Three Things to Consider in Your Global Collaboration Strategy


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Three Things to Consider in Your Global Collaboration Strategy

  1. 1. Three Things to Consider in Your Enterprise Collaboration Strategy Page 1 of 4 about us | research resources | contact us | advertise here   Newsletter Twitter   RSS Feed   Latest News Software Directory Upcoming Events Software Reviews Jobs Search HOT TOPICS: Web CMS Enterprise CMS Document Management Web Engagement Digital Asset Management Web Publishing Enterprise 2.0   STAY UP TO DATE Three Things to Consider in Your Enterprise Collaboration Strategy By RICH BLANK  | Published Aug 5, 2010 Many organizations are planning or are already in the middle of deploying collaboration technology to their global organization. Before you go much further, ask yourself if you've identified these three elements of your collaboration strategy. Perhaps you have invested in a single vendor eco-system like MS SharePoint for collaboration SUBSCRIBE TO OUR RSS and information management. Like most organizations, you are looking for ways to reduce FEED costs, create efficiencies, consolidate multiple repositories of information, innovate, connect people globally, change corporate culture and simplify the end user experience. However, your executive leadership is not sure if your organization is optimizing the use of this technology and maximizing the return on your investment. If that’s you and your organization, it’s not too late to take a step back and review your strategic objectives and approach. JUST COMMENTED ON A solid collaboration strategy encompasses 3 Enterprise risk software Tools for Understanding key things: Identify Manage & Mitigate Risk Now Learn and Ensuring Records How. Download Free Info Sheet Management Best Practices (3 comments) SharePoint 2010 DM 1. Define the Business Context Full function document management on When Web Content Management Systems Go Defining collaboration as synchronous or SharePoint 2010 - MacroView DMF Social asynchronous is not enough. Making a (2 comments) Enterprise Risk Mgmt. decision to invest in SharePoint or Oracle or Effective ERM Solutions provide advantages. Survey: Most Popular Open See our white paper. Source CMS IBM is not enough. Build it and they will (13 comments) come is not enough. Simple Project Management 5 Tips on Effectively Yes. It's easy. Free Trial! Nothing to install. Planning for SharePoint Typically the best approach to deploying any 2010 Migration collaboration technology is having a focused (2 comments) business context in mind. Multi-purpose WEM: Using Online Video Advertise with us! collaboration platforms offer many features and capabilities. Part of a solid strategy is having to Promote Web Engagement in eCommerce a focused business context around social networking, team spaces, communities of practice, (2 comments) crowd sourcing, project management, knowledge management, business process STAY INFORMED Are Open Source management, etc… Applications Really Less Add Our RSS Feed Secure? You need to demonstrate real business value and evangelize that throughout your (4 comments) Follow Us On Twitter organization to further drive adoption and create a perception of collaboration technology as SharePoint 2010: Using Get Email Updates a productivity tool. Taxonomy & Metadata to Improve Navigation & Browsing Identifying and applying the technology in a specific business context will help stakeholders (3 comments) and decision makers see how this thing called collaboration can alleviate business pain points, surface information and impact employee engagement and morale. TOP ARTICLES Installing SharePoint 2010 IT Project on Windows 7 9 comments 2. Identify the Degree of Openness Management Keep Projects on What is SharePoint 2010? Further expanding on the concept of collaboration in "context" is to identify the degree of Time & on Budget Vision and Reality openness. Is the collaboration external, internal, global or regional, or line of business using PPM. Free 7 comments White Paper. focused (depending on how your organization is structured)? Security and user access also Overview: SharePoint 2010 come to mind here as it’s easy to create a mess of information within these eco-systems Metadata and Taxonomy Management combining confidential information with more public content. 8 comments Identifying the degree of openness also includes defining your audience, the type of Perspectives: What the JUST PUBLISHED Adobe + Day Software information you plan to collaborate on, and the overall scope of the collaboration. This will Deal Means, Part 1 help focus your efforts, deployment, or investigation of collaboration technology as these Organize and Manage Your Data with Index Engines MS Project 2010: Goodbye platforms all offer several components from social computing to team sites to portals and Portfolio Server, Hello Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: workflows. Google Kills Wave, SharePoint 8 comments Collaboration Ain't Easy When you step back and understand the degree of openness, you may also realize that 3rd Web CMS: Adobe Buys Day SMB Tech Roll-up: SAP party solutions for administration or security just might be a mandatory requirement to Upgrades Business Software for US$ 240 protect intellectual property and sensitive information. 8/5/2010
  2. 2. Three Things to Consider in Your Enterprise Collaboration Strategy Page 2 of 4   Million ByDesign, Start-up Builds 4 comments Mobile Apps for SMBs Collaborative Culture, or 3. Establish Goals and Objectives Three Things to Consider in the Real Enterprise 2.0 Your Enterprise Project management 101 includes determining what success will look like for your Collaboration Strategy organization. Often times when planning projects, goals and objectives tend be high level Magnolia Web CMS and don’t really provide a concrete definition of success. Setting the right goals and Blossoms in Spring objectives will ensure stakeholders, decision makers and users are on the same page when determining if the collaboration strategy is a success. RESOURCES What specific results should users and executives expect to see? CMS Consultant • Will this solution reduce costs? CMS Reviews • Provide a competitive advantage? Document Management • Do your objectives simply focus on just improving collaboration within project Software management? CMS Market Share • External collaboration with business partners or clients? SharePoint Review Sitecore Consultant • Improving employee engagement & morale? Document Management • Is it to improve the search-ability of information and documents? Software • Enabling compliance? Squarespace Review • Executive dashboards? • All of the above? No matter how you’ve defined your collaboration strategic goals, there is ONE objective you IT Project Management MUST have as part of your overall strategy: Develop a standard information Keep Projects on architecture and governance of the collaboration platform. Collaboration is generally Time & on Budget using PPM. Free unstructured (compared to traditional and more structured taxonomies of document or White Paper. knowledge management) and information architecture and governance are a must for any successful collaboration strategy and deployment. Collaboration is About People First As a concept, collaboration goes beyond the simple sharing of documents in a team site or a creating a wiki. It can be all encompassing from team spaces, email, web meetings, IM to communities, web 2.0 and more. At the end of the day, collaboration is really a broad spectrum of content creation, sharing and information management. Multiple technologies from multiple vendors have been used to address this broad spectrum with email being THE main tool Executives and knowledge workers rely on day-to-day (mostly because of convenience, availability and Blackberries). Collaboration is about people and allowing them to work when and where they want without being constrained by schedules, time zones or geography. Perhaps your organization has invested in multiple tools (from multiple vendors) to address your collaboration needs: You are using SharePoint for project/document management along-side Websphere Portals, Lotus Notes, Lotus Connections/Quickr, or Documentum eRoom. In the absence of a solid strategy, the risk of failure or creating a poor first impression of collaboration technology becomes even greater which result in workers continuing to rely on email as comfort food. Editor's Note: Also read, Collaboration – If it Were That Easy We Would all Do It – Well Is It Time to Step Back? The bottom line is this “buzzword” called collaboration has shown up on CIO radar screens as a “Must-Do”. Over the last few years we have seen vendors like Microsoft, IBM and Oracle all begin to offer a single "uber" eco-system to manage all of your collaborative needs, artifacts and related information. As organizations have rushed to implement these all encompassing technologies from a single vendor, they proceeded without a holistic collaboration strategy, believed that somehow platforms like SharePoint would magically improve the current state, or simply failed to leverage all the collaboration capabilities with the right strategy, approach and governance. Throwing technology at the problem just resulted in another repository, another place to store documents, another place to create a discussion and another mess in which they search for information when collaborating. In spite of an expectation for a high ROI and a Google or Facebook-like experience throughout the global organization, users remain confused, continue to be overloaded with 8/5/2010
  3. 3. Three Things to Consider in Your Enterprise Collaboration Strategy Page 3 of 4 information, are limited in their collaborative capabilities, and still use email as the primary collaboration tool. If this sounds like your organization, then step back and look at your strategy.  Editor's Note: Also read, Enterprise Collaboration: It's About the Culture, Stupid Like One person likes this. About the Author Rich Blank is a management consultant with NouvEON based in Charlotte, NC. His passion is simply changing the way people work through technology and he thrives on the impact it has on organizational culture. His experience includes social networking, collaboration, and knowledge management as well as surfacing analytics and optimizing project, process and information management. He has been invited as a guest speaker to SharePoint User Groups, the 2010 SharePoint Summit Conference, and previous IT & Business Alignment Conferences. Rich has also published articles on social media, collaboration, and knowledge management in the Greater Charlotte Biz Journal and has been a “featured blogger” on and “member of the week” within E2.0 Community. You can follow his tweets @sharepointpmp or find more insights on his blog   Read More About: communities, enterprise 2.0, enterprise collaboration, intranet, portal, rich blank, social computing   Was this article useful? SharePoint Within Outlook Share Drag & Drop Emails & Attachments Try Award  Email It 7 Winning Software Free tweets  Buzz it web content management tools    retweet You can acquire more customers on Web now  Tag It with Sitecore OMS. Learnhow  Stumble It Visa® Business Network Move Your Business Forward With The Visa Add RSS Business Network. Join Now Best Enterprise WCM? 190 Criteria Reviewed Independently Free Download, Forrester WCM Report   Be the First to Comment Name: Email: Website: Your Thoughts:   Remember me? Yes No Submit Comment Related Enterprise 2.0 Articles • What is SharePoint 2010? Vision and Reality • SharePoint 2010, A Business Collaboration Platform • MS Project 2010: Goodbye Portfolio Server, Hello SharePoint • Collaborative Culture, or the Real Enterprise 2.0   • The Top 25 Most Influential Bloggers in Technical Communications Job Openings  View all | Post a job | RSS Featured Events  View all | Add event | RSS • Web Developer/Java at TRUSTe • Aug 5, 2010 – Webinar: How Combining Enterprise CMS and BPM Boosts IT Efficiency • Marketing Strategist at Laserfiche • Sep 19, 2010 – Oracle OpenWorld 2010 8/5/2010
  4. 4. Three Things to Consider in Your Enterprise Collaboration Strategy Page 4 of 4 • Consumer Goods and Services Research Analyst • Oct 7, 2010 – HartmanEVENT 2010 - Social at Primary Global Research Media & Mobile Usability • UI Flex Architect at SPR Companies • Localization Copy Editor at Nexon • Content Manager at Expedia • Director, Business Growth & Innovation at American Express • Project Director, Web & Mobile at Blizzard Entertainment A New Citi Simple Project Management Free Report - Best WCM Citi continues its transformation. Yes. It's easy. Free Trial! Nothing to Top Web Content Management Learn more. install. Vendors Download Free 2009 Forrester Report     ABOUT US MOST POPULAR ARTICLES JUST COMMENTED ON CMSWire is a niche tech publication from Installing SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 Tools for Understanding and Ensuring Simpler Media Group. We talk to a specific 9 comments Records Management Best Practices audience of web practitioners, information (3 comments) What is SharePoint 2010? Vision and Reality managers and online marketers. Read more 7 comments When Web Content Management Systems Go about us or learn how to advertise here. Social Overview: SharePoint 2010 Metadata and (2 comments) Taxonomy Management 8 comments Survey: Most Popular Open Source CMS STAY IN THE LOOP (13 comments) Perspectives: What the Adobe + Day Subscribe to RSS Feed Software Deal Means, Part 1 5 Tips on Effectively Planning for SharePoint 2010 Migration Follow Via Twitter MS Project 2010: Goodbye Portfolio Server, (2 comments) Hello SharePoint Join Our Newsletter 8 comments WEM: Using Online Video to Promote Web (email address) Subscribe Engagement in eCommerce Web CMS: Adobe Buys Day Software for US$ (2 comments) 240 Million 4 comments Are Open Source Applications Really Less Secure? Collaborative Culture, or the Real Enterprise (4 comments) 2.0 Co pyri ght © 20 03- 2010 Si mpl er Me dia G ro up, I nc. Al l ri ghts reserv ed. P riv acy Po l i cy. Terms of Use . v2. 04. 33. 30 7 [ X] 8/5/2010