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Our book community, Flips Flipping Pages (FFP), was invited to share our experiences in online networking for the bookish at the first Philippine Digital Publishing Conference, The Future of the Book, held at the UP-Ayala Technohub.

Representing book readers and FFP, I shared the FFP story and wrapped up the presentation with some notes about how publishers and authors can build relationships with the readers.

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  • Image Source:
  • Reading used to look like this. A solitary activity. A 1 to 1 interaction between reader and the book. Image Source:
  • Image Source: people back then read in the privacy of their own bedrooms, the bathroom, and some even had reading rooms.I think a lot of us can relate to this. My own experience with the book started when I was 3. My mom taught me how to read, but very soon after, I was on my own. I remember devouring the Ladybird series of fairy tales. I remember crying to The Little Match Girl. I completed the whole set of Nancy Drews. I remember that I could not sleep without having to first read something.
  • Image Source: in public places like a library or the coffee shop, the interaction is still between book and reader. The objective was to filter out the noise and distractions so one can focus on the reading.
  • This is one of my latest book experience.
  • This was for the launch of Mockingjay, the final book in a series that started with Hunger Games.
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • We met here.
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • I’m part of a community
  • Vibal presentation social media for the bookish for slideshare

    1. Online Networks for the Bookish<br />
    2. READING <br />used to look like this. <br />Image Source:<br />
    3. Solitary Activity<br />done in private<br />Me time.<br />interaction<br />between reader and book<br />Image Source:<br />
    4. Even in public places<br />like libraries<br />and cafes <br />the goal is to<br />filter out noise and distraction<br />and focus on<br />the book.<br />Image Source:<br />
    5. Now, READING involves this.<br />
    6. Passionate Book Discussion<br />
    7. Fiery Debate<br />
    8. It wasn’t a book launch.<br />It was the Mockingjay Party!<br />
    9. Food and Drinks<br />
    10. Tattoo <br />Station<br />
    11. Photo Wall<br />
    12. Personality Quiz Booth<br />
    13. Live Action <br />Role Playing<br />
    14. Book <br />Sale <br />
    15. So, you know what?<br />It’s not just about the book.<br />
    16. It’s about community.<br />
    17. I’m part of a community of people who:<br />love<br />read<br />collect<br />worship<br />trade<br />sell<br />touch<br />smell<br />protect<br />treasure<br />molest<br />devour<br />endlessly talk about...<br />
    18. BOOKS!<br />
    19. 1,298 online members<br />Established September 2007<br />Had first eyeball in January 2008<br />Had first live book discussion in May 2008 <br />
    20. Books discussed<br />in face to face meetings <br />
    21. This is where it started.<br />
    22.<br />
    23. Shelfari enables the book lover to:<br />
    24. Build a Virtual Bookshelf<br />
    25. Virtual Shelves of books:<br />we own<br />we want to own<br />we’ve read<br />we’re reading<br />we plan to read<br />we love<br />
    26. We can view our virtual shelves according to: <br />Authors’ name<br />Date of entry<br />
    27. Discover Books<br />
    28. Post Reviews<br />
    29. Connect with Friends<br />
    30. Find People Like You<br />
    31. Discuss Books, Authors, Genres<br />
    32. All for free<br />
    33. We also meet at...<br />
    34.<br />
    35.<br />
    36.<br />
    37.<br />
    38.<br /><br /><br />
    39.<br />
    40.<br />
    41. The bookish meet at:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Blogspot, Wordpress<br />etc. etc.<br />
    42. Online networking for the bookish is about<br />building relationships with readers. <br />
    43. Involve us.<br />
    44. Teach us.<br />
    45. Challenge us.<br />
    46. Readers have challenged themselves to:<br />Read at least 50 books a year<br />Read 26 new authors with surnames starting from A to Z<br />Read authors of different nationalities<br />Read hard-to-read books<br />Try out different genres<br />Read for 24 consecutive hours<br />
    47. Get to know us.<br />
    48. Online networks can tell you:<br />Our book preferences<br />Our opinions<br />Our reading behavior<br />Our buying behavior<br />Our book peeves<br />
    49. Do you read 1 or many book(s) at a time?<br />
    50. Do you prefer your books covered in plastic? Or not?<br />
    51. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?<br />
    52. Do you read in cars/buses/and other forms of transportation?<br />
    53. After reading a book, do you keep it or do you dispose of it?<br />
    54. Would you rather read e-books or would you allow the further killing of trees just to read paper books?<br />
    55. Give back to us.<br />
    56. Use online networks to build relationships with readers and: <br />involve them,<br />teach them,<br />challenge them,<br />get to know them,<br />give back to them.<br />
    57. “<br /> The book itself is a curious artefact... It doesn’t have to be plugged in, activated, or performed by a machine; all it needs is light, a human eye, and a human mind.<br />”<br />- Ursula K. Le Guin<br />
    58. Yes, it’s about community but...<br />
    59. It’s still all about the reader and the book.<br />
    60. Presented by:<br />Gege C. Sugue<br />at<br />FFP photos by:<br />Rhett de Jesus<br />Jeeves de Veyra<br />GegeSugue<br />
    61. Gege C. SugueBook EnthusiastFounder, Flips Flipping Pages<br /> <br />When it comes to books, Gege has had an on-off romance that started in childhood. But when she discovered Shelfari ( back in 2007, her relationship with books became a passion. <br /> <br />A passion shared with the 1,298 online members of Flips Flipping Pages* -- a community of book nuts who love to collect, swap, mooch, talk about, sell, touch, smell, look at, give away, cover, fondle, and blog about books. And yes, they read them books too. In this online group, Gege communes with people who would sacrifice lunch money and lunch hour to buy and read books. The Flippers, as they like to call themselves, also meet monthly to discuss select books, authors, and a diverse assortment of genres. Their book and non-book adventures have brought them as far up as Sagada; deep inside the musty, dusty book warehouses in the Metro; and through various settings in time and space. <br /> <br />Gege C. Sugue conducts Communication workshops for corporate clients, teaches part time at the De La Salle University, and serves as a Marketing consultant and writer. She works at home, which means she communicates with virtual, global “officemates “via Facebook, Twitter, and other online channels. <br /> <br />*<br />