Keynote at The Next Web conference
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Keynote at The Next Web conference

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This is our winning pitch at The Next Web conference. We have launched our new product calles, self service adverticing in printed media.

This is our winning pitch at The Next Web conference. We have launched our new product calles, self service adverticing in printed media.

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  • 1. Self service advertising for printed media.
  • 2. Meet the Marvians. A tech wizard, marketing champ and sales guru.
  • 3. Google Adwords Linked Direct Ads New York Times Ad PortalWhy self service?Everybody is doing it.We bring the benefits of the online world to print.
  • 4. The problem withprinted media today.We enable small enterprises to advertise in big printed media.
  • 5. Reach a large audience vianewspapers & magazines.This is our arena.
  • 6. Mid sized Corporate SmallPublishers are leaving advertisersmoney on the table.We provide publishers with a new business model.
  • 7. .adsThe easiest way to create and place adsin all types of printed media worldwide.
  • 8. Create AdEasy setup, just copy & paste our button code. Hassle free. Make it easy to advertise in your printed media.
  • 9. Advertiser clicks the button. Advertiser creates the ad. Advertiser places the ad. Create Ad How does it work? Create and place an ad in just 3 easy steps.
  • 10. We make print as simple as 1-2-3. Flexible templates offer endless variations in design.
  • 11. Create ads anytime, anywhere. Now everyone can create professional looking printed media.
  • 12. Why will advertisersuse dependencies. Always up-to-date. It’s really easy.
  • 13. Why will publishersuse More revenue. Open up to the online world.
  • 14. But wait… isn’t print dying?
  • 15. Online € 196.000.000 Printed mediaExpenditure of € is 10 x larger than online in the Netherlands. Carat Media Facts, 2010
  • 16. Advertise in tomorrows newspaper Target a niche audience Reach a large audienceWho is already using Marvia?A few success stories.
  • 17. Created 30.000+ ads, generatingmore than €45K in revenue.Last years’ statistics.
  • 18. We’re ready for The Next Step. We’ve been successful in the Netherlands, with over 60 clients. Now we want to expand internationally.
  • 19. Yes, we output todigital as well.We are ready for the future of publishing.
  • 20. Ecosystem for theFuture of Publishing The bigger picture.
  • 21. publishing cloud.adsself service ads .cms dtp easy as 1-2-3 .api publish your content
  • 22. Visit Publishers get in touch and start earning today.PPS. Investors we are for growth.