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RISE 2011 Presentation:  Referral Engine + Local Search
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RISE 2011 Presentation: Referral Engine + Local Search


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Presentation by Rick L'Amie of Moxie Marketing to RISE Conference, Austin, Texas on March 7, 2011 …

Presentation by Rick L'Amie of Moxie Marketing to RISE Conference, Austin, Texas on March 7, 2011

Content used by permission, Duct Tape Marketing

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  • 1. Welcome to RISE WEEK 2011Teaching Your Business to Market Itself With Referrals + Local Search Pro Hosted by Rick L’Amie Founder & President, Moxie Marketing Twitter: @moxiemarketing
  • 2. Therealities of referral
  • 3. #1 People make referrals because they need to
  • 4. #2 All business involves risk
  • 5. #3 Nobody talks about boring businesses
  • 6. #4 Consistency builds trust
  • 7. #5 Marketing is a system
  • 8. Definition of Marketing Know Like Trust
  • 9. The Marketing Hourglasssm •Who and how Know •Ads •Referrals •Web site/blog Like •Reception •Newsletter •Search Trust •Expert content •Sales presentation •Webinar Try •Evaluation •Nurturing •Service team Buy •New customer kit •Finance/delivery •Post project survey Repeat •Cross selling •Quarterly events •Results reviews Refer •Partner intros •Peer2peer events © Duct Tape Marketing – all rights reserved
  • 10. Filling the gaps – product and process questions •Who and how Know •Ads •Referrals •Web site/blog Like •Reception •Newsletter •Search Trust •Expert content •Sales presentation •Webinar Try •Evaluation •Nurturing •Service team Buy •New customer kit •Finance/delivery •Post project survey Repeat •Cross selling •Quarterly events •Results reviews Refer •Partner intros •Peer2peer events © Duct Tape Marketing – all rights reserved
  • 11. The Referral EngineSystem• Authentic strategy• Content that builds trust• Content that educates• Partner community• Customer community• Execution• Follow-up
  • 12. Authentic strategy• Ideal customer• Core talkable difference• Supporting elements• Culture to match• Expectation
  • 13. Content that builds trust• Educational• Social media• SEO• Reviews• Testimonials
  • 14. Content that educates• White papers• Webinars• FAQs• Success stories• Perfect Intro
  • 15. Partner Community • Who else could be motivated to refer business to you? Make a list. • Think next in line, think outside your industry • Would you refer them? • Resource library
  • 16. Locating partners • By reputation • Ask your customers • Search engines/social sites • Networking events
  • 17. Partner network program• Recruit and introduce• Create content opp• Acquire special• Make referrals• Rate and review• Create events• Meet as a group
  • 18. Content for partners• Blog network• Co-branded content• Audio/video interviews• Win-win events• MeetUps/Biznik• Local biz intros
  • 19. Educate – the perfect intro• How you can spot our ideal client• How to present our core message• List of trigger statements• Our referral offer• Our marketing process
  • 20. Intro in reverse• Letter of introduction• Perfect introduction• Blank perfect introduction
  • 21. Action Steps• Make your list of strategic partners• Create your perfect introduction document• Create blank perfect intro• Create letter of introduction• Mail and follow-up
  • 22. Customer community• Champions• Education• Offers• Tools• Community• Social Media
  • 23. Scoring customers • Are they profitable? • Do they already refer? • Equip them with tools
  • 24. Educate – the perfect intro • How you can spot our ideal client • How to present our core message • Trigger phrases • Our referral offer • Our marketing process
  • 25. Customer content• Review process• Manual/audio – Acrobat• Rating/review sites – Yelp!• Testimonial party
  • 26. Success stories• Describe customer• Challenge• Solution• Result• Video or interview
  • 27. Some referral offers • Expectation • Work for referrals • 100% refund • Gift certificate giveaways • Referral pricing • Bring a friend free
  • 28. Moments of truth • Lead conversion process • Results review process • Follow-up meetings • Quarterly communication • Handwritten notes
  • 29. Action steps• Complete referral education system• Create testimonial/success study plan• Choose one customer referral marketing offer• Outline your referral marketing tools - letters, postcards, client coupons?
  • 30. Execution• Collection• Results review• Moments of truth
  • 31. Follow-up• A lead, now what?• Customers• Partners• Measure
  • 32. Questions?
  • 33. Free ResourcesComplete evaluation formto request:• Perfect Introduction Kit – How to Refer Example – Blank How to Refer Template – PerfectIntro In Reverse Letter• 50 Snack-sized Referral Ideas
  • 34. Referral Engine Power Groups• Pre-session – Introductions & sharing• Week 1 - Overview, goal setting and system action plan for the program• Week 2 - Define target referral market and core referral message• Week 3 - Create referral education and strategic partner plan• Week 4 - Create referral marketing offers, tools and follow-up systemRISE special price: $425 (regular $495) – register by March 14
  • 35. Preview: Winningthe Local SearchGame A 5-step process for dominating your local search landscape
  • 36. • 90% of online commercial searches result in offline bricks and mortar purchases (comScore)• 82% of local searchers follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or purchase (TMP/comScore)• 74% of internet users perform local searches (Kelsey Group)• 61% of local searches result in purchases (TMP/comScore)• 54% of Americans have substituted the internet and local search for phone books (comScore)• 35% of all searches are local (DM News)
  • 37. The Steps 1. Make your web pages local friendly 2. Build out your local search profiles 3. Get proactive in the review game 4. Get listed, cited and mentioned 5. Spread the local social love
  • 38. Make your web pages local friendly1. Geo Content2. Links and External Anchor Text3. Community resource4. Local Contributors5. Local Landing Pages
  • 39. What makes it geo1. Addresses2. Maps and more3. Meta data4. hcard and snippets5. Local/mobile keywords
  • 40. Build out your local searchprofiles 1. Claim – Place, Bing, Yahoo 2. Keywords, Categories, and Description 3. Add Video and Images 4. Google Tags and Google Boost 5. Rate and Review - Hotpot
  • 41. Build out your local searchprofiles 1. Org name 2. Description 3. Category (5) 4. Service Area 5. Images (10), Video (5)
  • 42. Resources Google – Bing – Yahoo –
  • 43. Get proactive in the review game 1. List, claim, and build 2. Use it to make you better 3. Monitor profiles 4. Get proactive 5. Consider advertising
  • 44. Review Sites beyond SearchEngines 1. – check-in offers 2. Facebook, Foursquare check-in 3. 4. 5. 6.
  • 45. Generate Reviews 1. Ask for references 2. Repurpose and post 3. Teach reviewing 4. Give reviews - Hotpot 5. Hold a review event
  • 46. Get listed, cited and mentioned 1. Data compilers 2. IYPs 3. Memberships 4. check my listing –
  • 47. Get listed, cited and mentioned 1. infoUSA 2. Localeze 3. Universal Business Listings
  • 48. Spread the local social love1. Start a Local Group Online2. Find and Network with Local Bloggers3. Hold Meetups and Tweetups4. Find local leads – 7 ways search Twitter5. Places – Facebook, Foursquare Twitter6. Location Games
  • 49. Questions?
  • 50. Local Search Pro • Four online Sessions – delivered every other week at Duct Tape U. • Webinar group coaching • Tutorials, videos, audios, how tos • RISE special $199 (regular $249) • Must enroll on or before March 14 for special price.
  • 51. About Moxie Marketing – Creative Services – Jolly Design • Logos, business identity • Marketing collateral • Web Design – Public Relations – Dave Manzer Creative Relations – SEO, SEM – Advertising & Copywriting – Video & Direct Marketing – Email Marketing
  • 52. Services• Core offering: Guided Marketing Program (One- on-one) – Your Virtual Marketing Manager• Marketing Training Camp• Referral Engine Group Training• Social Media Group Training• Match experts and contractors to match the client’s needs and budgets (writers, etc.)• Services: Constant Contact, SEO, Pixability Video Marketing
  • 53. Rick L’Amie Has Worked With
  • 54. Sample Current Clients
  • 55. About Duct Tape Marketing• Used worldwide by “Clever marketing ideas galore and lots of contrarian thinking about thousands of small what works and what doesn’t” ― Forbes magazine business owners• A system, not a plan• Up to date marketing techniques• Used by a network of more than 50 marketing professionals worldwide• Backed by companies such as Sage, Marketing Plan Pro HP and Constant Contact
  • 56. Rick L’Amie• Web:• Blog:• Twitter:• LinkedIn:• Email:• Phone: 512.814.MOXIE (6694)