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Orientation Presentation (2008)
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Orientation Presentation (2008)



Presentation Overview of youth leadership organization for the New England Synod (ELCA)

Presentation Overview of youth leadership organization for the New England Synod (ELCA)



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Orientation Presentation (2008) Orientation Presentation (2008) Presentation Transcript

    • The following information will inform you of the current set up of the LYO in the ELCA as a whole. The information will allow for you to know about what is going on with youth in the overall church, and show why it is important for youth to be apart of the LYO in the New England Synod. And then Information is present about what is going on in our synod.
  • LYO in other Synods
      • Youth Leaders who want to make a difference in the church and be the voice of the youth.
      • Adult Advisors who help the youth reach their goals.
      • Plan youth events and retreats
      • Inform Synod Churches about upcoming events/opportunities
      • Youth Voice in Church
      • Create Service Opportunities for Youth Groups
  • What is the setup?
    • The setup varies in different synods.
    • Some have LYO with president, VP, secretary, treasurer, and public relations.
    • Others consist of general members from areas of the synod.
    • Some groups will have a position for VP elections on the off year. Then the year after they will serve as president.
    • There are many formats out there it is really up to the synod.
  • LYO in the Greater Church - LYO gives a voice - to the youth of the church which has an impact on the greater church.
  • BLYO( Board of the LYO)
    • The BLYO is elected every three years at the Church wide LYO Convention, held with the ELCA Youth Gathering.  Most Board members are elected for a three-year term. The BLYO is here to serve the youth of the ELCA, to represent the voice of youth at the regional and church wide levels of this church.
    • Links Synod LYOs to the church wide organization through Regional Representatives
    • Reports the activities of the LYO to other church wide organizations, including the Division for Congregational Ministries, Church wide Assembly, and Church council
    • Organizes the triennial Church wide LYO Convention
    • Connects the LYO with other church-related organization
  • CSLYOP’s – Annual Event Council of Synod Council Presidents
    • CSLYOPs is a leadership development ministry for LYO leaders across all ELCA synod. The purpose of the Council is to discuss matters of interest and concerns from the synod youth ministry organizations, as well as to share youth ministry resources, information, and to provide learning /training experiences for all council members.
    • The Council also serves as an official advisory group to the BLYO. It is a goal of the LYO to have every synod represented at this event in order to better support youth ministry across the ELCA.
  • LYO Convention
    • The Eight Triennial Convention of the Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO) will be held in Hattiesburg, MS, July 26-29, 2009 after the Gathering.
    • This convention is a gathering of the elected youth delegates from across all ELCA synods that will make decisions and elect new leaders for the LYO. Embraced by a network of adult advisors, the LYO Convention is a time for community learning and sharing about issues of church and society that matter most to youth who are already leaders in the ELCA.
    • MAC is an advisory committee to the BLYO.  The members of this committee are elected from within their own ethnic constituencies .
    • The purpose of MAC is to help the LYO strive to be more inclusive, and to voice the concerns and needs of youth of color and whose primary language is other than English.
    • MAC is composed of one male and one female from each of the following four ethnic communities:  African American, Latino, Asian American, and American Indian/Alaska Naive. 
    • MYLE is a pre-Gathering youth leadership event for youth of color or whose primary language is other than English, and for members of their congregations who are also attending the Gathering. MYLE is a powerful time to celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity while lifting up a variety of leadership development experiences so that the ELCA may better meet its goal of being a fully multicultural and anti-racist church.
  • D efinitely-Abled A dvisory C ommittee ( DAC )
    • DAC is an advisory committee to the BLYO.  The purpose of DAC is to help the LYO strive to be more inclusive, and to voice the concerns and needs of youth with disabilities. 
    • The members of this committee are elected from within their own constituency. DAC is made up of a chairperson, a secretary, and a liaison to the BLYO.  DAC meets twice per year.
    • DAYLE is the Definitely Abled Youth Leadership Event , a pre-Gathering leadership event designed for youth with disabilities (cognitive or physical) and their caregivers.
    • The purpose of DAYLE is to provide definitely-abled participants with opportunities to develop and enhance leadership skills, communicated and network with one another, and recognize that their participation in the church can, does, and will make a difference. 
    • Out of 67 synods in the ELCA, approximately 50 have LYO in their synods.
    • In our Region #7, out of the 7 synods, only 4 have “LYO’s”.
    • There is a need for youth opportunity for leadership in our area.
    • Includes Upstate New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.
    • There are 6 “mission areas” in our synod.
    • The hope is to facilitate greater cooperation and communication across the vast geographical and cultural territories of New England.
    • Maine
    • New Hampshire
    • Vermont/New York
    Contact: Angela [email_address] If you are interested in our Next Event : May 3 rd , 2008
    • Includes Boston Metro area
    • Northeast Mass.
    Contact :
    • Includes Central &
    • Western Mass.
    Contact :
    • Includes Hartford area & Central & Eastern Conn.
    Contact :
    • Includes Southeast Mass.
    • And Rhode Island
    Contact :
    • Includes Southwest Conn., Naugatuck Valley, New Haven areas
    Contact :
  • What we are trying to do??
    • Create a synodical opportunity for youth to lead in New England in each mission area
    • Connect youth and adults for ministry together
    • Create "regional" teams of youth and adults to plan, dream, and vision ministry in their area
    • Youth must be in High School
    • Each of the teams to gather frequently with ministry opportunities (i.e., a monthly meeting, annual mission trip, triennial ELCA Youth Gathering, etc.)
    • All teams will need to commit to presence at an annual training retreat for resourcing and networking with others
    • Encourage a 2-year commitment, at least for adults, but some may want to create a staggered commitment – help to pass on experiences
    • Attendance at the Regional team meetings
    • Attendance at ministry activities planned by the team
    • 2-year service (depends on team & position)
    • Weekly worship in an ELCA congregation
    • Adults:  Safe Church training
    • Youth and Adults that want to take advantage of this opportunity are expected to work hard on the ministry that they are doing and take full advantage of the opportunity and their calling.
    • By being able to allow a set place for the youth in the church, we are giving all a great opportunity for youth to serve, and be a leader. This is a great opportunity for individuals to grow in their faith through their experiences and grow and learn as a person for their future. We are not necessarily going to be an “LYO”, but we would like to create an organization for in which youth can lead other youth and have their voices heard.
  • Contact Angela ( [email_address] ) or Steve ( [email_address] )
    • If you are interested please respond. You can email this to the following people with questions.
    • Contact Angela ( [email_address] )
    • or Steve ( [email_address] )
  • We hope you enjoyed learning about this new opportunity and will help us spread the word about this new ministry!