Penzu journal power point notes


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Penzu journal power point notes

  1. 1. How to create a Penzu Account:
  2. 2. Learning OutcomesOn successful completion of this section the studentwill be able to; Navigate the Internet to locate Penzu Create a Penzu account Set up default setting for Journal display in TimesNew Roman How to share your Journal using social networking Set a personal reminder for Journal entries Navigate Penzu toolbars
  3. 3. Double click onOn the search bar type in the following:PenzuOr click on the following link: on
  4. 4. Enter your details as displayed:
  5. 5. Remember to click on I agree tothe terms and conditions andclick on
  6. 6. Choose an avatar:and click on next.
  7. 7. Tell your friendsor not and click on next.
  8. 8. The following will appear: click on next.
  9. 9. You can set your reminders e.g.and click on next.
  10. 10. Choose your default Font byclicking on the drop downmenu:and click on done.
  11. 11. The following will appear as displayed belowonly with your own personal name on it:
  12. 12. Don’t click onas the following will appear:
  13. 13. Note that where it says Gerry’s Journal yourown name will be displayed.
  14. 14. Penzu Journal entry page
  15. 15. Share Lock Entry Format Tag Customise VersionsNew Entry Comments Save Insert Pad Photo Print All Entries
  16. 16. Click to Enter Titlepress your enter key this will become thename of your journal.Type in your reflective journal and autosavewill save your work every couple ofminutes.
  17. 17. If you want to insert a photoor image into your journal make sure youhave your images already pre-saved inthere appropriate folders.Click on the insert image symbol
  18. 18. The following will appear:Where it says Computer, uploadphotos from your computer click on
  19. 19. The following will appear: Click on
  20. 20. Search your Libraries to find the Image yourequireSelect the image e.g. and click onOpen.
  21. 21. The following sample will appeardepending on what image you selected,click on Done
  22. 22. Click on AttachIt will appear in the margin asdisplayed:
  23. 23. If you would like to Shareyour Journal click on Share the followingwill appear and you have the option tochoose email or public link.
  24. 24. Click on Anonymousand click on Public LinkClick on Get Link this will display your link, copy and then paste it were you want to share it.
  25. 25. If you want to print your journal clickonIf you would like to format yourjournal click onand the following tools will appear:
  26. 26. If you would like to add comments to yourjournal click onand the following will appear
  27. 27. Click ontype in your comment choose to postyour comment select your ownpersonal post or to be anonymousand click on Post.
  28. 28. The followingcannot be used in the free journalentry.How to view all your entries byclicking on
  29. 29. The following is sample only
  30. 30. How to logout, click on
  31. 31. How to Login to your Penzu Journal:Double click onOn the search bar type in thefollowing: PenzuOr click on the following link:
  32. 32. Click on andenter your email address and passwordand click on
  33. 33. Performance Check:1. Identify the Internet Browser you used to locate PenzuGoogle Chrome Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox2. State the Internet address for your learning Journal3. List two requirements to open a Penzu account4. Describe the process to upload an image to your Penzu Journal
  34. 34. Notes created by:Jennifer ByrneMichael GleesonGerry Mc Cann