25 emotional buying triggers.


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How to get clients starts with finding out their buying motivations.

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25 emotional buying triggers.

  1. 1. Why People Buy?25 Emotional Triggers That Work With Clients1 Fast Track Your Sales 0845 257 0073 email: info@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
  2. 2. Hi Fellow Business OwnerFor our American subscribers Happy Thanksgiving  As a quick way of sayingthank you for being on our list we have a few PDFs coming your way in thenext few days.You might be one of our growing band of sales managers or perhaps part ofour online marketing community at Najeda online.You might know us as a service provider through fast track your sales.However you know us, you will find this information useful.For any business to grow you need to deliver a product or service thatpeople want. Very simple……..or is it?Well yes and no. First of all it takes a little thought and planning. Yes havinga Marketing plan is one of those ‘things’. Having a plan that speaks into yourmarket is another.We are human beings that are driven emotionally. The facts are that wemake buying decisions emotionally and then justify them logically.Today we want to share with you 25 key emotional triggers that help peoplemake that buying decision.How many of them are you using in your marketing and sales?To You and Your Success,Denise and Sharon 2 Fast Track Your Sales 0845 257 0073 email: info@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
  3. 3. 25 Emotional Buying Triggers……Use These and Sales Will IncreaseBe SociableExpress CreativityBe EfficientProtect Oneself and FamilyProtect the Future of a FamilyBe a Good ParentBe LikedBe LovedExpress a PersonalityBe In FashionAvoid EmbarrassmentFulfill a FantasyBe Up To DateOwn Attractive ThingsCollect Valuable ThingsSatisfy the EgoBe First At Something 3 Fast Track Your Sales 0845 257 0073 email: info@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
  4. 4. Enjoy Exotic TastesLive In a Clean AtmosphereBe StrongBe HealthyRenew Vigor and EnergyGet Rid Of Aches and PainsFind New and Rare ThingsBe More BeautifulInteresting don’t you think? We have highlighted the key triggers we findwork really well when selling B2B particularlyTo You and Your Success,Denise and SharonP.S. If you would like more regular tips and advice like this visit our websiteat http://www.fasttrackyoursales.co.uk. If you want to discover theservices we provide just visit the links below. 4 Fast Track Your Sales 0845 257 0073 email: info@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
  5. 5. About UsThe Fast Track Your Sales TeamFast Track Your Sales is different to most online marketing companies. Ourbackground is sales and marketing. In fact heretics that we are we advocatethe use of offline and online marketing as a way to really accelerate yourcompany’s growth./ To find out more about us just click the link belowAbout usWhat Our Clients SayIf you would like to see a selection of what our clients think you can visitthe link below. If you would like more detail please ring us on 0845 257 0073What Our Clients SayOur ServicesOur experience in sales and marketing spans over 50 years. During this timewe have sold, created marketing plans, built and managed sales teams andbeen involved in generating sales of over £150 million.This experience helps us help business owners in the UK market and sellthemselves in a way that generates profit. Some of the range of services weoffer are listed below.Marketing Planning and StrategyAffordable WebsitesLead Generation WebsitesWeb site copy writingSales Copy WritingDirect Mail Copy WritingEmail marketing copywriting 5 Fast Track Your Sales 0845 257 0073 email: info@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
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