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introduction to Polyglot Persistence
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introduction to Polyglot Persistence



an first introduction to polygot persistence

an first introduction to polygot persistence



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introduction to Polyglot Persistence introduction to Polyglot Persistence Presentation Transcript

  • POLYGLOT PERSISTENCE choosing the right persistence option for the task at handThursday, May 17, 12
  • > WHOAMI @gertfindel prof@puc tech@acidlabsThursday, May 17, 12
  • “if you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail” - Maslow’s MaximThursday, May 17, 12
  • sql Structured Query Language ACID “Normalization is good” SELECT isbn, title, price FROM Book WHERE price < AVG (SELECT price FROM Book) ORDER BY title;Thursday, May 17, 12
  • Scaling RDBMS Launch successful service Read saturation: add caching Write saturation: add hardware Queries slow down: denormalize Reads still too slow: prematerialise common queries, stop joining Writes too slow: drop secondary indexes and triggersThursday, May 17, 12
  • nosql No SQL as query lang. Distributed architecture Not necessarily ACID > BASE: Basically Available, Soft State, Eventually Consistent > CAP: Consistency, Availability, Partition ToleranceThursday, May 17, 12
  • NoSQL Flavors Document Store CouchDB, SimpleDB Graph Neo4j, FlockDB Key-Value store Riak, Cassandra Tabular BigTable, Hadoop RDF SPARQL basedThursday, May 17, 12
  • Thursday, May 17, 12
  • it’s not about SQL vs. NosqlThursday, May 17, 12
  • it’s not about SQL vs. Nosql it’s all about SQL+ NosqlThursday, May 17, 12
  • USE CASE: ____ social network - crowdfunding presents transactions API MySQL mobile logs re com men da tio cat ns Redis alo g Neo4j web Mongo soon at http://bufys.comThursday, May 17, 12
  • USE CASE: ____ Open Graph: Graph DB for Relationships FB.api(/me/friends, function(response) { friends = response.data; for ( var i = 0; i < friends.length; i ++ ) { handle( friends[i] ); } });Thursday, May 17, 12
  • USE CASE: ____ MySQL: RDBMS for Transactions need to re-assemble data in different ways - native avg, count and more. ACID transactions needed $$Thursday, May 17, 12
  • USE CASE: ____ Redis: Key/Value Store for User Activity Log High volume of writes on multiple nodes Rescue complete log per user Logs are in memory and might be distributedThursday, May 17, 12
  • USE CASE: ____ Neo4j: Graph DB for RecommendationsRapidly traverse links between friends, pledges, taggings and ratings Type = Event es Pledg Name = Gert Type = Person created Name = Mauko Type = Person Kno s w s Name = Alex Know Type = PersonThursday, May 17, 12
  • USE CASE: ____ Mongo: BSON Key/Value Store Product Families are very different => Schemaless { name: “Macbook Pro 2011”, Products make natural aggregate P[1]: price: “2000”, inches: “13” } Lots of reads, infrequent writes { name: “Chilean Computer”, P[2]: price: “1500000”, currency: ”CLP” inches: “13” }Thursday, May 17, 12
  • MY 2 CENTS • Decision based on 3V’s: volume, variety and velocity • Feature lists should be used only in apples-to-apples comparisons. • Don’t use a RDBMS as a hammer. • Don’t use a NoSQL db just because. • Don’t use both just because it *might* be fun.Thursday, May 17, 12
  • THANKS FOR COMING ... and give NoSQL a chanceThursday, May 17, 12