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Video Case study of a successful vineyard in a country where wine sales and consumption has been declining for 40 years. Where some vineyards are changing to corn Chateau de Haux is selling more than it produces. Long before the current financial crisis industries and businesses were suffering with changing times, see how one business has managed to grow against the trend.

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Growth Against The Trend P.Hackett Get Gruntled Ltd V3

  1. 1. In times of economic crisis it’s EVEN MORE important to ……. ™ ™ .., your business, your customers & your people.
  2. 2. Case Study: Chateau de Haux France Vintner interview & Success story available on DVD Growth Concepts written & Presented by Pam Hackett getGruntled Ltd Vintner story unscripted DVD produced by getGruntled productions
  3. 3. PRODUCTIONS getGruntled DOCUMENTARIES ∘ WORKUMENTARIES ∘ BUSINESS VIDEOS ∘ OPENSOURCE Did you know that Listen to his Want to meet the for forty years inspirational Vintner who is Can you imagine French wine story and see growing against the running a vineyard consumption has just a few of trend? in France! been on the his ideas on business decline? growth ! GROWTH AGAINS THE TREND IS THE NEWLY RELEASED CASE STUDY ON DVD SET IN BORDEAUX FRANCE AND SHOWING AN AWARD WINNING BUSINESS THRIVING INSPITE OF A DECLINING FRENCH WINE INDUSTRY … THEY’RE GETTING BIG CHEERS IN SCANDINAVIA. Running time 32 minutes in 3 parts to stimulate ample discussion with your teams ORDER ON LINE AT
  4. 4. Long before the current financial crisis there have been industry crisis that made and shaped winners in difficult times – we call that: GROWTH AGAINST THE TREND
  5. 5. Newly Released DVD Title & Theme: Growth Against the Trend ORDER ON-LINE NOW at Growth Against the Trend Get Granular Get Focused Get Connected The Chemistry of Growth
  6. 6. Making It Through The Crisis Surviving & Thriving
  7. 7. An Industry in Crisis
  8. 8. Making It Through The Crisis Keep your eye on the prize
  9. 9. Every Vantage Tells a Story Do you have the right one? VANTAGE POINT
  10. 10. The Chemistry of Growth Mindset & Passion together Create a Reaction - the pre-requisite to growth
  11. 11. The Chemistry of Growth Get Granular Are you granular enough to grow today? Do you know where to be.... next?
  12. 12. The Chemistry of Growth Get Focused Do products reflect market needs? Are your processes core?
  13. 13. The Chemistry of Growth Get Connected Do your customers feel they are a part of the business?
  14. 14. The Chemistry of Growth The Power of WoW Creating the right blend Are you creating the right chemistry to maintain, sustain and grow?
  15. 15. The Chemistry of Growth Growth Against the Trend Get Granular Get Focused Get Connected
  16. 16. Making It Through The Crisis Newly Released DVD Theme: Growth Against the Trend If you’re looking for inspiration to grow your business have your team watch the Danish vineyard in France that’s growing when wine consumption in France has been declining for 40 years! Buy it on DVD today.
  17. 17. We’re currently building a professional web site with on-line sales capability. If you visit our site prior to December 15th it is a draft of content while our real web elves are busy in their workshop! So don’t be put off….come back to the site in a few days. If you would like to purchase Growth Against the Trend now email us, or wait for our site to be launched when you can also view the whole video on-line. This presentation is based on the DVD case study Growth Against the Trend Email for DVD purchase details or to book a Growth Against the Trend workshop or presentation at your workplace or on site at Chateau de Haux in Bordeaux, France.
  18. 18. WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT OUR BUSINESS VIDEOS (BIZVIDZ)? We’ll CUSTOM EDIT we’ll take you on-site We’ll facilitate a We’ll do what ever our videos with your to the video session on your you need to make learning points to location and run the our videos a hit with behalf around the make the video more session there; tour the video at your your people relevant to your business & shake workplace workplace hands with the people
  19. 19. WHAT’S OPENSOURCE productions MEAN? 4.We’ll EDIT you 5.SO… ideas? 1.YOUhave ideas 2.YOUvideo 3.We’re What are you & CREDIT you to on how you , your your ideas and send PRODUCING a waiting for? Video bring together a them to getGruntled documentary on team or your business them and let the worldwide productions. getsGruntled. how companies are world see how perspective on how helping their you’re people across the people gettingGruntled. globe are getGruntled. gettingGruntled.
  20. 20. Got some Big Cheese thinking to do next year? heavy duty YOU CONCENTRATE ON your ISSUES LET US CONCENTRATE on the FACILITATION 2009 Executive Retreats Bordeaux, France TAKING BOOKINGS NOW ! WATCH THE BIZVID ‘Growth Against the Trend’ to learn why we love this location
  21. 21. In times of economic crisis it’s important to ……. .. …you, your business, your customers & your people. If you enjoyed Growth Against the Trend - Contact for details on a signature ‘getGruntled’ workshop focused on Employee Engagement; you could spend 2000 hours of your life at work this year – Get over it, Get into it, Get more out of it – getGruntled! Visit