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Our All In One Marketing system is great for small to medium businesses. 2 simple steps - 1. Build a list and 2. Market to the list.

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  • Transition: section at a time So why do we care about this? Well, for the business owners that youre working with it will be incredibly simple Business owners don't have time to learn multiple complex software, multiple services – They don’t have the time to learn a text message service, or an email service, or a voice broadcast service – all while updating their facebook and twitter status. So we’ve made it simple - we combined 5 of the most popular communication channels all onto 1 easy to use dashboard. Next, by leveraging all these channels it better enables you reach 100% of your contacts. For example – for me– I prefer email – I like to keep things oraganised.. Etc But it may not be the same for your customer– They may be inundated with emails. And a mobile text may be the best way to connect them. By using multi channel marketing – you now give customers a choice for how they want to be communicated by you. And by sending them messages through their preferred channel, they’re more likely to open, read, retain, and respond your message. And lastly, everything's in one place. So your database isn't scattered across different services and software, it’s all under 1 roof. And it saves you money,-- because you’re not paying multiple bills, you only have one bill and much of the time its for the same price that you would pay for just a single service.
  • Jan 22 , feb 92, march 150 First, it’s so easy and it is SO versatile- It doesn't matter that the clients that you’re working with are SMB, enterprise, nonprofit – All of them can use this software to upgrade their marketing and communication. So with a wider target market, you have more opportunities to close business and meet your quote. As a matter of fact – on the east coast, I’ve heard they call the toolkit “the one call quota hammer”. Next, Deliver tangible results – Unlike other products– we’re not just helping improve efficiency- (we don’t route phone calls, or make forms, do payments– that stuff is BORING. Wee make better marketing. Better marketing = more sales, more sales = more business. And with justified ROI, they’ll be purchasing more from us, more often. Lastly– This is exciting technology. When you sell this product, you’ll be working with marketing directors, VPs of marketing, business owners, CEOs, to launch this new and innovative marketing campaigns– It’s really fun stuff.
  • Great! So Let’s get into logistics— Here’s the pricing for MTK— Best of all – it starts at just $50. Such a low entry point, and every package/plan comes with everything the MTK has to offer- - no setup fees, no contracts, month to month. Very low barrier to entry So for just 50, your client can experience multi channel marketing – Things to take note is that we provide Roll-over text credits – similar to a cell phone plan, whatever credits you don’t use – you get to keep. Each plan will come with a certain amount of text message credits, mobile keywords, and an email database limit. Every email, every IM, every social post will be free– If you run into a client who already is doing email marketing, which btw is the PERFECT prospect– they’ll be very familiar and pleased with our pricing structure – Same thing goes for mobile text – the pricing structure is o -------------------------- This is pricing structure – but one last thing to note is that we’re introducing even HIGHER plans – we’re literally outgrowing our pricing structure.
  • All In One Marketing Overview

    1. 1. All In OneMarketing Multiple Channels Of Communication
    2. 2. Contents1 Why All In One Marketing ?2 How It Works3 Features4 Pricing Info 2
    3. 3. Do Any Of These Apply To Your Business ?Struggling To Compete ? Need more clients ? Need more repeat business ?Marketing Producing Poor ROI ? Old Style Marketing not working ? Internet not generating desired business ? Need a cost-effective marketing strategy ?Constraints Do you lack resources & expertise ? Do you have a limited budget ? Struggling to keep up with change ? 3
    4. 4. All In One MarketingWe offer a way to communicate simply and effectively with existing customers and prospects using ALL the latest channels of communication. This isn’t about scrapping yourexisting marketing plan. Rather supplementing it, making itmore effective and getting you a much better ROI.
    5. 5. How All In One Marketing Works It’s simple and comprises of just 2 Steps : Step 1 - Build A List Step 2 - Market To The List COLLECT - contacts easily All From One SEND - promotional messagesSingle Integrated Dashboard ENGAGE - customers interactively ANALYZE - campaign 5
    6. 6. Why A List ?FACT - Most small to medium businesses do not have a list or are notmarketing effectively to their list.If your business has a list and a simple effective way to communicate to itthen you can generate more revenues & profit by : Keeping your clients/prospects updated about new promotions & events etc.. Sending them irresistible offers in real-time Interacting and developing relationships Getting valuable feedback & insights Sending them reminders At the end of the day this is all about getting more repeat business –It costs 6 to 7 times less to get an existing customer to buy from you than it does to get a new customer to buy from you
    7. 7. One Interface For ALL Your MarketingWe provide a simple graphical interfaceso you can quickly and easily : Manage all your contacts No longer rely just on email. Insteadmessage your contacts using theirpreferred channels of communicationi.e. SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter,MSN and AOL instant messenger Send out reminders using the built-inappointment reminder Orchestrate and analyze the successof your campaigns AND we do everything for you forthe first 3 months
    8. 8. Any Effective Marketing System In 2012 Must Include SMS• How are you staying in touch with your clients - are you reaching out to them via their mobile devices with SMS ?.• The International Journal of Marketing reported the response rate of mobile marketing campaigns was 31% on average whilst printed advertising was 0.55%.• Are you interested in getting a better return on investment from your traditional marketing methods such as print advertising ? (using SMS call to actions will help).• Are you currently running marketing campaigns which include discounts and coupons ? (SMS is perfect for this). The success of your business is not just determined by your products/services but also by your access to your customers
    9. 9. Introduction To SMS (Short Messaging System)• A system that enables cell phones to send and receive text messages (maximum of 160 characters)• “Real Time” advertising & communication• Allows collection of mobile numbers via customer opt-in using keywords sent to a “short code” - 60607• Customer numbers are added to your messaging database• Your business can promote its messages to customers, turning them into repeat customers• Messages shared virally lead to increased customers See How Simple It Is To Subscribe – Text allinone to 60607 now
    10. 10. SMS Redemption Rates
    11. 11. People Love Their Texts !• It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email. It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. (Source:• There are 2.5 times as many texting users than e-mail worldwide• 98% of users have SMS enabled phones
    12. 12. Real-Time Reactive Marketing
    13. 13. The Mobile Opportunity• Small to medium businesses are not taking advantage of the mobile revolution.• Customers are on the move and marketing needs to reflect that reality• There is significant opportunity for a business that understands this.• Communicate with customers using their preferred channel of communication. Building A List Is A Valuable Asset If You Ever Decide To Sell Your Business
    14. 14. Customers Want To Hear From YouThese Are Your Clients/Prospects Who Have Willingly Subscribed – All They Do Is Reply Stop To Unsubscribe
    15. 15. SMS Features & Benefits Remember ! - It costs 6 to 7 times less to get anexisting customer to buy from you than it does to get a new customer to buy from you
    16. 16. Mobile Marketing Is Here The International Journal of Marketing reported the responserate of mobile marketing campaigns was 31% on average whilst printed advertising came in at a measly 0.55%.
    17. 17. Step1 - Building A Subscriber List Offer the customer an SMS coupon if they subscribe (people forget physical coupons but don’t forget their phones !) Get your customers to join your VIP list to get news and offers Make them an irresistible offer if they subscribe eg Text “Branningans” to get 5% off your meal NOW People can subscribe from Facebook and sign-up Pages and embedded forms on your website. Improve the ROI on existing advertising by having a “call to action” to get more subscribers
    18. 18. Step 1 - Building A Subscriber List (continued)  Ask clients to leave a review e.g. Text Revmeal and any text to 60607 – they are subscribed and you can reply to them (as well)  Product voting – ask prospects to take part in a poll. They are automatically subscribed and you get valuable insights from the poll results
    19. 19. Short Codes Make It Simple To Subscribe See How Simple It Is To Subscribe – Text allinone to 60607 now
    20. 20. Step 2 - Multiple Marketing Options  Automated text campaigns – You can set-up messages which are sent automatically at pre- determined dates and times  Send coupons (these can have unique codes which are “checked in” so they can only be used once) and tell your subscribers about your special promotions etc.  Business Quiet ? – Send out a text broadcast with a special offer  Show your clients you care by keeping them updated with newsRemember you can also send an email/instant message/facebook & twitter update at the same time as the SMS
    21. 21. Appointment ReminderIncrease client retention through personalized & automated text reminders. Similar Appointment Reminders Can Cost In Excess of £1,000 21
    22. 22. One Simple Interface Incredibly Simple Reach all Contacts All at 1 Place• One user interface Honoring “preferred • One database for all channels channel” for each contact • One vendor. One• No need to learn Flexible – decide when price to pay. multiple products and how to send • Comprehensive messages• Simple analytics support 22
    23. 23. Mobile Keywords in Action 23
    24. 24. Why All In One Marketing ? Reach ALL Customers Single Integrated Marketing Suite Orchestrated Campaigns 24
    25. 25. Why Choose US ? Marketing Professionals• We care about our clients and want them to succeed• Clients have access to all our marketing services includingMobile & Static Website design, SEO, Social Media Deliver Tangible Results• Help drive business Forefront Of Technology• Cutting edge technology for marketing & communication 25
    26. 26. Market Leading Rates• No Long Term Contracts• Text & Email Credits Rollover –Never Lose Them• FREE managed service for first 3months – we do everything for you• Upgrade Or Downgrade Plans• Discounts on pre-paid plans• Free email credit for every SMScredit 26
    27. 27. Features: Collect ContactsFeature Description IMPORT CONTACTS: Import current customer database from a spreadsheet file. MOBILE KEYWORDS: Utilize mobile keywords or shortcodes to encourage customers to opt-in to your list. ONLINE SIGN-UP PAGES: Collect mobile numbers, IM screen names, emails, or ALL of them. Or use an embedded sign-up form in an existing web page. FACEBOOK WIDGET: Facebook users can subscribe from within Facebook. 27
    28. 28. Features: Send MessagesFeature Description MOBILE TEXT: Use SMS to send marketing messages to your list. EMAIL MARKETING: Use pre-designed e-mail templates for e-mail marketing campaigns. VOICE BROADCAST: Combine the personal touch of a human voice to your messaging campaign (Available Soon) INSTANT MESSAGE: Instantly communicate with members via MSN Messenger and AOL instant messenger. SOCIAL MEDIA: Post to your Facebook Page and send a “tweet” to your Twitter Account. 28
    29. 29. Features: Engage and InteractFeature Description MOBILE VOTING: Create fun and engaging SMS votes and polls. As people vote they are automatically subscribed to your list. TEXT TO SCREEN: When people text a keyword followed by a message it can be projected onto a large screen at your venue in real time. MOBILE eCARD: Create and design your own customer Mobile eCard with images and text. (Available Soon) MOBILE COUPON: Offer coupon discounts to customers and create unique promotion codes (2 credits) to track redemption and revenues. SHUFFLE RESPONDER: Set up a pool of different promotional messages to send to your customers after they have subscribed. 29
    30. 30. All In One Marketing - Winning new customers and getting repeat business
    31. 31. Pricing : Monthly Plans Additional Emails Can Be Purchased (10k = £20) Additional SMS Credits Can Be Purchased At Pro-Rata Rates Special Offer – FOC 3 Months Fully Managed Service – We Do Everything For YouPrice Guarantee – We Will Not Be Beaten On Price And Will Refund 31 The Difference If You Find A Better Offer
    32. 32. Pricing Monthly Plans Additional Emails Can Be Purchased (10k = £20) Additional SMS Credits Can Be Purchased At Pro-Rata Rates Special Offer – FOC 3 Months Fully Managed Service – We Do Everything For YouPrice Guarantee – We Will Not Be Beaten On Price And Will Refund The Difference If You Find A Better Offer
    33. 33. The Set-Up – What’s Included :• We will build a Graphical User Interface for you and setup your keywords and messages• We set-up a Facebook Business Page and Twitter A/c (and connectivity)• If you have a website we create a sign-up Page and embedded sign-up form• Provision of marketing materials and mobile coupons• Full support (including training, videos and PDFs)• We create a “fully optimised for mobile website” – 5 Pages of content including “click to call” and google Maps. The website resizes based on the mobile screen size (value £499) – all you have to pay is a nominal charge for updates Plus 3 Months Fully Managed Service Included – We Do Everything For You
    34. 34. Like To Know More ? Call TodayCall 01905 319 416Or 07800 501 715For more information – 34