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Final Exam study Point tri a

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Physics a study guide

  1. 1. Best to study from you Chapter ReviewWorksheets but here are some tips……
  2. 2. This Study Guide has some hints to study foryour final exam. It does not have everything tostudy. You should use your notes and ChapterReview Worksheets to also study from. It wouldalso be helpful to review notes and PowerPointsposted in the Netvibes Start Page.Link:
  3. 3.  Key Terms: Scientific method, Fact, Law, hypothesis, principles, the ory. Steps to the Scientific Method Scientific Attitudes What does it mean to say that if a hypothesis is scientific, then there must be an means of proving it wrong? How does science an technology differ?
  4. 4.  Key Terms: Force, net force, vector, vector quantity, scalar quantity, mechanical equilibrium, equilibrium rule, support force, resultant Difference between force and net force Net force on an object of rest How does vector quantity differ for scalar quantity?
  5. 5.  What is needed to describe vector quantity? Vector is a quantity that has? What is the net force of an object? What is the tension of a strand? The speed of an object
  6. 6.  Key Terms: friction, inertia, Newton’s first Law, Law of inertia, kilograms, mass, weight, Newton Friction is a force that…… What does the law of inertia state? Gravity on an object…. Compare the weight on earth and figure out the mass of an object.
  7. 7.  Key Terms: Relative, Speed, Velocity, Instantaneous speed, average speed, velocity, acceleration, free fall, elapsed time Units of speed Average acceleration Objects falls at…. Terminal velocity Acceleration is produced by.. Acceleration is defined as Average speed is defined as Velocity and speed are the different? If so how?
  8. 8.  Key Terms: Components, projectile, resolution Vector Quantity is….. What is free fall? Unit of speed Define acceleration Horizontal component of a projectiles velocity Acceleration are produced by
  9. 9.  Key Terms inversely, Newton’s second law, air resistance, free body diagram, pressure, pascal, terminal speed, terminal velocity When an object reaches terminal velocity its acceleration is? Define Pressure
  10. 10.  Key Terms: interaction, Newton’s third law, Action force, reaction force Exerting a force on another object~ What happens Reaction to forces Newton’s Third law Forces always occur…..
  11. 11.  Key Terms : Momentum, impulse, Law of conservation of momentum, elastic collision, inelastic collision How does conservation of momentum apply to collisions? Momentum Vectors
  12. 12.  Study formula and math problems from worksheets. You will be able to use a formula sheet Know SI units