English - Lauching a Public PaaS on Open Source Getup & OpenShift Origin - FISL14


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Get a glimpse of our OpenShift Origin implementation on Amazon Web Services. This slides was presented with Diane Mueller - Red Hat Cloud Ecosystem Evangelist

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English - Lauching a Public PaaS on Open Source Getup & OpenShift Origin - FISL14

  1. 1. Launching a Public PaaS on Open Source Getup & OpenShift Origin Mateus Caruccio - CEO mateus.caruccio@getupcloud.com @mateuscaruccio
  2. 2. The Getup Scalable cloud application platform Why did we get in? We like coding Coding and Infrastructure doesn't mix We want developers stay away from infrastructure Bring to Brasil a truly self-service and "pay as you go" false cloud no more!
  3. 3. Why we chose Openshift Origin Open Source - mandatory No lock-in - portability Maturity Strong community sense - 8th most active github company* Language and framework agnostic Reliability - backed by company with OSS tradition *twitter.com/gnurag/status/348777656004800512
  4. 4. OpenShift Origin Repositories Branch master - high commit frequency* , features developing Branch openshift-origin-release-X - stable versions and lifecycle (3 months) github.com/openshift/origin-server *github.com/openshift/origin-server/graphs/commit-activity
  5. 5. OpenShift Getup Respository Our own branch getup-openshift-origin-release-X Local developing Components (broker/console/node/auth) running on developer machine Added our bits (visual identity, authentication and billing) Deploy on dev environment / homologation Deploy on production github.com/getupcloud/origin-server
  6. 6. Contribution Bug report via upstream PR Doc help (cartridges migration v1 -> v2) Brazilian Portuguese documentation Feedback
  7. 7. Our AWS setup global infrastructure / availability zones / wide range of products EC2 - compute power EBS - persistence RDS - multi zone / scalable Route53 - SLA 100% / OpenShift plugin VPC - isolated network CloudFormation - automatic deploy CloudWatch - monitoring
  8. 8. CloudFormation + Puppet We also need scalability and cannot trust humans. Pursuit "zero manual intervention" CloudFormation for infrastructure deploy Puppet for instance setup github.com/getupcloud/getup-cloudformation github.com/getupcloud/getup-utils
  9. 9. CloudWatch - Monitoring Default metrics CPU, memory, volume OpenShift Metrics global apps, global gears, gears per node Alarms Email + SMS
  10. 10. However, everybody knows that...
  11. 11. Starting from this plan, we built our own...
  12. 12. Disaster Recovery Plan EBS everywhere! Snapshot each 3 hours / 7 days rotation MongoDB redundancy - replicaset Zone Failure - move nodes for another zone RDS redundancy - master/slave on 2 zones Fast restoring with CloudFormation
  13. 13. OpenShift Origin - Pros and Cons Good Active Community Many support channels (irc, blogs, forums, mail-list, g+ e hangout) Quick support response Flexibility - custom cartridges and auto-scaling Not so good No admin console
  14. 14. Future Open our puppet scripts Bigger Gears (1GB) New cartridges Integration with other solutions (S3, CloudFront, Mailgun...) Multi region application deploy Developer Web Console translation More scaling triggers (only web traffic today) Better support for development teams
  15. 15. Getup Community How to join us GitHub - github.com/getupcloud Zendesk - getup.zendesk.com
  16. 16. Get in touch Getup Cloud http://getupcloud.com @getupcloud http://www.slideshare.net/getupcloud Mateus Caruccio - CEO mateus.caruccio@getupcloud.com @mateuscaruccio