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Summer Internship Program Abroad – China

Company description

Get in2 China was founded in 2007. We are the Internship Program Provider and Chinese language Center located in the center of old Beijing, China under foreign management. We provide quality internships in China and intensive Chinese language courses in Beijing.


This program offers the best chance for foreign participants to work in the dynamic market in the capital center of China - Beijing. By joining this program, the participants will be placed in top firms in Beijing to work and learn. Our firm has established partnership with a number of businesses around China.

Our positions cover a diverse range of fields, including:

• Marketing/Sales/International Trade/PR
• Business administration
• Media/Communication
• Real estate
• Consulting/Human Resources
• Research
• Engineering
• Finance/Investment Banking
• Art gallery
• Architecture & Design
• Web Development/IT
• etc.

Each placement is tailored to the individual according to his/her background.

How To Apply:

Apply on-line:

Contact Information:
Phone: +86 15010532542

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Getin2China: Internship in China

  1. 1. The Chinese language is one of the most popular languages nowadays. It is spoken by morethan 1.3 billion people all over the world. Chinese is the official language of China, Taiwan andSingapore; in addition, it is one of the 6 official languages of the UN. Together with Get in2 China you have now a great opportunity to get a working experience through an Internship Program, practice your Chinese and to discover the capital of ancient and modern China - the city of Beijing - and to visit its great sights including the Great Wall, the magnificent Imperial Palace, Tiananmen Square and others. After the 2008 Olympics inBeijing, the number of tourist attractions has grown up and nowincludes the Olympic Park and Olympic Village, The BirdsNest and Water Cube. Our company Get in2 China is located in the veryheart of Beijing, near DongZhiMen subway station. All thetraining and office premises are located close to a Traditionalarea; it creates a relaxed atmosphere that encourages studyingChinese and learning more about China. All of our teachers areprofessionals with degrees in "Chinese as a Foreign Language"discipline and are quite experienced in working with foreigners. Within walking distance from our classrooms there are two most famous streets in Beijing - HouHai and Sunlitun, which provide a lot of entertainment with their bars and discos, lots of small shops and restaurants open 24 hours a day.
  2. 2. Get in2 China – cooperates with many International and Chinese companies in Beijing,both Chinese and foreign, which are willing to take interns for a certain period of time. Thisgives us a possibility to choose a perfectly suitable placement from many vacant positions indifferent fields such as business, marketing, media, PR, etc. Thus, we provide a great opportunity to get an experience working in China that will be helpful for you in the future. We offer an individual approach to each client and select a company that would meet all the clients requirements. Enrollment in an internship program depends on skills and education, as well as, insome cases, on the knowledge of the Chinese language. In addition, our company cooperates with the leadinguniversities in Beijing and other cities of China. This allows ourclients to learn more about education in China and apply for auniversity. We also take care of all the things related toenrollment, acceptance, visas, accommodations and much more. An internship in China with Getin2China is a uniquechance to gain valuable working experience, to live in the heart ofBeijing, to enjoy travelling, excursions and cultural events, tomake new acquaintances, and to learn Chinese. Great opportunities are waiting for you!
  3. 3. Internship PlacementSince we maintain contacts with variouscompanies, both foreign and domestic, weallow our clients to choose a job in the areathey are mostly interested in. It can be Banking and Finance, Businessdevelopment, Education, IT, Marketing andAdvertising, Real estate, Travel and tourismand much more. Enrollment in an internshipprogram depends on skills and education, aswell as, in some cases, on the knowledge of theChinese language. Apart from the experience of working ina dynamically growing country, we provide aunique chance to dive into this countrysexquisite history, learn about Chinas traditionsand customs, try its cuisine, meet new people,enjoy the life of a Beijinger and improvelanguage skills. Start to impress your friends with your experience in China!
  4. 4. All programs at Get in2 China allows you to be immersed not only into the culture but at thesame time to make lots of new friends from all over the world. Excursions All visitors coming to Beijing should have seen the Great Wall, but very few can claim to overcome the whole section and stay on the monument overnight. This is just one example, but there is much more to it. An English-speaking guide always accompanies excursions. We guarantee – you won’t get bored.
  5. 5. The tour "Get in2 China Hutong" starts from the museum of the urban planning and goesthrough ancient and up-to-date buildings and monuments, so that the tourists can have abetter understanding of the past, the present and the future of architecture in Beijing.Moreover, we offer tours to the most popular tourist sites in Beijing and within the country: Tours to famous places Travel within the country
  6. 6. Tai Chi, Calligraphy, Acrobatics Show, Beijing Opera, Beijing Zoo, Mahjong, Chinese art of cooking, parties, and much more ...
  7. 7. Get in2 China will assist you in finding a suitable accommodation in the heart of the city, closeto shops, restaurants and subway network. Another popular choice would be to stay in theTraditional Hostel also located in the city Center. It can be a good option for people with a lowbudget or people who decide to take a program up to 3 months duration. Private apartmentcan also be arranged upon request. Get in2 China will help you to choose the area based onyour requirements.Get in2 China offers different types of accommodation options to choose from: Private Apartment
  8. 8. Private room in a shared apartment Hotel or Hostel Home stay with Chinese familyImmerse yourself in the culture of this wonderful country. A regular communication with afamily will help you to boost your language skills. It is also a good opportunity to make newfriends.Moreover, many families are happy to provide assistance, as well as to show around Beijing andtell more about it.You will have your own room with everything needed. Meals can also be provided. All familieshave all the necessary things to ensure a comfort living.
  9. 9. Its no secret that the best way to learn a language is to be surrounded by nativespeakers. We offer several types of programs, all of which are availablethroughout the year.Intensive Chinese Language Program – for people who want to get “deeper”into Chinese language and culture and boost their Chinese level in a very shortperiod of time or plan to stay for some time in China or who really enjoy studyinglanguages and at the same time would like to be involved into different socialactivities, parties, travelling etc.This program provides for 20 hours/week of Chinese in a small group of 3-7people.Get in2 China’s Intensive Chinese Program is best suitable for:  Beginners who are motivated, enthusiastic and believe that they can learn Chinese at a conversational level in a short period of time.  People who have studied Chinese before and want to improve their knowledge.Attention: We can offer you Private & HSK Chinese language classes. Please,contact us for more information.
  10. 10. Intensive Chinese language program include: Airport Pick-up Welcome package Orientation upon arrival Help with arranging an accommodation Language course 20 hours/week Visa assistance Cultural activities Support 24h/7 & Certificate upon Completion
  11. 11. 北京 BeijingChina Internship program - is a change to workin a dynamic business environment. This is an excellentopportunity to gain experience in the Chinese orforeign company in Beijing.Such training cannot only immerse you in the culture,but also the business environment in China, to learnabout all the complexities of doing business in China,which could be very useful in the future. Since theability to speak the Chinese language is one of the mostimportant requirements to enter a rapidly growing jobmarket of China, it is rather complicated for manystudents to find a suitable internship.
  12. 12. Beijing 北京 Program include: Airport Pick-up Welcome package Help with arranging an accommodation Internship placement Language course 8 hours/week Visa assistance Cultural activities All study materials Support 24h/7 Certificate upon Completion
  13. 13. Partner companies of Get in2 China• What kind of companies does the Get in2 China cooperate with?Get in2 China has a very diverse network of companies in Beijing, ranging from Chineseand foreign multinationals to local and international small and medium enterprises. Weattach our great attention to the quality of the internships offered and select a companyand a position that matches the skills and interests of our clients.• In which areas are the Get in2 China’s partner companies operating in?Our partner companies are active in a wide range of areas such as:  Architecture  Transportation  Finance and Banking  Real Estate  Event Management & Promotion  Consulting  Tourism  IT & Telecommunications  Translation  Law etc
  14. 14. Visas Extension SolutionsGoing out of China to get a visa is troublesome and money consuming.Our company can help you to extend your visa without leaving China.Note: There are few types of visas we are working with:L-Tourist / visitor visa, F- Business (or short-term study) visa, Z- Work visa, X- Student visa L -----> L L -----> F up to 3, 6, 12 months L -----> Z for one year F -----> F for 3, 6, 12 months F -----> Z for one year X -----> F for 3, 6, 12 months X -----> Z for one yearNote: Price depends on your nationality, number of entries required and the situation in theCountry
  15. 15. Contact UsAddress: 北京市东城区北新桥前永康胡同 44 号(NO.44 QIANYONGKANG HUTONG, BEIXINQIAO,DONGCHENG DISTRICT,BEIJING)Zip Code: 100007Office Tel.: +86 10 6403 4923Mobile:+86 150-1053-2542www.Getin2China.comE-mail: info@Getin2China.comSkype: Getin2China