5 Key Skills For Successful Community Management

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http://bit.ly/1clmLDG, Successful community manager wear many hats and need a wide variety of skills and talents. Join this session to learn the top 5 skills that will ensure your community's success! …

http://bit.ly/1clmLDG, Successful community manager wear many hats and need a wide variety of skills and talents. Join this session to learn the top 5 skills that will ensure your community's success!

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  • 1. Managing Successful Communities:5 Key Skills Caty KobeSr. Community Manager@catykobe#GetSuccess
  • 2. @getsatisfaction  2 #GetSuccess  @catykobe@catykobeSenior ManagerCommunity,Support, & EducationContentDeveloperSupportTeam LeaderActiveCommunityManager15 Years ofCustomer ServiceExperienceExpert in SocialEngagementProduct TrainingSpecialist
  • 3. @getsatisfaction  3 #GetSuccess  @catykobe! The skills we likely already have! The skills we need to develop! Short group discussion/ Q&AWhat we’re going to talk about today:Why talk about these things?! To improve effectiveness in our current roles! To plan & prep for more senior community roles! To advance our industry
  • 4. @getsatisfaction  4 #GetSuccess  @catykobeThe skills we already haveThe skills we already have!
  • 5. @getsatisfaction  5 #GetSuccess  @catykobe! Have an endless supply ofpatience! Are empathetic to a fault! Have common sense! Are effectivecommunicators! Have user-centric attitudes! Are polymathsFor the most part, we already…
  • 6. @getsatisfaction  6 #GetSuccess  @catykobeTo amp up our game, we must be…
  • 7. @getsatisfaction  7 #GetSuccess  @catykobe! Develop thick skinagainst personal attacksand complaints! Do not makeassumptions about auser’s intelligence levelbased on their typing skills! We must be fair whenmoderating and cannotplay favoritesEmotionally Intelligent
  • 8. @getsatisfaction  8 #GetSuccess  @catykobeAdept at Crisis Management! Have a plan in place forwhen negativity strikes! Keep users calm &informed during outages! Manage angry sentimentwithout censorshipNegativity PlanNegativity Plan
  • 9. @getsatisfaction  9 #GetSuccess  @catykobeWe should be the center Corgi…Ready for anything (with a backup plan)!
  • 10. @getsatisfaction  10 #GetSuccess  @catykobe! Understand whichmetrics are mostvaluable! Recognize patternsand tell stories withthe data! Make bettercommunitydecisions byeliminating theguessworkData Savvy
  • 11. @getsatisfaction  11 #GetSuccess  @catykobeTie community data in to your overall business goalsData Savvy2013 Business Goals1.  Improve customersatisfaction2.  Improvecommunicationwith customers3.  Reduce costsassociated to errormessages
  • 12. @getsatisfaction  12 #GetSuccess  @catykobe! Effectively manage strongpersonalities! Balance your prioritieswith your coworker’spriorities! Choose your battleswisely! Use data to preventcrying wolfCross-Functional
  • 13. @getsatisfaction  13 #GetSuccess  @catykobePlanning For The Future
  • 14. @getsatisfaction  14 #GetSuccess  @catykobePlanning For The Future! As long as you have customers you will need a community! Where will your community be in 5 years?! Evangelize community within your company! Work to advance your career & community management
  • 15. @getsatisfaction  15 #GetSuccess  @catykobeLet’s keep talking!Or ask your own questions:getsatisfaction.com/getsatisfactionUse the category tags:! #GetSuccess! Community ManagementWhat skills do you think aremost important? Tell me here:https://gsfn.us/t/3za40
  • 16. @getsatisfaction  16 #GetSuccess  @catykobeResources For You:! Get Satisfaction Community–  Visit: getsatisfaction.com/getsatisfaction–  Ask & answer questions underthe category: “Community Management”! Get Satisfaction Training Center–  Visit: getsatisfaction.com/corp/education–  Best practice articles–  Widgets with community content! Community Management Certification–  Course synopsis & registration:getsatisfaction.com/corp/education/community-management-certification! Community Strategist Certification–  Launching July 2013!
  • 17. @getsatisfaction  17 #GetSuccess  @catykobePhoto CreditsSlide 4: http://chzb.gr/YzpnWzSlide 5: http://bit.ly/XLscaWSlide 6: http://bit.ly/10oOquOSlide 8: http://bit.ly/15VYOT0Slide 9: http://bit.ly/130dgqbSlide 10: http://bit.ly/18aZcfUSlide 12: http://bit.ly/10T9wJeSlide 13/14: http://bit.ly/14R9ySV