Cocoon On Internet Security

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Internet threats and tips.

Internet threats and tips.

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  • 1. by Virtual World Computing oo
  • 2.  Online & Mobile Banking  Phishing schemes: Email or malicious websites  Man-in-the-browser (MiTB)attacks  Keyloggers: software & hardware  Fraudulant Mobile Apps: Fake Installers | Zeus-in-the-mobile  SMSTrojans  Cybercrime Exploit Kits Online BankingThreats
  • 3.  Public Wi-Fi Networks  Phishing schemes: Email attachments or malicious website links  Fake Wi-Fi Hotspots  IdentityTheft PublicWi-FiThreats
  • 4.  Malware & viruses  ID spoofing  Phone cloning  Rogue apps  BankingTrojans MobileThreats
  • 5. Myth: Malware Only Affects MicrosoftWindows Systems
  • 6.  Macs are not immune to malware  FlashbackTrojan of 2012  Fake anti-virus attacks  Right-to-left Mac malware  Ransomware hijacking Mac OS X
  • 7.  Update your computer or device on a regular basis  Make sure that you use a secure site  Look for HTTPS instead of http and look for the lock icon on the address bar of the browser you are using  Use your own devices to bank online [Both desktop & mobile]  Never use a public computer  Monitor your bank accounts Online BankingTips
  • 8.  Laptop & Mobile Devices  Keep virus & malware protection up to date  Only use websites that are encrypted [HTTPS instead of HTTP]  Turn file & printer sharing features off  Turn on your firewall  Confirm the network name [SSID]  Use unique passwords for every site  Do not access your bank account or credit cards on publicWi-Fi  Disable any settings that allow you to auto-connect toWi-Fi PublicWi-FiTips
  • 9.  Keep your device locked  Keep your device updated  Use a strong password (not the default pin)  Turn of Bluetooth when not in use  Do not automatically connect to Wi-Fi  Download apps from trusted sources  Install anti-malware/anti-virus protection Mobile SecurityTips
  • 10.  Keep software on your machine updated  Limit or remove browser plugins  Encrypt your data  Use Mac anti-virus  Enable your firewall Mac OS XTips
  • 12. “Passwords are like underwear: you don’t let people see it, you should change it very often, and you shouldn’t share it with strangers.” – Chris Pirillo
  • 13. Use a layered approach when surfing the web
  • 14. Use Common Sense
  • 15. Cocoon: A BetterWay To Browse Securely