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A few questions (and answers) about unity...

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  1. 1. A few questions about… unity unity
  2. 2. What makes you different?… Today’s agencies needs to be more rigorous, more creative and above all, more accountable. Which is why our skills encompass social psychology, strategic thinking, design and communications – skills clients have come to expect from a branding or advertising agency, but sadly not from PR. unity
  3. 3. COI Crisis Fifteen Who do you work for? Friends of the Earth Get Well UK Help the Aged Monitise NatWest NBC/Universal Netmums Nivea Orange Pearl Lowe RBS Red Stripe Reed Elsevier sk:n Supergrass unity
  4. 4. Are you any good? Winner, Not for Profit – PR Week Awards 2008 Winner, Frontline Communicator of the Year PRCA Awards 2008 Winner, Outstanding Small Consultancy – CIPR Awards 2007 Winner, Best use of Broadcast - CIPR Awards 2007 Winner, Best use of Digital Media – Third Sector Awards 2007 Finalist, Event, CIPR, 2008 Finalist, Marketing Week Effectiveness Awards, 2007 Finalist, Commercial Communication Innovation, Guardian Media Innovation Awards, 2008 Finalist, PR on a Shoe Sting, IPRA, 2008 (pending) Finalist, Event Management, IPRA, 2008 (pending) Finalist, Not for Profit, IPRA, 2008 (pending) Finalist, Campaign of the Year, PRCA Awards 2007 Finalist, Integrated Campaigns, CIPR Awards 2007 Finalist, Consumer Award, PRCA Awards 2007 Finalist, Consumer Relations, CIPR Awards 2007 Finalist, Not For Profit, CIPR Awards 2007 Finalist, Healthcare campaign, PR Week Awards 2007 Finalist, Not For Profit, PR Week Awards 2006 unity
  5. 5. Do you understand consumers? We don’t really buy the old social grade definitions of ABC1 etc. Instead, we believe that a new super-consumer has emerged, one who wants engagement, who wants to be entertained and inspired - who is incredibly influential, fiercely loyal, spends more than average and loves to tell other people about the brands they love – we call them Consumer 2.0™. Consumer 2.0™ is fundamentally different than those who have come before. They are actively involved in unity negotiating the brand landscape and are using social media to allow them to be part of fan communities or express their thoughts and feelings to millions of others. They require a radically different approach to brand communication. Are you talking to them?
  6. 6. What’s the big idea? It’s simple really. We think that to be successful today, brands need to engage people emotionally as well as rationally. Basically, it’s about building real, long lasting relationships using five key principles - we call it whole-brain PR. The rewards of whole-brain PR are the creation of an army of real brand advocates, which in turn means you need spend less to achieve the same results. unity
  7. 7. People are media too - in fact, they’re a really cost- effective, powerful and smart way to reach well…other So what do you do?… people! They move around, they are inter-active and they’re very persuasive. The problem is, in the main, you can’t buy them so rather than being media buyers, or media owners, we see ourselves as a “people- media” company. unity
  8. 8. Why should I believe it? Our approach is informed by sound scientific principles, the foundation of which is our social engagement lab, run by social psychologist Dr Alicia Renedo. Through the use of proven research techniques, the lab unity allows us to develop cutting edge marketing strategies, consumer insights and tools that give clients and us a competitive advantage.
  9. 9. What can you do for me? Experiential: Real live engagement activity that gets your brand directly in front of Media Relations: stakeholders and creates one-off, Everything from straightforward publicity unforgettable experiences. to issues hi-jacking, research and social affairs based programmes and reputation management. Consumer Research: Proper, grown up, consumer research, segmentation, quali/quant, ethnography, customersatisfaction, polling, social reporting and more. Web: Bringing together traditional PR skills with understanding of the power of social media to deliver integrated online PR programmes, web monitoring, buzz and a our own “digital opinionista unity database”.
  10. 10. What did we do for homelessness? Crisis wanted to win the hearts, minds and wallets of urban youth (16-34 yr olds). Our solution was to use credible musical heroes to speak to an increasingly cynical audience. So we decided to make an impossible record and put on a one-off musical event at the Roundhouse. Uniting the great and the good of indie rock, we created the musical equivalent of the child’s game consequences – thematically relevant to the issue of homelessness – where each artist recorded a piece without knowing what was coming before or after. Producer wunderkind Paul Epworth made it sound amazing and everyone from Beth Ditto to Paul Weller did us proud both in the studio and on stage. We made £160k for Crisis and, more importantly, a new generation declared their love and long-term support for the cause - one in five of the target audience said they were now proud to support Crisis as a result of the campaign. This result was achieved through 412 pieces of coverage with an OTS of 625 million, around 50,000 views of our films, an online community of over 3,000 and 75,000 views of our content on the first-ever cross track projections in London stations. unity
  11. 11. What did we do for women’s self-esteem? Unity helped Nivea reconnect with with women by exploring an emotional issue. We recruited the cream of social psychology - Dr. Alicia Renedo - to undertake a topical, in-depth research report to underpin our campaign. Women can be notoriously bad at accepting compliments, and our approach was to explore this aspect of female behavior. A group of women were trained how to give and receive compliments, and the impact of this was analysed. Results showed that an ability to trade compliments leads to increased self-esteem. In a bold move for a beauty brand, Nivea acknowledged that all the products in the world won’t help body confidence if you’re unable to acknowledge beauty in yourself and others. Yet when we learn to do this, we end up investing more in our appearance and perpetuating the cycle of compliments… The report was packaged as the Nivea Feelgood Economy, and formed the basis of an experiential event for media at Sketch, complete with compliment master-classes and one-to-one interviews with more than 30 key opinion-formers. The results were showcased in a series of feature articles and radio interviews. unity
  12. 12. What did we do for the environment? ‘Chuggers’ don’t have it easy. All too often people care about their cause, but ignore their advances because they don’t like to be interrupted. Our response to Friends of the Earth’s plea help their street-fundraising teams was to actively engage and entertain the audience before making an approach. We knew that street-theatre would be a perfect way to capture the attention and conscience of the target audience. Partnering with Arcola, a green theatre company, we developed a short play - Act Now: Don’t be Bio-Fuelled, which made a drama of the issue of bio-fuels and, importantly, provided a relevant platform for fundraisers to approach people about donations. Meanwhile, Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell helped us to convince the government to include the aviation industry in the climate change bill by playing a one-off gig in the aviation room of the Science Museum to representatives of every industry bar aviation. The play toured around London and Brighton, attracting large audiences at key events such as Innocent’s Village Fete, where it attracted large audiences and meant that the fundraisers smashed their targets in record time. And we were successful in getting aviation included in the climate change bill. How about that for a desired outcome? unity
  13. 13. To find out more… Email: talktome@hellounity.com Web: www.hellounity.com Phone: +44(0)207 405 0974 unity