Judith Annett presentation


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Presentation given by Judith Annett from Countryside Consultancy at Clones Canal Conference 9/3/12

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Judith Annett presentation

  2. 2. Knowing what you want to achieveBeing clear about what the objectivesare:e.g.1. Restore the Royal/Ulster/Lagan/Newry Canal/Navigation2. Stimulate economic development3. Maximise recreation/tourism potential4. Adjust recreational use – more facilities for types of people or types of activity5. Manage what is happening now to improve quality and safety6. Bring a waterway into greater use
  3. 3. Knowing what you want to achieve1. Make more connections between the waterway and surrounding communities or businesses.2. Develop an economic corridor with a waterway at the heart.3. Regenerate/renew/restore/reopen former infrastructure and services4. Provide new sustainable transport opportunities on and off the water5. Create a new transport corridor (commercial potential of the waterway transportation opportunities for heavy, bulky loads)6. Decouple water recreation growth from a growth in water rescue call outs7. Provide a corridor for wildlife
  4. 4. Scottish Millennium Link - Falkirk maximum sustainable benefit from the Millennium Link to the economy, tourism profile, environment and image of the Council area, and to Central Scotland generally; promote urban regeneration, through the bringing back into productive use of vacant, derelict, underused and contaminated canal-side sites; to conserve and enhance the unique environment and heritage to ensure that local communities and voluntary organisations are involved to create a safer and more secure canal environment social and economic benefits to disadvantaged communities to ensure that development is properly linked with adjacent communities, countryside, tourist facilities, transport and other infrastructure; and to achieve development which is commercially viable and sustainable.
  5. 5. Falkirk Achievements Over 400,000 visitors a year to the Falkirk Wheel Regular visitor boat trips Canalside business/offices Boats on the water Events Higher value waterside property Part of the bigger Millennium link
  6. 6. Scottish Waterspace Strategy (in development) The Waterspace Strategy explores how can we encourage more people to live, work and play on the water?.
  7. 7. Knowing what others want or need to achieveNational agencies and national needs - driverse.g. rural development targets, tourismtargets, sports participation targets, activitytourism targets, reduction in deprivation statusof communities, reduction in depopulationLocal government drivers – local participationandopportunity, jobs, infrastructure, transportationStatutory functions – waterlevels, drainage, promotion etcTourism and recreation providers – providingcustomersService providers
  8. 8. Knowing what others want or need to achieveUsers and their representative bodies –IWAI, ISA, ICU, AnglersLand owners and people who holdrights – access, water, fisheriesEnvironmental designations –national, internationalWater management priorities – e.g.meeting the requirements of theWater Framework DirectiveElectricity generationBetter conditions for migratory fishEcosystem services from waterways –provisioning, regulating, cultural,
  9. 9. Facts and key messagesStrategic planning involves making choices and leaving somethings outWaterways will not be able to supply everything that peoplewant so strategies should not just be the sum of a consultationprocessWaterways are sensitive areas from an environmental point ofview so there are or should be constraints and managementInfrastructure on its own doesn’t guarantee developmentStrategies that harness people’s energy and enthusiasm towardsshared objectives are the best kindStrategies needs to be geared to the right markets and bebased on something they wantSpecialist water activity visitors do not regard themselves astouristsConsultees are not always right!Money from overseas visitors has a greater impact on the localand national economy
  10. 10. Waterways Strategies/Studies Lough Neagh Management Strategy, Sustainable Recreation Framework and Lough Neagh Strategic Fund Lough Derg Strategy Shannon Series – Mid Shannon and Lough Ree North Shannon and Shannon Erne Erne Barrow All designed to create a stronger tourism economy associated with the waterway corridor and to improve opportunities for recreation Lagan Reopening Newry Canal Reopening Dublin City Canals Ulster Canal Erne – to Clones ( and beyond) But no overarching strategy for Ireland’s Waterways
  11. 11. MarketsMarkets (people) need to be atthe heart of a strategy Work with the ‘best prospect’ markets Remember that waterway economies are largely driven by those on the banks Capitalise on the work done by others whether FI, NITB, Tourism Ireland or existing marketing initiatives e.g. Lakelands and Inland Waterways When working with specialist markets be clear about the segments
  12. 12. Capitalising on marketing effort
  13. 13. Markets for Ireland’s Inland Waterways Sightseers and Culture Seekers ( mainly overseas)Responses to Ireland Experiences offered in Lakelands and Activities offered in Lakelands and Inland Waterways area Inland Waterways areaEmotional spiritual Shannon and Erne Journeys – car and CruisingDiscover boat based SailingFreedom Special Landscapes NatureLive the culture Historic Houses, Castles and Gardens GolfJourney Christian Heritage WalkingLearn EquestrianUnderstand Cycling Canoeing Bird watching AnglingDomestic visitorssightseers and culturalists, The main emphasis within the sightseers and culture seekers market will be on thejourneys and the experiences and will be based on the same themes as for the overseas markets.family and loved- ones, being and doing together as a family, skillsoutdoor actives -j ourneysspecialist markets. –infrastructure and services, skills, events
  14. 14. Lakelands and Inland Waterways Strategic PlanDiscover Freedom
  15. 15. Waterways Strategies Achieving economic development involves delivering the promise
  16. 16. Waterways Ireland, Failte Ireland, CountyCouncils, Fermanagh DC Product Development A series of product development strategies that are designed to deliver the ‘Discover Freedom’ experience. • for Ireland’s boaters, kayakers walkers, cyclists, riders, day trippers • For overseas visitors who want to tour the area • For specialist visitors such as cruising, canoe trail users etc.
  17. 17. Delivery/Implementation Local Food Landscape Availability Settlement quality Water Quality Signage and routing Rural heritage Language Skills Key views Protect Enhance Destination development and management Promote Develop Local Guiding Sustainability Local Food Local Activity Skills Local Culture Natural heritage attractions Access infrastructure Events Visitor routes Arts and Crafts Events
  18. 18. Overseas (touring)Journeys based on visitor interest and following the waterways Historic houses, castles and gardens. Christian heritage Hubs to explore natural heritage. activity hubs with a particular focus on activities that can be booked on the day, or at short notice and choice of things to do every day literary heritage of the area and related events and festivals Waterbus services and or more linkages between existing boat trips to allow the visitor to travel the Shannon and Erne systems without a car. coordinated events programme and provision of more high-profile events Further development of waterways infrastructure to support recreation and tourism cycle, canoe walking and equestrian trails Working with the cruising sector to increase flexibility and provide for shorter stays and combined interest holidays Discover days for the trade – knowing what is on the doorstep
  19. 19. Domestic and specialist markets Family and Loved ones activity hubs to include family and children’s activity and with an emphasis on summer schemes and book on the day and choice of something to do every day activities and programmes Increase extent of packaging accommodation and activities for families More opportunities to get onto the water in the area Outdoor Actives Development of activity provider and accommodation links. Outdoor provider staff development programmes focussing on provision for adults and families in a holiday and journey context. Focus on customer care. Provision of activity maps linking information on land and water activities and their relationships to activity clusters and activity infrastructure and settlements. Website aimed at supporting independent or DIY use of the area for activities – e.g. for people who have their own equipment and skills
  20. 20. Domestic and Specialist Markets Specialist Markets Support the further development of existing centres of excellence for angling Implement the Inland Cruising Strategy (FI/WI/IBRA etc) Canoe trails and infrastructure – including packaging and outfitting support Develop the waterway infrastructure- upgrading of facilities, provision of services, and new destinations. All markets Further develop local food initiatives Ensure an appropriate accommodation mix for each market and in particular consider the possible under supply of camping and self-catering opportunities
  21. 21. Partnerships for deliveryFáilte IrelandWaterways IrelandAll County Councils and Fermanagh DCLocal Development Groups and partnerships(LEADER) and SWARD etcLocal communitiesTourism TradeBoating community
  22. 22. Management is part ofdelivering the promise
  23. 23. MonitoringSet some targets for the changes you want toseeChange the plan if it isn’t working