Sought after summer destinations


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This summer beat the soaring heat in these beautiful hill stations of India.

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Sought after summer destinations

  1. 1. Sought After Summer DestinationsIndia, a country with divine presence has a perfect amalgamation of all the seasons. But thesummer season in India is considered more dominant as compared to the other seasons. As themercury starts soaring, people starts planning how to spend their summer holidays and escapefrom the unbearable heat. With a few days left for the excessive summer heat, get set toexplore some of the beautiful summer destinations in India.
  2. 2. Srinagar Hill StationsCradled in the Himalayas under the blue skies against the picturesque background of snowcovered mountains, Srinagar is a magical land of placid lakes, silvery streams, beautiful gardens,scenic locations, and pine, deodar and chinar forests. This scenic valley is visited by largenumber of tourists during the summers. It portrays a collection of beautiful images whichallures the tourists a lot. The scintillating Dal Lake set in a mesmerizing location offerswonderful delights to the travelers. Be it the beautiful houseboats, shikaras, or the floatingmarkets amidst the lotus flowers, it is a treat to the discerning travelers.
  3. 3. Coorg Hill StationsMisty mountains, verdant hills, coffee estates, and pleasant climate will greet you in thebeautiful hill station of Tamil Nadu. Nestled in the foothills of Brahmigiri, the misty vale ofCoorg is a perfect getaway for summer holidays. The beautiful aroma of oranges, coffee andhoney casts magical spells on the visitors. For an adrenaline rush, you can enjoy the whitewater rafting and trekking in the wilderness of the hills. A wild safari the nearby NagarholeNational Park allows the visitors to enjoy the wildlife or you can simply stroll around theplantations enjoying the scenic beauties the place offers. With an array of options available inthis small but beautiful hill station, it is an enjoyable place.
  4. 4. Gangtok Hill StationsA summer destination par excellence, Gangtok is a beautiful hill station in the north-easternpart of India. Beautifully perched in the Himalayas ranges, this capital city of Sikkim offersspectacular view of the Kanchenjunga. It is a sight to behold during the bright summer days.Eye-catching view of the lofty hills, meandering roads, enchanting landscapes, beautifulvegetations and the cool breeze offers an experience which is hard to replicate anywhere else.The popularity of this summer getaway of Gangtok has crossed boundaries and the hordes oftourists visiting this hill station from different regions of the globe are the testimony of itspopularity.
  5. 5. Ooty Hill StationsThis enchanting hill station settled in the Nilgiri ranges in the southern state of Tamil Naduoffers a perfect respite from the heat and haze of the plains. The slopping hills flanked byverdant greenery and pleasant climate during the summer allures the tourists to visit the hillstation. Lush green forests, lofty mountains, tea plantations and exotic wildlife entice thevisitors a lot. A nature walk in the beautiful trails offers a rejuvenating experience. Enjoy thedifferent flavors of this enchanting hill station.
  6. 6. Manali Hill StationsThis hill station in the northern part of India has always been a hot favorite summer destinationin India. Perched on the banks of Beas River, Manali provides a soothing atmosphere to thetourists away from the summer heat and hustle and bustle of city life. Wonderland for thetrekking enthusiasts, it provides enchanting seascapes, various Buddhist monasteries, shrines,scenic beauties and rustic life of the locales.This summer beat the soaring heat in these beautiful hill stations of India.
  7. 7. The Indian subcontinent has various destinations which are very popular among the travelers inan India trip. With a variety of tour packages, the Indian travel agents make the toursmemorable for the tourists.