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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

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  • 1. Nassau Industrial Doors Ltd Service Maintenance New Doors Repairs Whatever your needs We can help YOU!
  • 2. Brief Outline
    • NASSAU is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of industrial sectional overhead doors.
    • Functional design, uncompromising quality and expert consultation are some of the key factors behind the best doors on the market.
    • NASSAU Door A/S is the leading Danish manufacturer of industrial sectional overhead doors. For over 30 years our name has been synonymous with quality, durability, functionality and attractive design.
    • Industrial doors are the perfect combination of the latest production technology, innovation and functional design.
    • NASSAU Door is a member of Nielsen & Nielsen Holding , an international group consisting of 24 companies all over the world.
    • Nielsen & Nielsen has over 2,200 employees and a turnover of over DKK 2.1 billion, of which 84% is exported.
    • The group companies manufacture a range of products, such as satellite dish and antenna equipment, dispensing equipment for the beverage industry and industrial sectional overhead doors.
    • Group headquarters are in Ringe, Denmark and Agents throughout Europe.
    • NASSAU is strongly represented throughout Europe and the Middle East. The NASSAU group employs a total of 550. Over 75% of total production is exported to more than 30 different countries.
  • 3. Our Objectives
    • To be the best at what we do, and to have the trust of those that we do business with.
    • To turn up when we say we will.
    • To give total customer satisfaction.
    • To deal with any enquiry in a timely manner and be as prompt as you would expect us to be.
  • 4. Our Products
    • Sectional Doors
    9000 F 9000 G 9000 M
  • 5. Roller Shutters
    • Shutter Curtain Constructed from 75mm wide curved section, interlocking galvanised steel laths. Finished with a galvanised 'T' bottom rail. Side Guides Constructed from 3mmx63mm steel guide channel bolted to 75mmx50mmx5mm galvanised steel angles. End Plates Fabricated from mild steel plates. Size and gauge dependant upon door size Electric Operation - 415volt and 3 phase Direct drive operator complete with integral safety gear, gear driven limit, switches, emergency hand chain mechanism and three push button starter unit. Single phase power operation available dependant on size and application. Electric Operation - 240V Tubular Motor Single phase tube motor with integral limits available with or without manual override. Optional Extras: Automated systems. Hood. Motor Cover. Wicket Gate. Windlock Guides. Rubber Seals. Brush Seals. Plastisol coated lath (limited range of colours). Powdercoated finish (standard BS or RAL colours). :: Insulated Roller Shutters are also available on request.
  • 6. Fire Shutters
    • Manual Doors These doors can be used for normal security but will be heavier to lift than non fire rated doors. This should always be considered if the doors are used regularly. Manual doors self close when a suspended weight is released on to the door bottom rail and over balances the door causing it to close under gravity. The weight is suspended by one of three options as follows:-
    • Fusible Link A bulb that melts at 68°C.
    • Solenoid Release Thermo Electric Quartzoid Bulb This is used where high speed reaction to fire risk is required. These high-technology links can be incorporated into detection, alarm and fire fighting systems. Operation:- Automatic when connected to electronic detector/fire alarm system or, (in event of system failure) when temperature reaches 68°C. Electrical rating:- Maximum continuity test current 1 amp. Minimum operation current 1 amp. Maximum operation current 5 amp. Operation time at operation current 10 Ms. ALL the above devices must be renewed after activation. Powered Operated Doors The standard range of operators incorporates a clutch disengagement which can be manually or remotely operated by either a fusible link or solenoid operated unit. The disengagement of the clutch initiates the controlled closure of the door curtain under its own weight. The controlled descent facility ensures guaranteed closing of the curtain with the additional benefit of allowing frequent testing of the fire containment system without risk of damage. Motor requirements:- 3 phase 10 amp and neutral. Single phase:- (additional cost) 13 amp fuse spur. Automatic clutch disengagement is achieved by two methods. 1. Fusible link assembly for operation of fire shutters in the immediate vicinity of a fire. 2. Solenoid operation by 24 volt DC signal from the smoke detection or fire alarm system. Specification Rated voltage 24 volt DC Rated current 0.37 amp Minimum operating voltage 18 volt DC.
  • 7. Hyspeed Doors
    • Nassau HighSpeed Doors signals NASSAU Door's introduction of a brand new product range in the British Market for high speed doors. NASSAU HighSpeed Doors are high quality products that fully live up to the requirements made by modern companies relating to safety, reliability and economy. NASSAU Door's standard HighSpeed selection includes five models whose wide range of accessories enables them to be adapted to meet virtually any customer requirement. Self Repairing After Collision Avoid expensive service visits and critical stoppages in logistical operations. All HighSpeed Doors from NASSAU are equipped with the unique "Break Away" system, which prevents the door from being damaged by a collision. In the event of a collision, the curtain detaches from the door guide rails. Functionality is restored by simply opening the door after which the door will automatically run into place in the guide rails as it closes. This avoids expensive service visits and critical stoppages in logistical operations. All five NASSAU HighSpeed Door models achieve maximum safety levels. To achieve maximum safety, all HighSpeed models are equipped with a standard wireless bottom rubber profile to ensure that the door instantly reverses direction if it encounters resistance as it closes. To ease assembly and prevent loose wires or cables, the sensor in the bottom rubber profile communicates wirelessly with the receiver in the control box. All NASSAU HighSpeed Doors are certified in accordance with the latest European standards and are delivered with CE labelling pursuant to EN 13241-1.
  • 8. Steel Door Sets
    • With the advent of good quality, durable and attractive veneers and laminates into the market the inherent benefits of steel: strength, security and durability can be merged with the aesthetic design appeal of timber to offer doors that can protect from fire and theft whilst also withstanding the day to day rigours of the 21st century without rusting, warping or rotting and also withstand infestation from vermin and insects
    Fire Rated Doorsets These manufactured fire rated Doorsets with a certificate of between 2 and 4 hours on a double door set and between 2 and 6 hours on a single door set. Both Doorsets can have glazing and still carry the same certifications. All doors are designed on a CAD/CAM system and manufactured with CNC punching and pressing facilities. A choice of flush, lipped or double lipped is available at the same price. Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide design ideas and cost estimates. Door Leaves Manufactured from 1.2, 1.6 or 2.0 Zintec steel, double skinned with interlocking seams reinforced vertically with interlocking channels and horizontally with tubes to prevent twisting. Standard thickness is 45mm, but other thickness is available on request.
  • 9. Dock Levellers Every single Dock leveller is fully tested at the factory and for each and every manufactured Dock leveller. Characteristics: * Hazard warning stripes are placed in proper anti-wear pressed seats, eliminating abrasion and making them practically everlasting. * High lateral flexibility providing the necessary tilt to ensure the tip of the dock leveller lip remains in contact with the bed of the vehicle, even if it is sloping across its width. * Motor is plunged in hydraulic oil and encased within the hydraulic power pack, guaranteeing low noise, clean and smooth operation. * Simple and intuitive control panel. * Unification of all components for ease of maintenance. * High quality components providing a long life cycle of each dock leveller . In addition to the main characteristics of the telescopic lip dock leveller indicated within the previous page, some additional features are: * Telescopic lip complete with a 500mm or 1000mm extension. * Wide supporting area of the lip on the loading bay. * Control panel with 2 independent dock leveller control operating buttons, one for the platform and one for the lip. * Lateral Beads and automatic coupling device. * A vast operating range, both above and below dock level.
  • 10. Dock Shelters
    • Standard Dock Shelter Optional material specifications available. Colour matching and greater protection is available on request. Self supporting structure and available in dock mounted down to ground versions, also with adjustable head system to cater for a wider range of vehicles.
    • Retractable Dock Shelter The retractable Dock Shelter is available in dock mounted, ground mounted and adjustable head models. The adjustable head curtain system extends the usable range of the other shelters, enabling a wider variety of vehicles to be effectively sealed to the loading area.
    • Mobile Head Dock Seal The pad system is built to fit the structural opening while interfacing within the size parameters of the vehicles. The head pad runs in steel tracks between the side pads over the length of its adjustment. The head pad is suspended by a full width blind, which is attached to a spring counterbalanced roller for smooth height adjustment and the blind also forms a seal when the head pad is below the door lintel.
    • Insulated Loading Pods An add-on dock pod is the easy cost effective way to expand your loading bay operations. Add-on dock pods are individually designed in full consultation with you and have a complete range of options to suit the operational needs of your warehouse.
  • 11. Operation Possibilities
    • In addition to the comfort factor of automatic operation, there are a number of other advantages. Improved working environment Automatic opening and closing which shortens the length of time the door is open reducing the loss of heat (or cold) and protecting against draughts - all to the benefit of the working environment. Electrical operation also provides smoother opening and closing, making door operation quieter. Longer lifetime an better economy Electrical operation gives the door a smoother and more uniform motion, reducing wear and tear and extending its lifetime. The combination of reduced wear and time saved means the investment in electrical operation is quickly recovered. Equipment for any situation Depending on traffic and requirements, an automatic NASSAU door can be operated by a wide range of control equipment:
  • 12. Nassau Acoustics
    • Noise suppression and acoustics Noise in the workplace is one of the worst contributors to a poor working environment. By focusing on noise, more comfortable conditions can be provided for your employees, with improvements in efficiency, motivation and productivity to follow. NASSAU Acoustics has been one of the market-leaders within professional solutions for effective noise suppression and acoustic control for more than 20 years. What we can offer: > customised solutions for indoors and outdoors > high quality and good design > approved acoustic panels > a flexible modular system for encapsulation of machinery > a modular system of panels, doors, windows, sluices etc. > a re-usable modular system > noise-suppression guarantee > consultancy, noise analysis, planning, construction and fast installation Design of individual solutions is achieved in close consultation with the customer to ensure individual requirements are fulfilled. Working environment Working environment legislation governing noise levels is getting tougher. The Danish rule governing this area for example, Regulation no. 801, 1993, states that no personnel shall be exposed to sustained noise levels exceeding 85 dB(A). Studies have shown that irreversible loss of hearing can occur. Noisy machinery is a big problem in many working areas and many businesses are setting well-defined limits for noise levels in the working environment to combat the problem. Noise levels in production facilities are often the cause of a poor working environment and high levels of sick leave. The Danish parliament has ruled that the working environment in all Danish businesses is to be screened, a process that has started and that will run through to 2008. Any company’s working environment that fails to achieve the government’s standard will be penalised and placed under observation. Such a situation will cost a lot more than investment in eliminating the problem proactively.
  • 13. Domestic Garage Doors
    • Every door is made-to-measure so it fits your garage perfectly. Manufactured from strong corrosion-resistant aluminium with an insulating core, SeceuroGlide is available in a range of ten stylish finishes. These durable factory-coated finishes eliminate the need for painting and ensure that your door continues to look good for years and represents a sound investment for your home. Once installed, SeceuroGlide is very low maintenance and comes complete with a comprehensive 2 year guarantee on all manufactured parts and 5 years on the Somfy motor for total peace of mind. This outstanding, yet attractively priced insulated roller garage door concept has been carefully designed and refined to improve on many of the virtues of both conventional steel roller doors and sectional overhead doors. Where the headroom inside your garage is particularly limited, a new Compact version of SeceuroGlide is now available which requires only 8” (205mm) above the opening height. Using a 55mm insulated aluminium profile opening widths of up to 3 metres can easily be accommodated. The SeceuroGlide Compact package includes a neat 90° facia that completely conceals the back of the door’s coil, so drive through height permitting, it can be installed partly or completely into the garage door opening. SeceuroGlide Compact is also suitable for external applications as all exposed components are made from corrosion resistant aluminium and then powder coated to a high standard. Where required, an optional 45° canopy can be supplied to completely enclose the curtain’s coil. These features mean that SeceuroGlide Compact looks and performs just as well when fitted onto the outside of your garage, as it does when fitted on the inside. * Suits both internal and external applications. * Only 205mm headroom required. * Slim 60mm guide rails. * Low maintenance. * Fully painted finish. * Insulated curtain. * Available in White, Brown and Fir Green ONLY.
  • 14.
    • Many thanks for taking the time to view this Introduction to Nassau Industrial Doors.
    • If you have any questions in relation to any of the products or how we can help YOU, then please contact:
    • Darren Sidebottom 07971 321205
    • [email_address]
    • or
    • Head Office 01782 418700