YMSAT Student Primer


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Details on the student projects in the upcoming YMSAT Science Fair

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YMSAT Student Primer

  1. 1. o sksa ! For the upcoming YMSAT,Pama la all SMCT units have decided to require only one science mu fair project (Science Math Comsci & Tech) for all science classes!MECHANICS1 Think of a project that you want to do for the 2012 Science Fair. We have four project formats you can choose from: a Demo/Presentation, Exhibit, Workshop, or Film. Refer to the list at the back. They are not limited to your 4th quarter topics. Educational value criteria2 You can work individually, with a partner, or in a group with 5 members max. Make sure project Critical thinking and inquiry the size of your group is appropriate to the difficulty and scope of your project. Feasibility and doability Get a proposal form (online/CST Unit) and submit it by the 28th of November, 9:15am in Originality and creativity3 the CST Unit. Submitting a proposal is required for all students (one per student/pair/ group); it makes up 5% of your Q3 tentative grade in all science subjects. Difficulty, display of skill and knowledge Aesthetics4 If your proposal gets accepted, you can start preparing your project for the 2012 science Effectiveness, being fair. Depending on how well you execute your project, you can earn as much as 5% bonus audience-centered points on your Q4 tentative grade in all of your science subjects. Safety5 Rejected proposals can’t be revised and re-submitted. Students with rejected proposals won’t have a project in the science fair, and won’t be eligible for the 5% Q4 bonus points. C O N TA C T U S : y m s a t 2 0 1 2 @ g m a i l . c o m / L I K E U S O N F B : P S H S D I L I M A N S C I E N C E F A I R
  2. 2. p r o j e ct fo r m at sExhibit projects are not limited to any Exhibit Theme Description Sample Topicsmedium (photographs, scale models, simplemachines) or any subject matter (integration among local scientists anddifferent science subjects is highly encouraged). They inventions, application of sci- • national scientistsshould be stand-alone projects, and relevant/ FILIPINNOVATIONS tech on Philippine society, • local furnitureappropriate to the themed exhibit spaces (please exhibits that showcase technologiesrefer to the exhibit themes list.) Filipino ingenuity and prideDemos/Presentations are 15-30minute live presentations intended for bigger projects about scientific • exercise physiologyaudiences, not necessarily interactive in nature, and concepts explained through GAMES AND • physics of computershall be staged in a single venue. These presentations games, or explaining the SPORTS gameshave to be easily repeated and restaged. Sample science behind sports and • math board gamesprojects: a magic show using chemistry concepts, a other leisurely activitiesmusical presentation of original educational songs, askit about the life of a national scientist. a two-part exhibit of contrasts • nuclear fusion (plus) and dichotomies (creation- • bridge constructionWorkshops* are hands-on activities for small destruction, cause-cure, life- (plus)groups (from 15-20 participants) which can be held PLUS-MINUS death). If you choose this, just • cure for cancerinside the PSHS campus (inside or outside the select one “side” (plus or (minus)classroom.) Sample projects: developing and printing minus). • pest control (minus)films using household chemicals, creating your ownblog template using Wordpress and CSS, makingmouse traps, and others. demonstrating sci-tech using • cosmetics and drugs CONSUMERISM industrial and consumerFilms* have to be 10-15 minutes in total running products • food productiontime. They should be written, directed, shot, andedited by the participating students themselves.Documentaries, short narratives, experimental, and exhibits that explain and • virtual realityanimated films are allowed. illustrate the imaginary, THE INTANGIBLES • imaginary numbers abstract, unknown, and un- • the outer space*For juniors and seniors only real concepts