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Get Social with Me/VIPMEDIA is a full service social media marketing and branding business designed to create word of mouth buzz for our clients and build profitable relationships.

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Get Social with Me Business to Client Presentation

  1. 1. ….Welcome your FANS at the door!Let us show you how…
  2. 2. “The art of creating word-of-mouth buzzand building profitable relationships withcustomers/fans using social media tools.”
  3. 3. Social media is not a fad…in fact• Data guru Bill Tancer concludes that social media activities have surpassed pornography online• 99% of businesses will have a Facebook page by 2011• 80% of companies are using or plan to use Linkedin to find employees.• If Facebook were a country it would be the 4th largest
  4. 4. social mediamarketing +strategy +calculatedrisk = GREATERROI
  5. 5. 2011 Social Media Stats 1 of every 13 people on earth isactive on Facebook200 million check their socialmedia accounts using a mobilephone57% of people talk to people onlineRecord –breaking 750 millionphotos uploaded to FacebookFastest growing population onFacebook is 55+ year olds
  6. 6. Companies shifting from .com to
  7. 7. An impressive 51% of Facebook fans and 67% of Twitter followers are likely to buy the brands they follow SOS Marketing March 2010
  8. 8. Fan Page Creators
  9. 9. Even the IRS with 2300+ Fans….Need I say more!
  10. 10. Why the shift from websites Coca Cola Fan Page is growing at 170,000+ Daily LIKESto FB pages? Coca-Cola down by more than 40% in 12 month period, in fact majority of the Fortune 100 websites (68% in fact) have been experiencing negative growth over the past 12 months with a 24% average decrease in unique visitors.
  11. 11. Welcome to theINFORMATION AGEThe SOCIAL Network
  12. 12. When it’s time… they’ll come!Don’t be a bore! You don’t have to tell them what they all ready know….trust me, they get it.
  13. 13. Services We Offer1. Setup Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other relevant networking sites2. Design and install custom design banners /background wallpapers3. Setup Text Message Mobile Marketing and Email Media Marketing4. Integrate social networks with Facebook Fan Page5. Provide that all important human touch between you and your fans on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t have to assume that responsibility.6. Online Reputation Management – protect from spam messages and spammers.7. Setup Social Rewards – utilizing push/pull coupons, sweepstakes, gifting and viral giveaways.8. Spreading your brand name with strategic brand interaction and creating your brand engagement social style.
  14. 14. 1. Facebook and Twitter Page Creation –setup, design, compliance check, Activate Places & Review Insight Analytics. Facebook has the right to terminate this page as it is not compliant with terms. It’s a violation to operate a business page as a personal page. And will be terminated and closed with no access. In addition there is a 5000 “friend” limitation.
  15. 15. Bad social manners – Never dump your fans/guest on to the wall.
  16. 16. Welcome through the front door
  17. 17. Get new business by using location-based apps to drive customers directly through the front door and money in your pockets! 1. Reward loyal customers 2. Offer discounts 3. Group deals “check in today and get a free basket of fries!”
  18. 18. Monitor Online Reputation and Brand Management We’ll remove and delete spam messages, suspicious looking postings, possible virus embedded links from your wall.
  19. 19. Monitor andreport your onlinereputation!
  20. 20. Setup your coupons, sweepstakes, and viral giveaways#1 reason forfollowing acompany thrusocial media is tolearn aboutspecials, deals, and brand loyalty”Marketing Sherpa.
  21. 21. Coupon or sweepstakes is a sharable link with friends on Facebook
  22. 22. Social Media Manager – create unique postings,follow up and acknowledge your customers and attracting new fans.
  23. 23. Do you care? Are you paying attention? Posting the last comment and acknowledging shows your reading and care…..this is critical step often overlooked. This is called building profitable relationships!
  24. 24. Millions of fans to interact with!Advertise anywhere for FREE!
  25. 25. You have 5 post, 7 likes, 4 comments to respond to….what you say, when you say it, and how you say it is the art of social media marketing!
  26. 26. Social Media Branding & LogosHaving our design team in-house enables us toguarantee consistently high quality work,better attention to detail, and more effectivecommunication between clients and ourgraphic design team. Custom Branded Banners Starting at only $99
  27. 27. BronzeWe’ll setup your Facebook, Twitterand YouTube pages. As well ascreate your social media branding.We’ll make every post. You areresponsible for commentary byengaging in following up/chatmanagement. You also areresponsible for increasing exposureof your brand by posting on pagesthat you like.
  28. 28. GoldBest value! We’ll setup yourFacebook, Twitter and YouTubepages. As well as setup yourwelcome page and design yoursocial media branding. We’llupdate your status and engageyour fans with commentaryand chat management.
  29. 29. Gold+Monthly email blast or textmessage marketingsetup/alerts.
  30. 30. PlatinumThis is truly the set it and forget itplan. We’ll setup yourFacebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.As well as setup your welcome pageand UPGRADED design your socialmedia branding and new monthlyFacebook banner designs. Includesviral customer promotions andsweepstakes management. We’llupdate your status and engage yourfans with commentary and chatmanagement. Includes email and textmarketing. In addition we’ll take careof building profitable relationships onother relevant pages to increasebrand awareness.
  31. 31. Get Social Price Chart 2012-2013 Branding Budget Popular Value Luxury Premium Monthly Maintenance Fee Only $34.99 $129 $279 $479 $699Facebook setup w/custom tall banner design Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yesincluded No SetupTwitter setup w/ custom wallpaper banner designs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yesincluded No SetupYouTube setup w/ custom wallpaper banner design Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yesincluded No SetupDaily Reputation and Spam Management E-Alert No No Yes Yes Yes YesNotificationReview Facebook Analytics and Report No No Yes Yes Yes YesDaily Facebook & Twitter / Chat Mgmt/ Content No (1) update per No chat Yes Yes YesCreation day, you mgmt provide content. No chat mgmtFan Promotion/Sweepstakes Mgmt No No Add-on Add-on Add-on YesIntro email blast No No No No Yes YesOpt-in Text Message Marketing No No No Add-on Add-on YesElevation Strategic Posting No No No No Add-on YesOne-time fee TO GET STARTED includes (3) Social $395 $545 $545 $545 $545 $545Media Banners PLUS 14-Day Social Media Trial
  32. 32. A word about our pricing.Frankly, we’d love to useone-size-fits-all pricing,inspite of our variety ofplans. So instead, we have ateam of advisors to assessthe ease or difficulty ofcorrecting your specificissue. The assessment istotally free, so we encourageyou to call and chat withthem now.Call 678-837-6718 to getyour questions answered orsend email