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Teen safe sex module  julen harris

Teen safe sex module julen harris






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    Teen safe sex module  julen harris Teen safe sex module julen harris Presentation Transcript

    • By Julen N. Harris
      • Having sex or thinking about starting?
      • Not sure what safer sex is?
      • Not sure how to talk to your partner about it?
      • Worried about a friend having unsafe sex?
      • You will learn:
        • The facts about safer sex
        • How to protect yourself
        • How to talk to your partner about safer sex
        • Where to find teen-friendly sexual healthcare in your neighborhood
      • The Facts
      • Vaginal sex (penis in vagina)
      • Oral sex (mouth on penis, vagina, or anus)
        • a.k.a. “going down”, “blow job”, “eating out”
      • Anal sex (penis in butt)
      • Safer sex is consensual . That means you and your partner both want to have sex without feeling pressured.
      • Safer sex is with someone you feel comfortable with and trust.
      • Safer sex means that you and your partner are protected from sexually transmitted infections ( STIs ) and unwanted pregnancy.
      • Safer sex means that you and your partner talk about sexual choices together.
      • Not having sex is the only sure way to prevent pregnancy and STIs.
      • It’s okay to wait.
      • Safe sex is great sex!
    • ?
      • Chlamydia
      • Gonorrhea
      • Genital Herpes
      • HPV (can cause genital warts)
      • HIV
      • Semen (cum)
      • Vaginal fluid
      • Blood
      • Skin-to-skin contact with a herpes blister or genital wart
      And YES , you can get STIs from oral sex!
      • Itching in your genital area
      • Burning when you pee
      • Discharge that smells or is yellow/green in color
      • Bumps, sores, blisters or rashes in your genital area
      • These may be signs of a STI.
      • You should get checked out and get treated right away!
      • AND , you could have a STI without any signs!
      • So….
      • Because it is the only way to know for sure if you have a STI!
      • You should get tested every 3-6 months.
      • For more info about STIs, go to: Teens Health - All about STIs
      • (We’ll tell you where you can go get tested at the end)
      • I’ve had sex lots of times without a condom and I’ve never been pregnant or gotten someone pregnant.
      • So far, you’ve been lucky.
      • You are taking a chance every time you have unprotected sex.
      • Don’t depend on “pulling out” because pre-cum can get a girl pregnant!
        • 1 out of 9
        • teen girls from Washington Heights/Inwood
        • gets pregnant ²
        • That’s one of the highest rates in NYC!
      • How do you protect yourself and your partner?
      • A male condom is placed on a guy’s penis when it is hard, BEFORE any sex happens
      • A condom covers the penis and catches semen
        • Check out these websites!
        • For easy steps to use a male condom, click here:
          • How to use a male condom
        • To watch a video demo of these steps, click here:
          • Video- How to use a condom
      • A female condom goes inside the vagina
      • The closed end lines the inside of the vagina
      • The penis goes into the open end outside of the vagina
        • Check out these websites!
        • For easy steps to use a female condom, click here: How to Use the Female Condom
        • To watch a video demo of these steps, click here: Video- How to use the female condom
      • The male and female condom should NOT be used at the same time because they can break from rubbing together.
      • Condoms can protect you during oral sex too! Try flavored ones!
      • For oral sex on a girl, dental dams can protect you.
        • For more info, click here: Dental Dams
      • Well, not always.
      • In Washington Heights/Inwood
      • less than half
      • of adults who had sex with more than 1 person last year
      • used a condom
      • the last time they had sex ³
      • That’s a lot of people having unsafe sex!
      • They must be used
      • the right way
      • every time
      • you have sex!
      You can get FREE condoms here in the resource center!
      • DO check the expiration date.
      • DON’T unroll the condom before putting it on.
      • DON'T keep condoms in your wallet or back pocket too long– keep them away from heat in a drawer, purse, or backpack.
      • DO use plenty of water-based or silicone-based lube.
      • DON'T use baby oil, lotion, or Vaseline as lube—they can make condoms break!
      • DO carry condoms so that you'll always be ready.
      • (It’s OK for girls to carry condoms too!)
      • DON’T just rely on your partner to have condoms. Share the responsibility!
      • For a funny video of some these do’s and don’ts, click here:
        • Marvin and Lisa - Condom Do's and Don'ts
      • You can also prevent pregnancy with hormonal birth control until you are ready to have a baby.
      • 3 types teen girls use most:
        • “ The pill”
        • “ The shot” – Depo Provera
        • “ The ring” – Nuva Ring
      • But remember! Birth control DOES NOT prevent STIs!
        • Use condoms AND birth control for double safety!
      • For more info about birth control options, click here: Birth Control Info
      • You used a condom but it broke or slipped off?
      • You got caught up in the “heat of the moment” and had sex without a condom?
      • You or your partner forgot to take a birth control pill?
      • Plan B (a.k.a. emergency contraception or “the morning-after-pill”) is the ONLY way to prevent pregnancy AFTER sex.
      • It is a pill that can work up to 5 days after unprotected sex, but it works best the sooner you get it.
        • It is not the abortion pill!
      • If you are 17 or older, you can get Plan B from a drug store or clinic. If you are under 17, you will need to go to a clinic.
      • Click here for more info: Plan B Info
        • Or call: 1-888-NOT2LATE
        • Click here for videos with more info: ec123.org
    • How do you talk to your partner about using protection?
      • You should talk to your partner about using a condom BEFORE you start having sex.
        • It’s OK to be nervous!
        • Choose a time and place where you feel relaxed.
        • DO NOT wait until the “heat of the moment” to talk about using a condom for the first time.
      • Speak up! This is no time to be shy. Be clear that you will only have sex with a condom.
      • Follow through! Live up to your choice to have safe sex every time .
      • Even if you have been with your partner for a long time, using condoms DOES NOT mean that you love or trust each other any less!
        • You are still at risk for pregnancy and STIs!
      • Talking to your partner about safe sex might feel awkward.
      • Talking to you partner can be even harder if... ⁴
        • He/she wants to have a baby when you don’t
        • He/she is a few years older than you
        • Either of you is drunk or high
      • If your partner does not agree with you about using condoms, it can be hard to stand up for yourself.
      • Many teens feel pressured to have sex without a condom
      • Many teens want to use condoms, but don’t tell their partner because they worry that their partner will think they do not trust them or are cheating ⁵
      • If you’re afraid that your partner will get very angry or break up with you because you ask to use a condom, you should think about whether this is a good relationship for you.
      • Check out these sites for more info about healthy relationships:
        • Is your relationship healthy?
        • More Info on Healthy Relationships
      • If your partner says they don’t want to use a condom, have these comebacks ready to pull out of your back pocket….
      • Your partner says: “Condoms suck. They are so uncomfortable."
        • You say: “They might feel weird at first, but you’ll get used to it. Plus, we can have fun trying different kinds.”
        • or
        • You say: “Well I only feel comfortable having sex with a condom.”
        • or
        • You say: “How about we try a different brand? Maybe if it feels tight, you need a Magnum.”
      • Your partner says: “I can’t feel anything with a condom on.”
        • You say: “Let’s try putting more lube on the inside and outside of the condom t0 make it feel better.”
        • or
        • You say: “But we’ll both be able to enjoy sex more knowing that we’re being safer.”
        • or
        • You say: “You really won’t feel anything if we don’t use a condom because there won’t be any sex.”
      • Your partner says: “Stopping to put on a condom totally kills the mood.”
        • You say: “It won’t if you let me put it on for you.”
        • or
        • You say: “Worrying about getting pregnant totally kills my mood.”
      • Your partner says: “We don’t need a condom. I always pull out in time, don't worry."
        • You say: “But if we use one you don’t have to think about pulling out and we can enjoy it more.”
        • or
        • You say: “But you can’t control pre-cum, and that can get me pregnant too.”
      • Your partner says: “Can we do it without a condom just this once?”
        • You say: “Once is all it takes to get pregnant.”
        • or
        • You say: “I always use a condom, just to be safe.”
        • or
        • You say: “I don’t want to take any chances.”
      • Your partner says: “But we’ve been together for so long already and you’re the only one I’m having sex with.”
        • You say: “And I’m only having sex with you too, but let’s go get tested together first. Plus, we can get birth control to make sure we don’t get pregnant.”
        • or
        • You say: “I know it’s been awhile, but why stop using condoms now? Let’s just keep playing it safe.”
      • Your partner says: “Don’t you trust me? I’m not gonna give you anything.”
        • You say: “Of course I trust you, but we should still be safe and use a condom.”
        • or
        • You say: “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but we could get pregnant and I’m not ready for that.”
        • or
        • You say: “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I always use condoms no matter what.”
      • Your partner says: “But I love you. And if you love me, we don’t need to use condoms.”
        • You say: “I love you, but love doesn’t protect against getting pregnant. Condoms do.”
        • or
        • You say: “I love you, and if you love me, you’ll put on a condom.”
        • or
        • You say: “I do love you, so that’s why I want to use a condom to protect us both.”
      • Your partner says: “Even if we get pregnant, we can raise the baby together.”
        • You say: “That would be great when we are both ready to be parents, but I’m just not ready for that right now.”
        • or
        • You say: “I am glad you feel that way, but I still think that for right now, it is better for us to use condoms.”
      • Your partner says: “But we’ve already been doing it without a condom. Why should we start using one now?”
        • You say: “But we shouldn’t have been. I was worried about getting you pregnant. And I don’t want to go through that stress again.
        • or
        • You say: “I didn’t know until now how big a risk we were taking. Using a condom will protect both of us. It might feel different but it will still feel good!”
      • You always have the right to say NO to sex!
      • Be prepared! Don’t let sex “just happen” without a condom.
      • Be strong! Don’t let your partner convince you that you don’t need a condom.
      • You never know till you ask! Your partner could feel the same way you do about safe sex!
      • Here’s one guy who knows how to play it safe:
        • Safer Sex with a Condom
    • So wrap it up! ⁶
      • You can’t just talk to your partner about safe sex once. Remember that talking to your partner about sexual choices is part of a healthy relationship .
      • Be aware of your body and your partner’s – if something seems wrong, don’t ignore it! Go get a check-up!
        • But don’t forget that you might not know something is wrong without getting tested first!
      • Make using condoms and getting tested part of your health routine!
      • Project STAY Clinic (at Farrell)
        • 610 W. 158 th St. at Riverside Dr.
        • (646)-284-9739
        • http://hhpc.chyden.com/STAYweb/web/stay/
      • Young Men’s Clinic (Males only)
        • 21 Audobon Ave. at 166 th St.
        • (866)-463-2778
        • www.youngmensclinic.org
      • Dyckman Clinica de las Americas
        • 175 Nagle Ave. at Dyckman St
        • (212)-544-2001
      Outside of the Project STAY Clinic
      • For more info, check out these great websites for teens:
        • www.facebook.com/chataboutthat
        • www.amplifyyourvoice.org
        • www.sexetc.org
        • www.itsyoursexlife.com/
        • www.kidshealth.org/teen
      Thanks for watching! Stay safe!
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