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Learn How to Play Rummy Online Game, its tips & strategies at

Learn How to Play Rummy Online Game, its tips & strategies at



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Adda52: Rummy Game Online Adda52: Rummy Game Online Presentation Transcript

  • RUMMY GAMERummy Tips and Strategy, How to Play Rummy, Online Rummy, Rummy Game
  • IntroductionThe origin of Rummy games may be hard to trace but the "draw anddiscard" game structure is distinctive and is a characteristic pattern ofplay unique to Rummy games. And apart from this exclusive playingpattern, this card game ultimately confirms that a player should get ridof all of the cards that they are having in their hands with the optionsto form either sets or runs. All of the Rummy games use this patternof play and many use some kind of a scoring system making the playfor money much more attractive.There are many theories regarding the history and origins of RummyGames, each one attributes the invention of them to different peopleor nations around the world and this is difficult to verify. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Introduction….Some told that Rummy derived from Poker which originated withFrench Settlers in the west. It can be said that there are similaritiesbetween the two in the way in which cards are combined and with bothsharing the same concepts of sequences and groups. According to JohnScarne in "Scarne On Cards" (1949), Rummy was developed from agame called "Whiskey Poker" which later became known as "RumPoker", and later just "Rum" and then finally "Rummy".Moving on a little in the History of Rummy, the most popular variant,Gin Rummy is fairly well agreed to have been invented in the early 20thCentury.It is widely believed that the history of the name “Gin Rummy” canfrom the inventors love of drinking Gin. The game became verypopular in the 1930’s and was played extensively by the famous moviestars in Hollywood as a quick game to play between filming. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Introduction….Another possibility is that rummy originated as a drinking game playedwhen participants were partaking of the odd glass or two of rum. Rumis of course also a name of an alcoholic drink which would have beenwidely drank around the time the card game rummy began to gainpopularity. There is also a game called “rum poker.” which might well bethe “father” of rummy card games and the many variations of it.Finally there are a number of people who also believe that rummyoriginated in Mexico. They call it “Conquian” which does not explain inany way how the name rummy came about!The popularity of Rummy was further increased during the GreatDepression when people tended to stay indoors and entertain themselvesby playing games rather than partake in other formsof, expensive, entertainment. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Introduction….These days, Online Rummy is very popular and offers players thechance to play many versions of rummy online, in their own homesregardless of the time of day. This has ensured the increasingpopularity of Rummy and will continue to do so as playing rummyonline becomes more and more popular. Perhaps we are onlywitnessing the beginning of the history of Rummy!In recent years many of the Rummy variants have gone online. Theplayers from all over the world thus are able to join the play and furthercan enjoy the variety of Rummy’s exceptional qualities. People thosewho actually grew up playing this unique card game Rummy, or the newgeneration those who are on the verge to accept the same, the Rummygames are meant for the both. With its variation Rummy games furtherwill entertain many new generations to come. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rules of RummyRummy is a family of card games, but the rules here are for the mostbasic of the Rummy games and a good introduction to the entirefamily.Players2 to 6 players.DeckStandard 52-card deck. King is high; Ace is low. (See "Ace Either Highor Low" below for a common variant.)GoalTo be the first to play ("meld") all of your cards. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rules of Rummy….SetupShuffle the deck and choose a dealer. Deal cards to the playersas follows:• With two players, 10 cards each.• With three or four players, 7 cards each.• With five or six players, 6 cards each.Cards which are not dealt are placed face down in the middleof the table to form the draw pile. Turn the top card from thedraw pile face up and set it next to the draw pile; this cardbegins the discard pile. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rules of Rummy….GameplayOn his turn, each player must follow this sequence:• He must draw one card, either from the top of the draw pile or the top of the discard pile.• He may (but does not have to) play a meld of cards (see "Melds" below) or add to another players meld (see "Laying Off" below).• He must discard one card, adding it (face up) to the top of the discard pile. There is one exception to the requirement that you discard: If a player has melded all of his cards, he does not need to discard.NOTE: If a player chose to draw the top card on the discard pile instep 1, he may not discard that card on the same turn. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rules of Rummy….MeldsA meld of cards can be played if it meets one of twoconditions:Groups (or Books): Three or four of a kind.Sequences (or Runs): Three or more consecutive cards of thesame suit.NOTE: When making a sequence in basic Rummy, the Ace isalways low card. It may not be played above the King. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rules of Rummy….Laying OffA player may play a card or cards from his hand that fit meldsalready on the table. This is known as "laying off." Cards which arelaid off get placed on the table in front of the player who playsthem.• EXAMPLE: Tom has played a meld that includes three 8s. Dana can lay off an 8 from her hand.• EXAMPLE: Nora has played a meld that includes the 8-9-10 of Hearts. Dave can lay off the 7 of Hearts or the Jack of Hearts, or both, from his hand.• EXAMPLE: Mark has played a meld that includes the 3-4-5 of Clubs. Amy can lay off the 6 and 7 of Clubs from her hand. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rules of Rummy….Going OutA player "goes out" when he plays the last card in his hand either bymelding, laying off or discarding.NOTE: Some players require that the final card in a players hand bediscarded. That is, a player cannot go out by melding or laying off. He mustdiscard the final card.ScoringWhen a player goes out, the round is scored. All of the cards remaining inother players hands are credited to the winner of the hand, as follows:• Aces are worth 1 point.• Number cards are worth face value.• Face cards are worth 10 points each. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rules of Rummy….Going RummyA player "goes rummy" if he plays all of his cards (in anycombination of melding, laying off, and discarding) in a singleplay, having played no cards at all previously during that hand.When a player goes rummy, all points are doubled for that hand.Ace Either High or LowSome players play that the Ace can be either low card (as itnormally is, as in A-2-3) or high card (so that a meld of Q-K-Awould also be legal). If playing this way, Aces should be countedas 15 points each in scoring to better reflect their value. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rules of Rummy….Exhausting the Draw PileIf the draw pile is exhausted (all cards are taken), shuffle all ofthe cards in the discard pile except for the one on top to forma new draw pile.WinningThe first player to reach a predetermined number of points(such as 150), or to have the most points after a predeterminednumber of hands are played, is the winner. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rummy TipsTips for improving your game! As in any skill game, in Rummyyou can be a good player or an excellent player! Here are a fewtips to help you in the process!The deck of cards- Rummy games can be played with a singledeck, or with two identical decks of cards. It is important thatduring the game you are alert and aware of the cards that havebeen drawn and discarded. You do not want to wait for a cardthat has already been discarded in previous turns! ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rummy Tips….Drawing a cardThe card draw is the main strategy in Rummy games. A players’decision to pick up a card from the stock pile or the discardpile can tell their opponent a lot about the players’ strategy andwhat type of hand they have. It is for this reason that it isrecommended to pick up cards from the stock pile unless thecard in the discard pile complete a set or run. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rummy Tips….Drawing a card….Drawing a card can be important for reason other than the onementioned before. Some games require you to collect a certainnumber of points before you can start melding the cards inyour hand. When you collect the higher ranking cards there is abetter chance of being able to reach the minimum pointrequirement. However, picking up high ranking cards in thelater stages of the game could be risky as you could be caughtwith many points if your opponent melds all of their cardsfirst! ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rummy Tips….Discarding CardsJust like picking up cards, discarding cards is part of the gamestrategy. Although you might feel you need to discard the cardsin your hand that are not being used, be sure not to discardcards that could potentially help your opponent complete setsor runs. For example: If you discarded a 6 of spades in yourprevious turn and your opponent picks it up, it’s best not todiscard another 6, or the 5 or 7 of spades as those cards couldhelp them.These tips are just the beginning for winning rummy! Nexttime you play, remember all these tips that will help you onyour way to winning! ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rummy Tricks and StrategyEveryone wants to win and if you win your game with some styleand applying some tricks, it acts like the cherry on the top. Most ofus play card games with our friends and family members and we feelreally bad if we loose and it makes our day if we win, here are somerummy tricks that might help you win some rummy games:Trick 1 – Making pure sequencesThe first thing a rummy player must focus upon is to make puresequences. As per the common rummy rules, you should aim atmaking two sequences from which one should be pure sequence.This rummy trick helps you in minimizing the points that you geteven if you loose. A related rummy tip or trick here is to use theJoker to make the second sequence. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rummy Tricks and Strategy….Trick 2 – Using more than three cards in a sequencePeople think that they can only use three cards to make asequence and have to make a set with four cards but a playercan use more than three cards too to make a sequence.Trick 3 – Discarding cards that carry high pointsCards like Jack, Queen, King and Ace carry the highest pointsand the trick here is to discard high point cards first so thateven if you loose the game, you don’t get a lot of points. Thisrummy trick does not recommend you to just discard highpoint cards, the tip is to think carefully when discarding thehigh point or low point cards. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • Rummy Tricks and Strategy….Tip 4 – Using Jokers WiselyIf you get a joker, just don’t fix the use of that joker i.e. keep thinkingabout different ways to use the joker because you would find that thereare more than one way to use the joker. Also, as rummy rules need youto make at least two sequence, you can use the Joker to make one non-pure sequence too.Tip 5 – Keeping an eye on the cards of the opponentThis is one of the advanced rummy trick that players learn withexperience but once learned, it will help you a lot. The tip here is toremember the card your opponent is discarding and the card that theopponent is picking. A player should always think twice beforediscarding because one should try and make sure that the opponent willnot pick that card and that’s the exact place where this rummy trickhelps. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM
  • References:-http://www.adda52.comhttp://blog.adda52.com document may contain some mistakes. TAKES NOGURANTEE OF THE SAME AS THE CONTENTS ARE TAKEN FROMTHE INTERNET AS MENTIONED IN THE REFERENCE. You agree thatyou will use the information provided in this document to increase yourknowledge. ONLINE RUMMY GAME BY WWW.ADDA52.COM