50 Sales Pros To Follow On Twitter


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For those of you as interested in sales, productivity and technology as we are, we compiled this list for you. Everyone included Tweets regularly about hot topics in sales and many of them write their own blogs or contribute to other blogs and news sources.

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50 Sales Pros To Follow On Twitter

  1. 50 SALES PROS
  2. Jeff Sheehan Jeff Sheehan is an integrated marketing and social media consultant, Co-Founder of Transition Sherpa, and one of the most visible and respected B2B sales experts on the internet. Jeff dedicates a great deal of his energies to helping unemployed individuals improve their job hunting skills, and helping non-profits increase their marketing capabilities. Jeff's Tweets blend practical advice with inspirational quotes from business gurus, poets, and experts in every field. ! @JeffSheehan Base CRM twitter.com/JeffSheehan 257322 Followers 2
  3. Ian Brodie Two words describe the core of Ian Brodie's winning sales strategy: Follow Up. His coaching helps businesses connect with new clients, but more importantly he helps them maintain the connection, build the relationship, and form a bond of mutual trust that leads to better business for everyone involved. Ian is the author of multiple books, including Email Persuasion and 5 Simple Marketing Tweaks That Will Get You More Clients. His Twitter feed amounts to a comprehensive list of the best business blog posts and info available online right now. ! @ianbrodie Base CRM twitter.com/ianbrodie 107916 Followers 3
  4. Jonathan Farrington Jonathan Farrington is the CEO of Top Sales World, a highly renowned source of sales info written and edited by the best in the business. Jonathan's Twitter features links from TSW and elsewhere on the web. In mid-2013 he introduced The Sales Thought Leaders Blog which brings together the best minds in sales to share their knowledge of the rapidly changing world of business. ! @topsalesworld Base CRM twitter.com/TopSalesWorld 102066 Followers 4
  5. Jeb Blount Jeb Blount founded SalesGravy.com and has developed it into an unstoppable force for change and improvement for sales professionals. Jeb has authored five books on sales and leadership, books regular speaking engagements, and shares a constant stream of business wisdom on Twitter. ! @SalesGravy Base CRM twitter.com/SalesGravy 84235 Followers 5
  6. Jeffrey Gitomer Jeffrey Gitomer has reached millions of businesspeople with his bestselling books, including The Sales Bible, along with his Sales Caffeine e-zine, regularly published columns, and 100+ annual presentations. His TrainOne coaching system has a core library of 78 online training modules and numerous other resources for improving sales results. Jeffrey's Twitter stream is full of pithy wisdom about customer relationships, business development, and communication. ! @gitomer Base CRM twitter.com/gitomer 69744 Followers 6
  7. Don Cooper Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic, has made a name for himself sharing original thoughts and unique strategies for boosting sales. Don designs seminars around the specific needs of his clients, and his programs cover prospecting, social selling, presentation design, pricing, and other vital tips for creating and selling killer products and services. ! @DonCooper Base CRM twitter.com/DonCooper 67627 Followers 7
  8. Ron Karr Ron Karr is a professional speaker, author, and seller, but more than anything he is a leader. Ron's leadership consulting is in high demand and his signature program, Lead, Sell or Get Out Of The Way, has also inspired a book of the same title for ambitious sales executives. ! @RonKarr Base CRM twitter.com/ronkarr 34925 Followers 8
  9. Elinor Stutz Elinor Stutz started the company Smooth Sale to empower business owners to thrive in the competitive market of today. Elinor's motivational and inspiring talks and articles have garnered serious praise for Elinor as purveyor of fresh ideas in the crowded sales landscape. ! @smoothsale Base CRM twitter.com/smoothsale 34523 Followers 9
  10. Paul Castain Paul Castain's impeccable business pedigree includes stints at the legendary Dale Carnegie & Associates and several Fortune 500 companies. Paul's Sales Playbook blog is a rich, free resource for sales professionals and his sales trainings and coaching have been game changers for thousands of business owners and leaders. ! @PaulCastain Base CRM twitter.com/PaulCastain 31840 Followers 10
  11. Anthony Iannarino Anthony Iannarino is the Managing Director of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy, and an adjunct faculty member at Capital University's School of Management and Leadership. Anthony writes The Sales Blog, and interviews other internationally respected sales experts on his podcast, In The Arena. Anthony publishes an incredible amount of useful information for salespeople via his blog, podcast, and social media presence. ! @iannarino Base CRM twitter.com/iannarino 31778 Followers 11
  12. Marco Giunta Marco Giunta is a sales and marketing expert with a strong focus on web content. He works with companies to realign the vision of the sales team, marketing department, and executives so that the entire organization is working toward the same goals. Marco founded SalesConsulting.com, and publishes his own thoughts on content marketing and business strategy at MargoGiunta.com. ! @marcogiunta Base CRM twitter.com/marcogiunta 30716 Followers 12
  13. Eric Lofholm Eric Lofholm is a motivational speaker and sales trainer with over 14 years of experience teaching people how to be top producers on their sales teams, consistently. His Tweets include inspirational quotes from businesspeople, military generals, famous athletes, and even Star Wars. Eric is a Master Sales Trainer who has worked with Microsoft, RE/MAX, Honda, and dozens of other top tier companies. His inspirational talks can move individuals to better themselves, and move companies to adopt new strategies in the art and science of selling. ! @EricLofholm Base CRM twitter.com/EricLofholm 28608 Followers 13
  14. Miles Austin Miles Austin is widely known as an authority on web tools for sales. He writes the popular Fill The Funnel blog, and regularly Tweets inspiring and practical info for sales leaders. Miles provides hands on training and can be booked for public speaking events to help companies of all sizes perfect their sales processes. ! @milesaustin Base CRM twitter.com/milesaustin 27553 Followers 14
  15. Mark Hunter Mark Hunter is a veteran speaker and sales consultant with a keen focus on helping companies understand their customers' needs and meet them better than the competition can. Mark's Tweets are packed with motivational insights on inside sales, leadership, business development and more. After 18 years of sales and marketing experience with Fortune 100 companies, Mark started his own consultancy, and he has been releasing books, blog posts, and videos of his dynamite presentations ever since. ! @TheSalesHunter Base CRM twitter.com/TheSalesHunter 23778 Followers 15
  16. Alen Mayer Alen Mayer calls himself the Chief Sales Introvert, and his mission is unique: making sales and business leadership accessible to people who lack the outgoing extroversion of the archetypical salesman. Alen takes a personal interest in helping businesses build rapport with clients and uncover new opportunities. He speaks, he writes, and he does a stellar job of keeping in touch with his followers and the business community on Twitter. ! @mayeralen Base CRM twitter.com/mayeralen 23411 Followers 16
  17. Geoffrey James Geoffrey James authors the popular Sales Source column on Inc.com, and has written several books, including Business Without The Bullsh*t and The Tao of Programming. Geoffrey spent six years doing market research and product branding for a Fortune 100 company, and his combination of writing, programming, and business acumen make him a go-to expert for sales leaders. ! @Sales_Source Base CRM twitter.com/Sales_Source 19699 Followers 17
  18. Ken Krogue Ken Krogue founded InsideSales.com and offers research based tips and best practices for sales, cold calling, remote selling, and Lead Response Management. The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AAISP) noted Ken among the top 25 most influential people in the inside sales industry. His insights are both tactical and strategic and can help entrepreneurs improve their process at any point in the sales cycle. ! @kenkrogue Base CRM twitter.com/kenkrogue 19055 Followers 18
  19. Jill Konrath Jill Konrath is the author of Snap Selling and Selling to BIG Companies, two top-selling sales books with dozens of positive reviews and accolades from INC and Fortune. She shares fresh strategies for selling on her blog, Twitter, and other social media platforms. She offers speaking engagements and sales training, and videos of her previous talks can be found online for those who want a sample of her expertise. ! @jillkonrath Base CRM twitter.com/jillkonrath 17790 Followers 19
  20. Allen Peterson Allen Peterson is a Certified Management Consultant, angel investor, and founder of Peterson Associates, a consulting firm. Allen has years of experience in various roles at Bay Area technology companies, and his Tweets cover B2B marketing, social media, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. ! @RevenueDoctor Base CRM twitter.com/RevenueDoctor 17240 Followers 20
  21. Tom Hopkins Tom Hopkins is a sales legend with decades of experience providing training to salespeople and business leaders. His company, Tom Hopkins International, has trained the sales forces of powerhouses like Best Buy, AFLAC, and even the U.S. Army. His in-person and video-based trainings are well known for permanently moving the sales needle for thousands of businesses. ! @tomhopkinssales Base CRM twitter.com/tomhopkinssales 14731 Followers 21
  22. Butch Bellah Butch Bellah is a sales, marketing and business coach who honed his public speaking skills as a professional stand-up comic for a decade. His classes are optimal for business owners or leaders trying to accelerate their careers and bring more business to their companies. Butch loves to connect with others who are passionate about business and sales on Twitter, LinkedIn, and even in the comments of his own blog. ! @salespowertips Base CRM twitter.com/salespowertips 13931 Followers 22
  23. Trent Leyshan Trent Leyshan is the lead consultant at BOOM! Sales, a Melbourne based sales consultancy that he founded in 2007. He is the author of "Outlaw, Fight For Your Customers, Sell Without Fear," and he Tweets consistently about the value of attention, creativity, and hanging onto your vision in business, sales, and life. ! @TrentLeyshan Base CRM twitter.com/TrentLeyshan 12396 Followers 23
  24. Ian Knowlson Ian Knowlson is a biz dev expert and certified NLP Master Practitioner, accredited by the International NLP Trainers Association. He has 30+ years of sales and recruitment experience, and distills his knowledge into timely blog posts on his blog and on Twitter. His firm, Selling Success, offers sales coaching, social media training, specialist recruitment, and other business development services. ! @IanKnowlson Base CRM twitter.com/IanKnowlson 11611 Followers 24
  25. Nancy Nardin Nancy Nardin is the founder and President of Smart Selling Tools, and is an advocate of using software and efficient processes to increase revenue and grow a business. Nancy has written ebooks on numerous productivity softwares, and she is an Advisory Board Member at Top Sales World. ! @sellingtools Base CRM twitter.com/sellingtools 11413 Followers 25
  26. Mike Weinberg Mike Weinberg is a sales coach and consultant with an intense focus on simplicity. His salesforce consultation and leadership training have earned him recognition as a Top Sales Influencer by OpenView Labs, and his book, New Sales. Simplified., was an Amazon Bestseller in the Business Systems & Planning category. ! @mike_weinberg Base CRM twitter.com/mike_weinberg 9699 Followers 26
  27. Colleen Francis Colleen Francis is the Founder and President of Engage Selling Solutions. She offers sales team training, leadership coaching, and public speaking programs. She co-authored Honesty Sells with Steven Gaffney, and her website offers a bevy of free advice for sellers, including a regular newsletter and continually impressive, useful blog posts and videos. ! @EngageColleen Base CRM twitter.com/EngageColleen 9159 Followers 27
  28. Leanne Hoagland Smith Leanne Hoagland Smith helps small and medium business owners challenge the status quo and increase their capacity to generate new business, maximize efficiency, and face the challenges of entrepreneurship head on. Her book, Be The Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits, uses stories of success to show small business owners how to stand out in the crowded global marketplace. ! @CoachLee Base CRM twitter.com/CoachLee 9034 Followers 28
  29. Tibor Shanto Tibor Shanto is the award-winning author of Shift!: Harness the Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers. He spent 10 years with Dow Jones before becoming the Principal at Renbor Sales Solutions, where he leverages his deep sales experience to help other businesses shorten their sales cycle and accelerate their growth. ! @TiborShanto Base CRM twitter.com/TiborShanto 9011 Followers 29
  30. Mike Kunkle Mike Kunkle knows sales force transformation, period. His vision has helped companies attract hundreds of millions of dollars of new business. Mike is the Director of Product Development for Richardson, a global sales training and strategy execution company. Mike shares his own knowledge and aggregates sales tips from around the web on his highly active Twitter stream. ! @ Mike_Kunkle Base CRM twitter.com/Mike_Kunkle 8563 Followers 30
  31. Lori Richardson Lori Richardson is the founder and CEO of Score More Sales, and an Executive Member of the Global Sales Council. Lori's emphasis on focus, continual improvement, and tracking metrics make her pointers useful for any size of business, especially those seeking improvement in B2B sales. ! @scoremoresales Base CRM twitter.com/scoremoresales 8405 Followers 31
  32. Kendra Lee Kendra Lee is an IT sales strategist and lead generation expert with deep experience in hardware, software, and services sales. She's the author of The Sales Magnet, and her organization is the go-to for manufacturers and distributors working on new product launches or trying to break into SMB markets. Her Tweets on prospecting, productivity, and building value are always on-point. ! @kendraleekla Base CRM twitter.com/kendraleekla 8261 Followers 32
  33. Patricia Fripp Patricia Fripp is a leadership expert and speech coach with specialized knowledge in sales presentation skills. Good sales presentations can translate directly to more cash flow for businesses, and Patricia's trainings can help even the most experienced sales team take the next step towards more business and more revenue. Patricia's Tweets touch on presentation tactics, content development and general public speaking news and tips. ! @PFripp Base CRM twitter.com/PFripp 7910 Followers 33
  34. Paul McCord Paul McCord has 30 years of experience in training sellers and business leaders all over the globe. McCord Training helps sellers develop effective tools for connecting with great prospects. Though Paul focuses on the front end of the sales cycle, his talks, blog posts, and Tweets have great content on every aspect of sales and business development. ! @paul_mccord Base CRM twitter.com/paul_mccord 7286 Followers 34
  35. Dan Waldschmidt Dan Waldschmidt describes himself as an "ordinary dude with an outrageous vision." His Edgy Conversations blog receives high praise in the business world, and has inspired a book of the same title. Waldschmidt's iconoclastic attitude toward tired business practices earns him the respect of his peers and his customers alike. ! @DanWaldo Base CRM twitter.com/DanWaldo 6982 Followers 35
  36. Brian Carroll Brian Carroll is the CEO of InTouch and the author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. His expertise on B2B sales has earned him accolades from The Wall Street Journal and countless other publications. He Tweets regularly on marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, and lead generation, and his blog posts and speeches are a great source of inspiration to tens of thousands of businesspeople. ! @brianjcarroll Base CRM twitter.com/brianjcarroll 6331 Followers 36
  37. Gerhard Gschwandtner Gerhard Gschwandtner, the Founder and Publisher of Selling Power magazine and the host of the Sales 2.0 Conferences. Gerhard is among the most influential sales experts of all time. His blog is a must-read for sales leaders, as are his Tweets and the 17 sales management books he has authored. ! @gerhard20 Base CRM twitter.com/gerhard20 6158 Followers 37
  38. Trish Bertuzzi Trish Bertuzzi is the President & Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group, Inc, an inside sales consulting and implementation firm. Her powerful vision for how technology companies can improve their sales strategies and confront the challenges of business growth with aplomb. Trish's Twitter feed goes beyond sharing content and promoting blog posts. She teaches her followers, and her clients, how to engage, enthrall, and empathize with everyone they encounter. ! @bridgegroupinc Base CRM twitter.com/bridgegroupinc 6082 Followers 38
  39. Gary Hart Gary S. Hart is an experienced sales executive and the author of the Sales Du Jour blog. He was on Inside View's Top 25 Sales Influencers in 2012 and 2013, and his tweets on lead generation, sales coaching, and general corporate culture are consistently insightful and applicable to businesses in every industry. ! @SalesDuJour Base CRM twitter.com/SalesDuJour 5767 Followers 39
  40. Barb Giamanco Barb Giamanco is the head of Social Centered Selling and a co-author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media. She is a social media sales evangelist, business advisor, speaker, and coach, and her writing has been published in the Harvard Business Review and many other influential publications. Barb's Twitter feed is packed with links to the best business and sales articles from around the web. ! @barbaragiamanco Base CRM twitter.com/barbaragiamanco 5722 Followers 40
  41. Todd Schnick Todd Schnick is a marketing, sales, and business strategist who has interviewed dozens of sales and tech industry legends on his Intrepid Radio Show podcast. Todd's experience in political strategy, business, and publishing give him a killer combo of unique insights that any entrepreneur could learn from. ! @toddschnick Base CRM twitter.com/toddschnick 5698 Followers 41
  42. Wendy Weiss Wendy Weiss is the president of ColdCallingResults.com. She's an authority on lead generation and new business development. She has written and contributed to numerous books on all aspects of business, and is known as The Queen of Cold Calling for her focus on helping businesses learn to make cold calls that get results. ! @wendyweiss Base CRM twitter.com/wendyweiss 5628 Followers 42
  43. Anneke Seley Anneke Seley designed Oracle's incredibly efficient OracleDirect inside sales operation. She is the CEO and Founder of Reality Works Group, and co-author of the book Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology. Her Tweets cover the gamut of business topics, from personal branding to leveraging data. ! @annekeseley Base CRM twitter.com/annekeseley 4794 Followers 43
  44. Jim Keenan Jim Keenan is a sales consultant with a focus on action. Jim's blog, A Sales Guy, features loads of free advice and numerous ebooks, and his consulting services are top notch. Jim was featured in Top Sales World's Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers in 2012, and he has only grown better since then. ! @keenan Base CRM twitter.com/keenan 4763 Followers 44
  45. Dave Stein Dave Stein founded his own sales consultancy, The Stein Advantage, Inc, after years of executive experience at big tech companies like Fortune Systems Corporation. He has been quoted in the New York Times, Inc., BusinessWeek, and other top business publications, and his coaching and advice have driven growth and transformation for countless businesses over the past two decades. Dave can be hired for high-impact, energetic presentations that draw on his experience in B2B sales across many industries. ! @davestei Base CRM twitter.com/davestei 4178 Followers 45
  46. Bob Apollo Bob Apollo is the CEO and Founder of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, a firm that helps B2B-focused, tech-based businesses elevate their sales strategy and systematically improve their performance. Bob's outcome-oriented methods ensure that all Inflexion Point clients exceed their goals and accelerate their revenue performance. Anyone needing advice on complex B2B sales strategies will find something useful in Bob's Twitter stream. ! @bobapollo Base CRM twitter.com/bobapollo 3932 Followers 46
  47. John Cousineau John Cousineau is the founder, president, and product visionary at Amacus, a company that provides online client relationship tracking software and analytics to help salespeople leverage data to improve their business. His Tweets cover a wide range of great info, from how to manage complex B2B sales to data gathering ad interpretation. ! @jcousineau Base CRM twitter.com/jcousineau 3339 Followers 47
  48. Nancy Bleeke Nancy Bleeke is the founder of Sales Pro Insider Inc., a business consulting firm for companies that want to boost their sales, customer service, and leadership skills. Nancy posts frequent productivity and leadership tips on Twitter, and her collected wisdom is available her book, Conversations That Sell. ! @SalesProInsider Base CRM twitter.com/SalesProInsider 2816 Followers 48
  49. Peter Ostrow Peter Ostrow is the VP and Group Director of Sales Effectiveness & Strategy at Aberdeen Group. He Tweets about social selling, sales training, and even how big data can inform business decisions. Peter conducts research about sales performance management and intelligence, and much of his research is available freely through the Aberdeen Access program. Sales leaders looking to adopt new technologies, accelerate their sales cycle, and exceed their quotas will find Peter's writing indispensable. ! @peterostrow Base CRM twitter.com/peterostrow 2581 Followers 49
  50. Kelly Riggs Kelly Riggs is known for is 1-on-1 Management training and the ability to increase employee engagement and improve business development through proven, motivational tactics. He is the founder and President of Vmax Performance Group and the author of two books on management, leadership, and sales careers. ! @kellyriggs Base CRM twitter.com/kellyriggs 2236 Followers 50
  51. Craig Wortmann Craig Wortmann is a veteran sales expert and the founder and CEO of Sales Engine. He got his start two decades ago at IBM and has continued to evolve into a powerhouse seller and leader in both B2B and B2C contexts. ! @craigwortmann Base CRM twitter.com/craigwortmann 1526 Followers 51