5 Reports Every VP Of Sales Should Master


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As the VP of Sales, what metrics matter to you and your team? The experts at Base CRM will show you how to turn visual data into actionable insights.

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5 Reports Every VP Of Sales Should Master

  1. 1. 5 REPORTS EVERY VP OF SALES SHOULD MASTER Learn how to turn visual data into actionable insights PRESENTED BY
  2. 2. Your CRM remembers exactly how many leads your team generated, how many quotes were issued and how many deals were made.
  3. 3. Make sure you are using it to its fullest potential by viewing these 5 essential reports for VPs of Sales. Let your CRM do the heavy lifting and provide you with the key reports you need so that you're always on top of your sales performance.
  4. 4. Thanks for viewing! Nice find! You’re well on your way to becoming a sales machine. Now be a friend and share this resource with hundreds of your closest Internet pals.
  5. 5. And if your CRM doesn’t offer these reports out of the box, it might be time to find a new one.
  6. 6. Automated tasks. Automate your process. Cut down on repetitive tasks with task automation. Create rules for action-based tasks and reminders to automate business functions. Get more work done in less time. Try Base Free 14-day free trial
  8. 8. What does it show? • Where all deals stand at all points in your pipeline  • How many deals came in • How many leads were qualified • How many deals were lost and at what point  • What your business has to lose or gain
  9. 9. Example of a Sales Funnel Analysis Report The Sales Funnel Analysis report in Base CRM can be filtered by date range, team member or tag. In this example, all qualified deals made it to the Quote stage, but only two of four deals made it from the Quote stage to the Contract stage. Wondering why? The Loss reasons by Owner report can shed some light.
  10. 10. The benefit is: • You know exactly what's happening with your sales pipeline • You can coach your team differently depending on what the report shows • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your lead management and sales process
  12. 12. What does it show? It shows all the prospects coming in, to which person on your team it’s been assigned and from what source it originated.
  13. 13. Example of an Incoming Deals Volume Report In Base CRM, the Incoming Deals Volume report breaks down the number of deals registered over a period of time, according to team member, number of deals and percentage of total deal count. You can also filter this report by team member or tag. When you’re in the Base app, you can also hover your cursor over a date on the graph to show a snapshot of who registered deals on a given date.
  14. 14. The benefit is: • See effectiveness of marketing campaigns • See balance of leads between sales people so you can adjust if needed
  15. 15. Take control of your sales pipeline workflow. Working your sales pipeline has never been easier. Customize sales stages and enjoy an easy drag-anddrop interface. Invite your team to work with you on current opportunities and share deals, contacts, notes and tasks. Try Base Free 14-day free trial
  17. 17. What does it show? It shows exactly what revenue is expected in the time period you specify. This report is generated by taking the length of time it takes to close a deal and the percent likelihood of converting a deal from each stage.
  18. 18. Example of a Forecasted Sales Repor t There are two types of Forecasted Sales reports in Base CRM. This first one provides a view of forecasted and actual sales over time.
  19. 19. Example of a Forecasted Sales by Source Repor t The Forecasted Sales by Source Report gives you a different view into forecasted sales. Instead of a trend line over time, this report breaks down your forecast by the source of where the lead came from to begin with. You can adjust the date range to see how the composition of your deal sources changes.
  20. 20. The benefit is: • Predict future revenue • Pinpoint what deals you should be focusing on  • Motivator for your team
  22. 22. What does it show? You set the goal for your sales team. This report shows you progress that your team is making towards that goal.
  23. 23. Example of a Sales Revenue Goals Repor t – snapshot Since the Sales Revenue Goals report is such a commonly visited report, you’ll see it in two places in Base CRM. The example pictured above is on your dashboard so that you have a quick snapshot of where you stand against your sales goals every time you log in.
  24. 24. Example of a Sales Revenue Goals Repor t – full view This is what the full Sales Revenue Goals report looks like in Base. It shows you how the team is doing as well as how various team members are performing. If you’d like to learn more about goal setting, please check out our blog post.
  25. 25. The benefit is: • Keeps you and your team on track  • Helps your team meet quota since you always know where you stand • Allows you to set goals for individual team members • Let's you see how you're doing against short, medium and long-term goals
  26. 26. Base Mobile. Take your CRM anywhere. Native mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android phones & tablets and Windows Phone to take your CRM on the road. The days of waiting to get back to the office to update your CRM are over. No matter where you go, Base is along for the ride. All your data is always in sync. It's a perfect complement to the robust Base web application. Try Base Free 14-day free trial
  28. 28. What does it show? This report tells you the number of deals won, by team member, against the goals you set for your team.
  29. 29. Example of a Won Deals Repor t As with most reports, you probably want to see deals won on a team scale as well as on an individual level. The Won Deals Goals report in Base CRM gives you both. Every bar is labeled with the actual number of deals in case that’s easier for you than looking at percentages (x-axis).
  30. 30. The benefit is: • See how your team members are performing against the goals you set • Compare team members' performance to each other to find your stars and staff who need more coaching
  32. 32. Total Sales The total sales report shows the value of your won deals over a period of time. To know where you are going, you must know where you’ve been. Use this report to build next quarter’s benchmarks.
  33. 33. Deal Source The deal sources report breaks down exactly where your deals are coming from. You can filter this report by date range, team member, tag, or stage. Use this report for lead tracking to reward people who generate leads and to rework programs that aren’t pulling their weight.
  34. 34. Deals by stage This report gives a percentage breakdown of where your current deals are at in a given timeframe. This snapshot provides a quick comparison of how many deals your team or team member has won, lost or is pursuing.
  35. 35. Deal Source Performance Shows the percentage of won deals by source and team member. Where do we get the most qualified leads? Speculate no more. This report lets you in on where the business is coming from.
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