How To Create More Time for the Stuff That Matters


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Presentation at Amazing Selling Machine 2014. In this talk Gerry shows how to deal with the heavy demands of managing a business like ASM on top of already busy lifestyles, immediately reduce stress and find joy along the way to creating the life you want. Learn practical tools and knowledge to apply at work and home.

Gerry and his business partner Julien joined ASM in October and late December made their first sale on Amazon. Gerry is an expert in shifting organizations, teams and individuals from overwhelm to satisfying work that gets astonishing results, including productivity increases of 2-4x. He is a trained professional coach, with 20 years in the IT sector, applying Lean Startup, Agile and Kanban methods to spur the right innovation. He works with large enterprises including Bank of America and Rackspace as well as tech startups, non-profits and governments.

Gerry speaks regularly, and his sessions routinely rank near the top at industry conferences.

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  • I really like the design of the Personal Kanban board you are sharing on slide 18. The idea of having goals for a given week at the top of a column and also to keep track of the tasks in the done column are very inspiring. I have become a little frustrated with my board at present and I am going to redesign it drawing on a few ideas I get from this slide. Thanks for sharing.
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How To Create More Time for the Stuff That Matters

  1. 1. STOP doing BUSY WORK START doing your BEST WORK Gerry Kirk The scientific, fun approach to manage work, live joyfully @gerrykirk
  2. 2. topics What’s in it for me @gerrykirk
  3. 3. Jackie productive knowledge worker! @gerrykirk
  4. 4. work done, what is it good for? @gerrykirk
  5. 5. reflect on work to uncover true value @gerrykirk
  6. 6. board adjusted to reflect value of work @gerrykirk
  7. 7. challenges: overwhelm, interruptions, urgent crowds important @gerrykirk
  8. 8. benefits: sleep well, find reasonable pace, celebrate work @gerrykirk
  9. 9. modern life: fast, changing Photo credit: (cc) Sergio Monsalve on @gerrykirk
  10. 10. overhead #fail method failure #1: too much overhead to manage work @gerrykirk
  11. 11. fun #fail method failure #2: no fun to use Photo credit: (cc) Siemens PLM Software on @gerrykirk
  12. 12. learn #fail method failure #4: no help to improve Photo credit: (cc) ronada on @gerrykirk
  13. 13. We need a Real-time dashboard for work @gerrykirk
  14. 14. see Awareness clearly visibility creates awareness Photo credit: (cc) Phineas H on @gerrykirk
  15. 15. Do more of what you love personal & small team kanban - Jim benson & tonianne demaria barry @gerrykirk
  16. 16. every board tells a story @gerrykirk
  17. 17. visualize what matters @gerrykirk
  18. 18. asm kanban example @gerrykirk
  19. 19. key points @gerrykirk
  20. 20. where Awareness to start? Photo credit: (cc) Phineas H on @gerrykirk
  21. 21. step method 5 step method to starting successfully @gerrykirk
  22. 22. step #1: use a ‘good enough’ workflow @gerrykirk
  23. 23. step 2: set improvement goals @gerrykirk
  24. 24. step 3: track new habits daily @gerrykirk
  25. 25. step 4: reflect @gerrykirk
  26. 26. your work is like a highway @gerrykirk
  27. 27. step #5: limit your work-in-progress @gerrykirk
  28. 28. 1. use proven workflow 2. set improvement goal 3. Track daily habits 4. reflect 5. limit WIP 5 steps to getting started successfully @gerrykirk
  29. 29. asm kanban example @gerrykirk
  30. 30. Finding Balance Project Repetitive Prioritization beyond the basics Minimize interruptions @gerrykirk
  31. 31. scale to larger teams, organizations @gerrykirk
  32. 32. Circle similar, what did we miss? WIIFM - review @gerrykirk
  33. 33. are you ready? @gerrykirk
  34. 34. Now it’s Your Turn! @gerrykirk
  35. 35. personal kanban starter handout @gerrykirk
  36. 36. Get the book for the DIY’ers and the why of pk @gerrykirk
  37. 37. try personal kanban™ and do more of what you love @gerrykirk
  38. 38. Birthday birthday gift @gerrykirk