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How To Choose The Right Mobile CRM For Your Team
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How To Choose The Right Mobile CRM For Your Team


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What features should you consider when selecting a mobile-ready CRM for your sales team? Base CRM explores the difference between web apps and native apps, offers tips on increasing productivity …

What features should you consider when selecting a mobile-ready CRM for your sales team? Base CRM explores the difference between web apps and native apps, offers tips on increasing productivity through mobile and examines barriers to user adoption and how to overcome them.

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  • 1. HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT MOBILE CRM FOR YOUR TEAM A check list for selecting a truly mobile CRM
  • 2. The world of sales has changed. Your CRM should keep up. • No one is racing back to their rolodex with an ink pen dripping in their pocket to write down their most profitable client’s 30th anniversary before they forget it. Members of your sales team are walking into meetings with only a tablet in their hand. • In essence, your CRM must be mobile because your sales team is.
  • 3. Not all CRMs are created equal. • Just because you have a system that your team uses when sitting at their desk, it doesn’t mean this system will travel or if it is mobile, that it will travel well. • This presentation with show you the key features to look for when choosing a mobile CRM for your sales team.
  • 4. Thanks for viewing! Nice find! You’re well on your way to becoming a sales machine. Now be a friend and share this resource with hundreds of your closest Internet pals.
  • 5. First, the basics – What is CRM? • CRM = Customer Relationship Management • CRM software is used to manage your customer relationships and your sales pipeline. • It is a system that collects the data accumulated during business activities, including details on your leads, prospects, current clients, past clients and deals in one central location. • It’s an essential tool for today’s sales people.
  • 6. The CRM your team will actually want to use. Available on web, Android, iOS and Windows devices Base is the only CRM built for people and the first post-PC CRM where your mobile CRM experience is just as important as your web CRM experience. Base is used by tens of thousands of businesses to manage sales and customer relationships. Our mission is to make you and your team 10x more productive. Try Base Free 14-day free trial
  • 7. What is mobile CRM?
  • 8. A mobile CRM packs the full punch of a CRM into a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet.
  • 9. Mobile CRMs offer a solution that works anywhere – in the office, at a conference table, in the field, and from the train.
  • 10. Just because it has the word “mobile” in the product description doesn’t mean it has all of the features you need.
  • 11. You need a robust mobile CRM that works everywhere your sales team does.
  • 12. Essential features of a truly mobile CRM
  • 13. 1 It’s easy to use and promotes user adoption. • Only 30% of all CRM licenses are ever activated. • Most CRMs are cumbersome and add little value, which means sales reps hate them. If they hate them, they won’t use them. • Look for a solution that’s easy and enjoyable to use. The more user-friendly it is, the higher its adoption will be.
  • 14. 2 It works on all your devices. • You use more than one device to access data and your CRM should work on all those devices. • Look for a CRM that offers the same features you use on the desktop version on phones and tablets running iOS, Android or Windows.
  • 15. 3 It increases sales productivity. • Is it quick and easy to enter data? • Is some, if not most, data automatically captured? • Are users actually going to save time by using the CRM or are they going to waste time on admin? • Are there value-add features like task automation or goal progress tracking? • Look for a CRM that makes the sales person more productive and saves them time.
  • 16. 4 It’s full-featured. • Many CRMs offer a mobile solution that’s read only or limited in features. • Look for a full-featured CRM, not a limited edition.
  • 17. 5 It loads quickly. • Your CRM carries a lot of data, which means that it could take a while to load if it’s not built properly. • It may also slow down when you’re on a slow internet connection. • Look for a CRM that’s lightweight, responsive to the device it’s used on and designed with mobile in mind.
  • 18. 6 It’s native on your device, not just a browser version of the web app. • A solid mobile site is good, but a modern CRM should offer mobile and native apps. • Web apps will allow you to launch the application from any device you log in from, while native apps are downloaded directly onto your device and are specifically built to work on a given operating system. • Look for a CRM that offers native apps for your device.
  • 19. 7 It syncs automatically. • A good CRM updates all changes, additions and edits across all devices where you have it installed. • It’s smart enough to sync frequently so you never miss important details when switching devices. • Look for a CRM with automatic sync between any of the devices you use.
  • 20. 8 It has offline access. • You get signal in most places, but not all places. • You never stop working and neither should your CRM. • Look for a CRM with offline access to your data and one that syncs any changes automatically as soon as you’re back online.
  • 21. 9 It’s free for you to try. • You wouldn’t buy a car without driving it around the block. Why should you make a major investment in your company’s infrastructure without giving it a go first? • Any legitimate CRM provider will offer you a trial version of their product, including the mobile features. Make sure the mobile offerings jive with your sales team before you make a full investment.
  • 22. Mobile is the new must.
  • 23. Your sales team isn’t glued to their desks. Your CRM shouldn’t be either. A truly mobile solution goes on the road with your team and allows them to work whether they are taxiing before take off or catching the ferry home. And it works on the preferred device and operating system of the user, not the CRM programmer. And that is good news.
  • 24. Sales reps are an ambitious bunch, and they want to close deals. Your job is to provide them with the tools they’ll use to direct that energy toward increasing your bottom line. Shop for the features that meet the needs of your mobile sales team and make sense for your 21st century market.
  • 25. Base CRM is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that takes just minutes to set up. You’ll get powerful features such as: • Customizable pipeline • Unlimited contacts • Automated tasks • Sales goal setting • Social media Contact Clipper • Dynamic reports • FREE native mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows • Integrations with other tools like Outlook or Gmail
  • 26. Powerful on mobile and on the web. A smart CRM can make a good sales team great. Base is the next-generation customer management tool specifically designed to boost productivity and keep your team on track, whether they’re at their desks on on the road. Base was created and optimized to make the customer management process easy, insightful and relevant for the new generation of sales.
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  • 28. Base Mobile. Take your CRM anywhere. Native mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android phones & tablets and Windows Phone to take your CRM on the road. The days of waiting to get back to the office to update your CRM are over. No matter where you go, Base is along for the ride. All your data is always in sync. It's a perfect complement to the robust Base web application. Try Base Free 14-day free trial
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