos and estimate the whole party procedure
  • 18. 18