RISE 2011 Presentation: Seven Steps to Marketing Success
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RISE 2011 Presentation: Seven Steps to Marketing Success



Presentation by Rick L'Amie to RISE 2011 conference, March 7, Austin, Texas.

Presentation by Rick L'Amie to RISE 2011 conference, March 7, Austin, Texas.

Content used by permission, Duct Tape Marketing



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    RISE 2011 Presentation: Seven Steps to Marketing Success RISE 2011 Presentation: Seven Steps to Marketing Success Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome toRISE WEEK 2011Seven Steps to Marketing Success Hosted by Rick L’Amie Moxie Marketing
    • The Moxie StoryA bottle & a book
    • Definition of Marketing American Marketing Association Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, Webster’s and processes for creating, 1 a : the act or process of selling or Know Like Trust communicating, delivering, and exchanging purchasing in a market. offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.
    • Courtesy: Business Marketing Association/Fuller Smith & Ross1958
    • Marketing is a System1. Strategy before tactics2. Fill your marketing hourglass3. Publish educational content4. Create a total web presence5. Use a lead generation trio6. Make selling a system too7. Live by the calendar
    • "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War
    • 1) Strategy before tactics
    • 1a) Narrow your focus
    • What is ideal?  Values you  Profitable  Refers
    • Ideal customer • Demographics • Psychographics • Geographics • Behavior
    • 1b) Differentiate and dominate
    • Ask every customer• What would you Google?• What made you decide to hire us?• What’s one thing we do better?• What could we do better?• Would you refer us?
    • What people really buy?  Your unique product  Your unique service  Your unique process  Your unique experience  Your unique people  Your unique guarantee  Your unique packaging  Your unique delivery  Your unique solution
    • Differentiate - Architect  What you do for a living “We help contractors get paid faster”  Complimentary statement “Zoning adjustment compliance system”  Positioning goal/statement #1 Design/Build Architect  Core marketing message “The Contractors Architect”
    • 1c) Package your Business
    • Image is everything  Conduct a communications audit  How do your name, logo, branding, colors communicate what you do?  How do you “package” your business? • “Brand” vs. “Brand Identity”  What do you name your products or service?  Quality counts – hire a pro
    • 3) The Marketing Hourglass
    • The Marketing Hourglass Know Like Trust Try Buy Repeat Refer © Duct Tape Marketing – all rights reserved
    • TheBuying Pattern
    • TimingTriggers
    • Research
    • Know• GOOGLE = Online• ASK = Referral• KNEW YOU = Advertising/Promo• READ/HEARD = Public Relations
    • LikeSomething they:READ SEEHEAR FEEL
    • = Minimize RiskProof Trial ProductsGuarantees Low Cost
    • The Marketing Hourglass • Articles Know • Ads • Referrals • Web site Like • Reception • Newsletter • Marketing kit Trust • Free report • Product Presentation • Webinar Try • Evaluation • Nurturing • Service team Buy • New customer kit • Finance/delivery • Post project survey Repeat • Cross selling • Quarterly events • Results reviews Refer • Partner intros • Peer2peer events© Duct Tape Marketing – all rights reserved
    • Filling the gaps – product & process questions • Articles Know • Ads • Referrals Like Trust Try • Service team Buy • New customer kit • Finance/delivery Repeat • Results reviews Refer • Partner intros • Peer2peer events © Duct Tape Marketing – all rights reserved
    • Marketing Life Cycle
    • The product/service mix strategy • What is your free or trial offering? • What is your starter offering? • What is your “make it easy to switch” offering? • What is your core offering? • What are your add-ons to increase value? • What is your “members only” offering? • What are your strategic partner pairings?
    • 3) Publish educational content
    • Content that builds trust • Educational • Social media • Reviews • Testimonials
    • Content that educates • White papers • Webinars • FAQs • Success stories • Perfect Intro
    • 4) Create a total web presence
    • 600 Million Active Facebook UsersPhoto Credit: Source: Tech HeraldOversocialized
    • 126 Million The number of blogs on the Internet.Source: Jess3
    • 10 Billion+ Tweets Sent on Twitter Since 2006Photo Credit: Rosaura Ochoa Source: Mashable
    • 2 Billion Videos Are Streamed Each Day On YouTubePhoto Credit: jonsson Source: Techcrunch
    • Pillars of a web presence • Listen first • Optimize your web content • Claim real estate • Optimize brand assets • Ratings and reviews • Social media participation
    • Hub and SpokeSocial media in business
    • 5) Inbound lead generation trio
    • Inbound lead generation • Advertising • Public relations • Referral systems
    • Advertising • Narrowly targeted • 2-step – direct response • Accountable • Awareness for content
    • 7 Tips to Writing a Direct Response Letter 1. Curiosity-arousing headline 2. Identifying a problem or a need 3. Show that your service Is the solution 4. Stress benefits 5. Offer proof you can solve the problem 6. Invite them to take action 7. Give them a way to respond
    • Public Relations • It’s about relationships • Pitch, don’t release • Monthly touch • Use online press releases
    • Referrals • Be more referable • Target • Educate • Offers • Follow-up
    • 6) Selling is a system too
    • Lead Conversion • Discovery – Next step • Presentation – Seminar • Nurturing – Sales cycle • Monthly touches • Transaction – Same experience
    • 7) Live by the calendar
    • Live by the calendar • Monthly themes • Weekly actions • Daily appointments
    • Questions?
    • About Moxie Marketing Marketing with an Attitude for Small Business• We help small business owners and service professionals realize their business dreams• Install small business marketing systems & equip your company with great creative, tools and tactics. – Strategy before tactics • Powered by Duct Tape Marketing, Certified Consultant • Simple, effective, affordable – Collaborative Consulting • Your Businesses Virtual Marketing Dept. • Group Training
    • About Moxie Marketing – Creative Services – Jolly Design • Logos, business identity • Marketing collateral • Web Design – Public Relations – Dave Manzer Creative Relations – SEO, SEM – Advertising & Copywriting – Video & Direct Marketing – Email Marketing
    • Services• Core offering: Guided Marketing Program (One- on-one) – Your Virtual Marketing Manager• Marketing Training Camp• Referral Engine Group Training• Social Media Group Training• Match experts and contractors to match the client’s needs and budgets (writers, etc.)• Services: Constant Contact, SEO, Pixability Video Marketing
    • Worked With
    • Sample Current Clients
    • About Duct Tape Marketing• Used worldwide by “Clever marketing ideas galore and lots of contrarian thinking about thousands of small what works and what doesn’t” ― Forbes magazine business owners• A system, not a plan• Up to date marketing techniques• Used by a network of more than 50 marketing professionals worldwide• Backed by companies such as Sage, Marketing Plan Pro HP and Constant Contact
    • Rick L’Amie• Web: www.getmoxiemarketing.com• Blog: www.marketingwithmoxie.com• Twitter: twitter.com/MoxieMarketing• LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ricklamie• Email: rick.lamie@getmoxiemarketing.com• Phone: 512.814.MOXIE (6694)
    • Marketing Training CampStarts Mar. 29
    • Training Camp Schedule• Session 1 - Target Market - Determining Who Is Your Ideal Target Client & Differentiate and Dominate - Developing and Communicating Your Core Marketing Message• Session 2 - Give Them an Image - Communicating the Complete Marketing Package• Session 3 - A Marketing Kit That speaks to Each Prospect - Developing Marketing Materials That Educate• Session 4 - Marketing Story - Make Meaning By Telling Your Story & Case Studies & Testimonials - Demonstrating Results Through Real Life Client Work• Session 5 - Referral Marketing - Building a Systematic Referral Marketing Machine & Small Business Advertising & Direct Mail - Every Sale Starts with a Lead• Session 6 - Public Relations - Earned Media Attention and Expert Status & A Selling System - Turn Prospects to Clients and Clients to Partners• Session 7 – Social Media Marketing–Developing a Systematic Social Media Marketing System to Enhance your Overall Marketing Efforts• Session 8 – Marketing Automation – Creating Automated Drip Marketing Campaigns & Live by the Calendar – Implementing a Step-by-Step, Calendar-Based Process to Keep Your Marketing Efforts on Track.
    • Introducing Local Search ProA Five-Step Process for Dominating Your Local SearchLandscape1. Make your web pages local friendly2. Build out your local search profiles3. Get proactive in the review game4. Get listed, cited and mentioned5. Spread the local social loveA online course that will deliver the exact hands-on informationyou need in four very practical self-paced sessions deliveredover four weeks.
    • Social Media Pro Workshop – Webinar Series• Session One – Creating a Social Media Strategy• Session Two – Optimizing Brand Assets• Session Three – Blogging for Business• Session Four – Social Networking and Networks• Session Five – Managing the Beast
    • Referral Engine Power Groups• Pre-session – Introductions & sharing• Week 1 - Overview, goal setting and system action plan for the program• Week 2 - Define target referral market and core referral message• Week 3 - Create referral education and strategic partner plan• Week 4 - Create referral marketing offers, tools and follow-up system