Drive More Revenue From Your Social Strategy


Published on, Get Satisfaction’s Azita Martin and Josh Morris explain how organic, customer-generated praise is the new content marketing. Social media is a great channel to capture this praise, but even the most trafficked social mentions have short shelf lives and aren’t discoverable by search engines.

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  • Thanks Anthony and thanks everyone for joining us. Our webcast today as Anthony mentioned is about second generation of Social and helping you understand how to drive more revenue from your social strategy.
  • Before we talk about the second generation of social, let’s define what the first generation of social was all about.We all know the impact that social media has had on businesses and it’s important to understand that social was really driven by the consumers as they first connected with each other on social networks to share content with friends and family..But social media gave consumers the amazing power to talk about brands and their products and that is when companies decided it was time to be part of the social conversation.In the first generation of social, companies started to build their FB fan page, got a twitter handle and started to build fans and followers……
  • And then Companies started to apply digital advertising to social media with contests, FB Ads and promoted tweets.Gartner estimates companies will spend more than $17 billion on social activities in 2012.and of that $8.8 B is what brands will spent on social advertising.
  • A recent consumer research by the Incyte Group, surveyed over 2000 social savvy consumers and revealed a Gap between how consumers want to engage with companies on social networks and how companies are using social
  • The research revealed that:- 81% of consumers surveyed, said they use company websiteto research product- 50% would be interested in joining a brand’s customer community to tallk to other consumers who are already using those productsAnd 58% have joined a community based on a friend’s post on FBThis shows a high level of interest in company websites that are made more social by adding customer community
  • In the past companies have had an inside-out approach to marketing by having full control of their brand and messaging using Advertsement, collateral, digitals ads, and loyalty programs and taking care of customer service issues was only the support organizations’ responsibility.But Social media has completely turned that upside down.
  • Social media has enabled consumers to connect to each other and talk about anything, including your company’s brand, products and services. What consumers care about is that companies engage with them throughout the interaction life cycle, about the issues that matter to them at that particular time. Consumers are being exceedingly turned off by companies who are constantly advertising to them, without insight into what they really want.
  • The first wave of social gave rise to companies like Radian 6 and Hootsuite to help companies listen to these social media conversationsand social marketing companies like Buddy Media, Wildfire, helped companies Advertise on FB and develop contests and engagement games.But reality is that these tactics were yet again another way to just broadcast and sell to consumers. They did not help companies:Build the customer relationshipFacilitate conversation across the lifecycleCollect and re-use valuable social content.
  • Second generation of social is all about building transparency and authentic engagementA branded customer community like Get Sat, helps you do that by providing a venue that connects prospects and customers to each other to talk about your companies products and services.A branded customer community connects your prospects to your customers and if you build true engagement with your customers, it means that once they buy your products they can easily get answers from other customers or employees of your company, when they have questions about how to set-up your product, get resolution when they have a customer service issue and build a strong relationship with your company to ultimately become brand advocates.So let’s see how a customer community can turn customer conversations into relevant word of mouth marketing content that drives revenue for your company.
  • A community is a destination for long-lasting content and relationships. With get Satisfaction customer community you can bring social conversations from Twitter and FB into your community andAnd make those conversations ever green by increasing their shelf life from hrs to months and yearsAnd These topics in the Get Satisfcation community generate more activity over time and become available to other customers who may have the same ideas or questions. The conversations become part of your social knowledge base and become valuable to other customers that have similar questions.ClickThese conversation once brought into the community can also be used for word-of-mouth marketing content by connecting your prospects to your customers or placing them on your website or ecommerce site.
  • SecondlyCommunities are highly indexed by search engines, so customers can find information by simply searching on Google and Bing.In fact me have numerous examples of customers who’s community have a higher SEO ranking than their website, because of the relevant content about their products.Se here for example… You see a question being asked “How can my baby model for Pampers” and the Pampers customer community ranks no 1 in the SEO.
  • A key differentiation of the GS Community is that you can bring relevant customer generated conversations about specific products and services and place them strategically on your websiteFor example you can place selected topics like “Praise” or “Questions” about a specific product, right next to that product on your website, so prospects who have questions can ask that questions right from your ecommerce site and get answers from other customers who are already using your product. This improves shopping cart conversion by giving prospects the answer they need to make a purchase decision without leaving your website.
  • So let me summarize how a customer community like Get Satisfaction can help you leverage customer generated content as word of mouth marketing content.1. It enables you to bring social content from social networks into the community to increase their shelf life and make them available to other customers and prospects2, Communities are highly discoverable by search engines, so content can be found through organic search and increases your website SEOIt enables you to bring relevant customer generated content about specific products and services and place them strategically on your website4. It can brought into your internal systems and processes, like your ticketing systento ensure that they integrate with your external facing experiences and loop into your employees routines.
  • So now you understand how you can take customer conversations and leverage them as rich marketing content. Another important aspects is gaining the insight into your customers and what motivates them. Using Get Satisfactions robust analytics you can…And this information can help you identify what products your customers and prospects are mostly talking about and based on topic types, identify prospects that are evaluating your products and route those leads to your sales people.
  • Drive More Revenue From Your Social Strategy

    1. 1. Driving Revenue from Social The Second Generation of Social is Here Twitter: #SMEngageAzita MartinVP Marketing@AzitaMartinJosh MorrisSolution Engineer@JoshfromMaine
    2. 2. First Generation of Social  Consumers sharing and interacting  Companies figuring out transparency  Service folks tweeting  Marketers building audiences on Facebook  Agencies creating campaigns  Companies “broadcasting” #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 2
    3. 3. So What are the Returns? Facebook Apps Facebook Ads Gamification Have Companies/Brands turned Social into another Ad Channel? 1Gartner, “Gartner Says Worldwide Social Media Revenue Forecast to Reach $16.9 Billion in 2012”, 7/25/2012, #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 3
    4. 4. Consumer ResearchShows Another Path#SMEngage @getsatisfaction 4
    5. 5. Customers Have Different Expectations Websites, not social Consumers show a Social Media is networks, are the primary strong preference for the door into place consumers go “Branded Customer Brand’s Customer to make purchase decisions Communities” Community 81 % 50 % 58 % of consumers use of participants show a company website of consumers have joined preference for relevant an internet community to research products content vetted by other based on a friend’s consumers Facebook post #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 5
    6. 6. What’s the Second Generation of Social? Build Authentic Engagement with Customers and Prospects Throughout the Customer Life-Cycle #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 6
    7. 7. Managing Your Brand Potential Discover Customers Advocate Evaluate Loyalty The Promotions Programs Brand Bond Buy Existing Customers Experience #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 7
    8. 8. Conversations Accelerate the Lifecycle Potential Discover Customers Advocate Evaluate Loyalty The Promotions Programs Brand Bond Buy Existing Customers Experience #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 8
    9. 9. Social Media Management Tools Can Help But, they don’t help you: Potential • Build the customer relationship Customers Discover • Facilitate conversation across the lifecycle • Collect and re-use valuable social content. Advocate Evaluate Loyalty The Promotions Programs Brand Bond Buy Existing Customers Experience #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 9
    10. 10. Customer Community Builds Engagement Potential Discover Customers Advocate Evaluate Loyalty The Promotions Programs Brand Bond Buy Existing Customers Experience #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 10
    11. 11. Social Content has a Short Shelf-Life Comments per Quarter-Hour 70 60 50 40 30 20 Customer Communities 10 0 0.25 1.25 2.25 3.25 4.25 Hours Since Post Deliver engagement and revenue Cumulative Comments cultivating persistent, discoverable & relevant 140 130 conversations 120 110 100 90 80 70 0.25 1.25 2.25 3.25 4.25 #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 11
    12. 12. Making Fleeting Social Interactions Persistent Time period: 2 hours Time period: 7 hours Activity Time period: 11+ months #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 12
    13. 13. Community Makes Social Content Discoverable of the most persistent conversations by leveraging organic search Optimized URL Structure Social Sharing Community Activity #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 13
    14. 14. Relevant Content Drives Conversion by prioritizing and surfacing contextually-appropriate community topics #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 14
    15. 15. How Communities Work Organic Search Company Website Social Networks & ProductConsumer-facingexperiences Customer Communities Internal Social Media processes Management CRM / Marketing Community Moderation Your Employees #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 15
    16. 16. Drive Revenue With Insight Into Your CommunityMonetize community data• Pinpoint product interest by curating by topic type• Gauge community sentiment to activate brand advocates• Identify most active users and champions creating content to reuse as rich marketing content• Use search analytics to get insight into what customers and prospects are looking for #SMEngage @getsatisfaction
    17. 17. Second Generation = Engagement Potential Discover Customers Engagement = (Content + People) x Participation powered by persistent, relevant, discoverable content Advocate Evaluate Relevant Answers BondAccelerated Revenues Buy Existing Customers Experience #SMEngage @getsatisfaction 17
    18. 18. Demo Josh MorrisSolution Engineer@JoshfromMaine
    19. 19. Q&A#SMEngage @getsatisfaction 19
    20. 20. The Second Generation of Social is Here Contact us! Call (877) 339-3997 or visit us online